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6 Steps to Making the Right Financial Decision Every Time

Have you ever obsessed about a decision?

Ever feel like when it comes to financial decisions you’re not quite sure what to do?

Perhaps you don’t feel equipped to make an informed decision so you ask a bunch of people their opinion. Or you phone five friends. Or you Google your brains out. Or you defer the decision to someone you feel is “more qualified” than you to run your financial life for you.

I’ve got news for you: decision making, financial and otherwise, doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be time consuming. And it doesn’t have to become a full-time research career.

There’s another way. And it’s way easier. And it feels better. Plus, it’s more efficient because you never need another person in order to make the right decision. You’ve got everything you need inside you right now.

The decision making process I’m sharing with you today will ensure that you never have to worry about making a wrong decision again. It’s six simple steps to clarity.

Click below to check out this week’s episode of Financial Freedom Friday.

Never make a wrong decision again – 6 simple steps to make it so: (Tweet it!)

Over to you:

What tools do you have for decision making that work for you? I’d love to hear them so leave a comment!


  • Amy Morris Shalosky

    Thanks so much Kate! That was perfectly timed for me this morning. Big decisions on the horizon! P.S. Reading your book and LOVE it. Hugs!

  • Thanks for the reminder Kate! I just used your 6 step technique to decide whether or not to finally register my charity and go official. It passed the test, I felt expansive and light when I think about it…. what to do with the FEAR that keeps creeping in though!!!?!??!

    • Try tapping on the fear. Google The Tapping Solution for the technique.

    • Diana

      Hi Angela, all fear stands for is False Evidence Appearing Real! Don’t let yourself stand in the way of all the greatness you possess and that all of the world is waiting to see. Fear is only there to hold you back, take a leap of faith and believe that you can fly and you will soar! Good luck!!

  • I love this Kate! We get so disconnected from our wisdom and what we know. The power of connecting with how we feel and getting grounded in our bodies again is HUGE. Thanks for the reminder that all this wisdom isn’t just useful when it comes to health and wellness. Great video. :-)

  • Love this, Kate. My therapist gave me this same strategy when I was trying to figure out whether to start my own business. I’ve since used it for almost every big life decision I’ve had to make, including where to travel and whether to take opportunities that arise.

  • Joan Crocker

    Hahaha, “And quite frankly… Sleepy.” Love it!

  • Good reminder. Listen to our body. It knows best! Thanks Kate.

  • So right on! Love it Kate ~

  • When I was a kid, my mom used to use a similar method with us. We’d flip a coin, then pay attention to how we felt about the outcome: relaxed and relieved, or disappointed.

    The coin didn’t make the decision for us, but it made *a* decision, so it felt more real. That made it easier to connect to how we felt about it.

  • That facial experience at 4:56 is priceless. How ’bout more outtakes on future Fridays? It’s like letting your hair down. It humanizes you, although you’re about as human as they get. Then plug the book at the end.

  • Kate,

    You and your intuition rock! Thank you.

  • Joe

    Loved the Outtakes! You should devote a whole “Financial Freedom Friday” video of them!
    You’re adorable!!!!
    Your book is great!

  • What great timing, Kate. Just finished reading the section of your book on Energy Leaks. Followed today by your six-step process. Does it feel like puppies? Or nails on chalkboard? Puppies win every time!

    And thank you for reminding us that it takes practice to hone this skill. I’m sure for many people, intuition is like a muscle that can atrophy quickly if neglected, but that will respond quickly to attention and intention with growth and newfound strength.


  • Thanks Kate! I love Financial Freedom Fridays and I am reading your book. Keep the great advice coming!

  • Wow. Too funny. I made almost the exact same video for my blog about making choices – same exercise to boot! – a month or two ago but haven’t put it up yet.

    Guess I was on to something… This is such a great tool. :]

  • Love what you have to say about this Kate! Your tips reminded me of my new project – the Inspire Workouts – and something I always share with clients… “get out of your head and into your body.”

  • Great video. Love the background and the video quality. Simple. You are very photogenic and look like you Mama! Bet you get that all the time. Am sharing this on Facebook and with friends. Peace-Out!

  • Absolutely fabulous!! I make decisions with my body also by putting an option on the right or left of me, closing my eyes and letting my body relax and lean towards the one it prefers. I am looking forward to using this as well! In love and gratitude.

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