4 Shifts That Took Us from 6 to 7 Figures (They’re Not What You Think)

4 Shifts That Took Us from 6 to 7 Figures (They're Not What You Think)

“If I want to make more money, I have to work more.”

This belief has rung in the ears of entrepreneurs for long enough.

I believed if I wanted more success, I needed to work more until I’d been in business for nearly 15 years.

You know what finally proved me wrong?

Getting pregnant.

You may be wondering: What the heck does pregnancy have to do with growing my business?

Stay with me.

Mike and I had the goal of hitting 7 figures in revenue in one year for years before we hit it.

Believe it or not, it was pregnancy knocking my old ways of working (pushing harder and hustling) right out of me, plus a first year of parenthood that was one of the darkest times of my life, and figuring out how to run our business…and be profitable…at the same time that shook the belief that in order to make more money I have to put in more hours out of me.

Mike and I finally hit 7 figures when we started working less because we’d become parents and we simply didn’t have the time (or bandwidth) we used to have.

How exactly did that work?

Well, I’d love to tell you…and we recorded a whole podcast episode for you in order to do just that.

This week’s episode of The Kate & Mike Show is the second installment of our August Podcast Listening Adventure designed to help you upgrade your business and your life, and in it we’re sharing:

  • The 4 shifts we made to finally hit our goal of 7 figures in revenue within one year
  • Why waiting to learn how to manage your money well until after you’ve started making more money is a terrible idea
  • The very scary thing we did that helped us grow our business by over $400K in one year
  • The single most important thing you can do to improve your business or your life (and it has nothing to do with putting in more time)
Click here to listen in.

Whether you’re wanting to make your first $1K in business, go from 5 to 6 figures, or even 7 figures and beyond, it’s all about leveling up. But not in the way you think.

You do not have to work more hours to make more money and reach more people. Please read that again.

This week’s podcast episode is critical for you to change your mindset around what’s required to grow your business. And your mindset is EVERYTHING when it comes to getting results.

You can have the kind of business you want without working more hours, and this podcast episode will give you 4 specific ways to allow it to happen. (Notice how I said allow it to happen instead of make it happen? That was on purpose.)

Once you’ve listened, we want to hear from you: Which of the 4 shifts resonated the most with you? How will you put it into action in your own business?

Plus, don’t forget that we’ll be live on my Facebook page on Friday at 10am ET going deeper on this episode, answering your Q’s, and masterminding with you about how you can specifically apply this information to your situation. Click here to RSVP.

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