If I lost everything, here’s what I would do.


I don’t spend much time worrying about losing the things that matter to me. Because I’d rather spend time loving them while I have them.

(Even when I’ve lost someone I love, I never looked back and thought to myself, “I wish I would have spent more time worrying about losing them.” Nope. I was simply grateful for the time I’d had to love them.)

Someone did ask me in an interview once what I would do if I lost everything related to my business. No website, no book, no contacts, no track record…nothing.

It was an interesting question and it got me thinking:

What would I do if I lost everything when it comes to my business?

I was pretty psyched at the first thought that came to mind: I would simply rebuild.

Yeah, it would be a bummer. Yeah, it might take a bit of time.

Here’s the thing:

While you can lose the trappings of success, you can never lose your experience and knowledge.  {Tweet it!}

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I feel blessed to have a blueprint for getting any business idea out there in a way that’s profitable and service-oriented because I’m a seven-time graduate of Marie Forleo’s B-School.

In the program Marie teaches a way of thinking about business that, once you learn, you can never unlearn.

~B-School will teach you how to get clear on who your market is and what they need.

~It will teach you how to create a website that communicates clearly to them and converts them into buyers without your having to do it.

~You’ll learn how to build a highly engaged community who loves being in your world and loves buying what you offer.

~You’ll get the skills to create offerings that are so perfect for your audience they’ll practically sell themselves.

~And you’ll get timeless marketing wisdom so that no matter what business you’re in for the rest of your life, you’ll know how to make a profit and a difference.

The content Marie teaches in B-School is not time-sensitive. It’s not going to change next year when Facebook changes their algorithms or when the next big website platform is developed.

You can apply what you learn in B-School to any business, for the rest of your life.

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to the content. That means when you have your next genius idea, you can go back through B-School to rock that business.

I’m happy to say that, thanks to what I learned in B-School, if I suddenly lost everything in my business, I would know exactly how to rebuild. I would spend a tiny amount of time freaking out, and then I would get to work.

Once you have the foundation for making a profit and a difference, no one can take it away.

The value B-School offers vastly outweighs the amount Marie charges for it.

I get that $2,000 is a big investment. It certainly felt like it when I took the plunge seven years ago.

Yet, the investment pales in comparison to the fact that I can say I would have no doubt in my mind that I could rebuild my business, or any other business, if I lost it because of what I learned in B-School.

You bring the ideas (which you’ll get help defining or deciding on in Start The Right Business). Marie gives you the tools, mindset, and strategy to get them out there.

Ready to make money and change the world? Enroll here.

Plus, you’ll get the love, support, and community you need to get the most out of your investment from Mike and my bonus. Learn more here.


P.S. Are you on the fence about B-School? Mike and I will be at your service answering live questions on Tuesday, 3/1 at 1pm EST. We’d like to help you get off the fence and make the best decision for you. Ask us anything and everything as it relates to B-School. Register here.

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