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It’s All Part Of It

The other day I was really enjoying the process of doing my makeup but also feeling like I should really get to work on my burgeoning to-do list.

I mean, applying makeup isn’t exactly a revenue-generating activity for me.

But then I stopped myself and thought:

Enjoying the process of adorning myself is self care.

Feeling beautiful all day because I took some extra time on my makeup this morning is a huge energetic boost. (Not that I have to have makeup on to feel beautiful. Sometimes I don’t wear makeup and I feel totally beautiful. But that day the makeup routine felt important, so I went with it.)

When my energy is boosted and I feel confident and alive, I’m more creative. I’m more present. My time and energy don’t get drained by self-doubt as much. I’m focused. I get more done.

I realized that on this particular day, my makeup application was actually part of generating revenue and growing our business because the process of doing it plus the results of doing it were enhancing my ability to do my best work.

Anything can be part of anything if you decide it is. And when you decide it is, it is.

Feeling self-indulgent for taking a bath in the afternoon? Reframe: you need down time for peak creativity. Hence, bath = productive.

Feeling like you shouldn’t go to the 90-minute yoga class and should cut your practice short to 45 minutes, even though the 90-minute version leaves you in total bliss? Reframe: the extra 45 minutes spent honoring your body and the subsequent bliss will make you less cranky. Or perhaps not cranky at all. You won’t yell at your kids or nit-pick your husband. And you won’t need to spend 60 minutes before bedtime fighting with him because you were kind in the first place. Net time gain from 45 minutes of yoga = 15 minutes extra to do what you want!

There are not walls in your life between your health, your marriage, your business, your family, your spirituality, and your finances. They are all the same thing.

What enhances one area of your life enhances all areas of your life. 

So quit feeling guilty for enjoying yourself. It’s all part of it. Everything. It all benefits it all.

So soak it up, sister. It’s all your life and it deserves savoring.


What do you feel guilty about indulging in sometimes? How could you reframe that enjoyment and see it as part of the enhancement of the whole? Tell me in the comments!


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