6 Simple Spiritual Practices to Grow Your Business the Do Less Way

6 Simple Spiritual Practices to Grow Your Business the Do Less Way

If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you’re here to do your best work and live your best life.

Me too.

A few weeks ago I found myself carrying the weight of a million to-do’s. Coupled with sourcing a sense of pride from identifying as the “primary breadwinner” in our family, that weight had gone from “Yeah, I’ve got this” to “My knees are buckling OMG someone help me before it all comes crashing down.”

(I wrote about how I got instant relief from letting go of being the primary breadwinner last week.)

While I’m a HUGE fan of getting support from people around you (partners, kids, neighbors, extended family, team members, folks you pay to outsource things to, etc.), I’ve noticed that people (often me…perhaps you, too?) forget about all of the invisible support available to us at all times.

We’ve been so programmed to focus only on what we can see that we…

  • obsess about optimizing our own output as our primary source
  • only ask for help from other people as a last resort
  • and don’t even consider the unseen world as a source of support until we’re having a major crisis, if at all.

I’ve been experimenting with reversing this order.

Given that unseen support (from God/Goddess, our ancestors, the Universe, the cosmos, the angels, or whatever you call it) doesn’t have a price tag or a schedule, why would we not call upon it first?

Here are 6 simple spiritual practices I’m leaning on to grow my business the Do Less way in case they’re useful to you, too:

  • The Universe’s To-Do List

Every week, before I make my own to-do list in my Do Less Planner, I make a to-do list for the Universe. I ask for help with my business goals, I ask for help on things that feel too big for me to handle alone on the human level, and I ask for help on anything else that it would feel good to know that unseen forces are working on alongside me. It’s amazing how often the Universe handles the thing I was stressed out about quickly and easily in a way I never could have orchestrated on my own.

  • Money is not my source

I did the 40-Day Prosperity Plan from John Randolph Price’s The Abundance Book back in April, and it shifted me on a cellular level. It helped me remember that money is not my source. When we think money, our business, our partner, our job, our boss, our inheritance, the government, or anything else is our Source, we will always come up short. Anytime I find myself doing laps around the lack track, I come back to this truth: Money is not my source. My business is not my source. The Divine/God/Goddess are my source, and all I need to do to plug back in is get present to that fact. Such sweet relief.

  • Prayer

Several spiritual teachers from all different lineages have taught me that the angels, the ancestors, Spirit, the Divine, etc., are hanging out on the sidelines ready to help at all times. But they need to be asked. They need to be invited. I used to pray only when I was having a hard time. I still do that. But I’ve also started to work in prayer on a daily basis. Prayer to write what needs to be said when I sit down to write a blog. Prayer for ease and flow during a launch. 

Prayer to simply say: “Hey. Thanks for being here. Thanks for all of your help. I’m open to receiving whatever support is available right now, not because I’m in crisis, but simply because I’m human and deserving of support.”

Give it a go. It feels so good to know there is so much support right here at all times, and all we need to do is ask.

  • Getting on the ground

There’s so much incredible data on the healing benefits of getting your body directly on the surface of the Earth. Apparently it has to do with electrons. So cool. Here’s what I know for sure: It feels SO GOOD and instantly reminds me that I’m so small and the Universe is so big and I’m not responsible for all of it. Holy Hannah. It’s amazing.

Most nights after dinner, my kids, my husband, and I lay on the grass in our yard. I can literally feel the radiation from all of the technology I’ve used that day drain out of my body, and I simply let myself be held (as my daughters crawl all over me). Take your shoes off and get as much of yourself as you can on the ground as often as possible. Let those unseen electrons work their magic on you.

  • Pleasure

Guess what? Our bodies are wired for pleasure. In fact, the clitoris is an organ exclusively designed to feel good. It has no other function. THAT’s how important pleasure is. But guess what? Pleasure isn’t exclusive to sex. I take pleasure in the way the changing leaves look as I drive to work. I take pleasure in a sip of my favorite iced tea. I take a big whiff of ground coffee in the morning, and it’s a deeply pleasurable experience. To me pleasure means giving yourself permission to pay attention to sensory information that feels good. Touch, taste, smell, sound, sights. Pleasure is available at all times, and it’s our Divine right to receive it.

  • Showing up for my shift 

A while back, my brilliant friend Eliza Reynolds framed running and growing a business as “showing up for our shift.” She said that she sees it as working for the Goddess, not herself. I felt instantly relaxed when I heard this, which is how I know it’s true. Instead of thinking that the success of our entire company is up to me at the end of the day, I lean into the truth that I’m responsible for showing up and doing my part (which I’m fully committed to) and that beyond that, I can trust that the Goddess has it handled. She has infinite capacity and resources, and she doesn’t mind all the responsibility.

Give some of these a try this week and add whichever ones to your regular toolkit that deliver relief to you.

Guess what? A relaxed mind makes better decisions and has better ideas. So, while these are spiritual practices, they also lean on science.


When you need help, don’t forget to call on invisible support. It’s available 24/7 and it’s free!

I’m so excited to hear which one of these resonates with you the most and which spiritual practices you lean on to help you grow your business while doing less.

Leave a comment and let me know!

Here’s to being held,


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  • This post jumped out and hit me in the heart. And for some bizarre reason the first paragraph my eyes went to was the Abundance message, whilst I had a tab open in Amazon with John Randolph’s book blinking in the “other things you could like” section. So THAT’S the one I’ll be focusing on. ;) I love the reminder that plugging back in is not about plugging into more things, it’s about a return to trust and knowing we are always being held. I’ve felt disconnected lately, and now I feel abundant with the amount of invisible support available. Thank you Kate. LOVE the blog “being back” and can really feel your heart in these words.

    • Kate Northrup

      I’m so glad that this one resonated with you Danielle and I LOVE the “Divine Wink” of the book! Wow! We’ll be diving more into this in January in Origin together!

  • HI Kate,

    A quick note to tell you how much I needed this post today. I’m newly embracing my stay-at-home Dadness, while expanding my visual art practice and launching a new podcast about good people making good work, called Quality Human. All while continuing to recover from a traumatic brain injury five years ago that affects my vision and energy. I run on about 60% of what I used to pre-accident — even less in the crazy days of 2020. And I’m still trying to do it all myself much of the time. Even with a robust prayer and meditation life. I find I’m asking for help from my unseen support — but I keep asking for help doing it the WAY I WANT. Not the way God intends. Total surrender keeps being hard to come by. Your post helped me inch toward that daunting goal.

    Your Universe to-do list, Pay Yourself First technique and overall Do Less mindset have really helped me these past weeks. Thanks again and keep rolling in the grass.


    • Kate Northrup

      Oh thank you so much Justin! Humbled and honored that some of my journey could help ease some of yours. Thanks for being here!

  • I love the Universes To Do list. It reminded me that there is so much more happening behind the scenes that supports the flow.

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