4 Simple Steps to Make Financial Planning Feel Good

Back in the days when I was swimming in debt and not paying very much attention to my money (other than spending it regularly) I felt like the whole financial planning world was too boring for me.

The idea of getting out all of my statements, talking with a professional, and plugging my financial life into equations that were supposed to help me live long and prosper just felt impersonal.

The truth is, though, that we can’t get where we want to go without a plan. If where we’re going is financial freedom and prosperity, we gotta know how to get there.

Since I was such a chronic financial avoider, I had to learn to make paying attention to my money fun. I had to learn to make it feel good!

There’s a whole chapter in my book, Money: A Love Story, called Feel Good Financial Planning, and today I boiled the gist of it down into a Financial Freedom Friday episode for you.

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • 4 steps to identifying your values
  • how to make every single spending decision obvious and easy
  • how to feel good both during the journey and when you get to the destination
  • why being an emotional creature is actually one of your best assets when it comes to your financial life

Click below to watch the video:

Bringing our emotions to the table is critical for successful financial planning. (Tweet it!)

Over to you:

What practices help make managing your money feel good? What are your core values?

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  • Absolutely loved this! I really connected with everything you said..going to work on my values today with my husband and post it where we can see it. We made a vision board in the beginning of the year of things we wanted to accomplish and that has really helped us out, paying off my husbands car was one, and we are almost there! It helps so much to be reminded of what we really want. I almost made a huge mistake the other day taking a job that would of totally sacrificed my current values but realized it before I took it..life is amazing and I am slowly making since of it all with the help of people like you! Thanks Kate!

  • Love this video! My son says “oink, oink” whenever he sees your book including in this video! It’s pretty cute. Thank you for sharing these steps! I am excited to explore my new value system thanks to you!

  • Just wanted to let you know that I’m loving the book so far!

  • Great tips Kate! I need to do the tip about laminating index cards to always have a reminder of my values and goals. Thank you :)

  • Thanks Kate, learning so much with you about my finance relationship! My values are: Connection, Beauty, peace, freedom, travel. Lot of love

  • Thank you Kate, for another insightful and highly helpful video. It’s interesting as I had the same experience happen to me this week like Ashley where I was given the opportunity to work in a full time job and I realized that after a 3 day trial it would sacrifice all my current values so that is why I turned it down and it made me acknowledge my own worth better and what I desire to do right now, stand in my power and commit to my own service based business and projects.

    Thank you for the tips, will work on them closely.

    Have a wonderful weekend :) x

  • Deborah Chalk

    Also loving your book so far Kate. I love how you tell your money story. Thank you!

  • I love it. Thank for this wonderful video of financial freedom friday.

  • I have to get this book. Hurry up, Australia and bring it!

  • So excited to get my copy of your book, yesterday! (Big shout out to my friend Falan Storm for her interview with you…y’all had me at hip circles!) Clarifying values got close to my heart (and one of the first things I help my clients with) when I realized how long I meandered through life without a clear idea of what I valued. Ugh, the decisions I made. Anyway, thank you for your wonderful work in the world! Can’t wait to share.

  • Maria

    It´s the first video I watch and suddenly there is so much I have to analyze on my daily life and why is it that know I feel more free and creative than when I was full time job at and ad agency that sucked all my energy. It´s clear that one answer is never good for everyone!

  • April

    Thank you ! This is the best advice, and so true !

  • When looking at the peak experiences in my life I just thought I also identified two things that I was missing in all of them. But then I realised that this wasn’t true. All my values were there: a home (that is mine – that was illusion), family, friends, helpers, being happy and excited. But it all got screwed up through fear of not having enough money to sustain it. And over time some things and people turned out to be illusions.

    Everything blew up last year. No money. No house. All members of the family living in different places. Me, my husband, cats, the dog. After slowly recovering from the major blow and burnout, we are now building it up again from scratch. Together this time. Doing as work only things we love. Having found new friends that match us. And counting on our grown up animals to take care of themselves for most of the day or being taken care of by helpers.

    Thank you, Kate, for this video. It helped me to see that I know my values. And even with not having much money still, I learned during the last year that I always manage to pay for the things that are really important to me. Like the daycare of our dog. It’s nice to realise that I do spend my money on the things that are important to me. And it might make future decisions easier.


  • Cindy

    great session. Thanks for sharing

  • Zephyr

    If this is already very obvious to me will the book be helpful or full of what I already know? I know money is a stand in for what I value. I have been saying for years I would love to skip the money and go right to the things I want like travel and freedom. I know my values and spend according to that while enjoying the present. The problem? Ahh! My # 1 value is freedom and consequently I am a self employed artist and parent so I end up with neither freedom nor money! What to do, what to do…..

  • Your book is on my wishlist and perhaps that is my reward, getting our of my own financial mess. I am grateful for what I have learned from you so far and what I’ve discovered already, so the rescue work is not so much.
    I feel much more confident now, as the value and emotion direction certainly provides me with the structure/guidance I needed.
    Thanks so much.

  • Star

    Thank-you Kate for this video. I have ascertained that my values are: Optimism, Achievement and Happiness.
    I can see where they relate to all my top experiences, and the reason why I am not in alignment at the moment, being surrounded by people that don’t have these values.
    Thank-you so much,

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