Your soul is craving this.

One day back in January I went to the post office and awaiting me was one of the most exciting packages I’ve ever received. You see, ever since the day I first read about her alter ego Candace Candalabra on White Hot Truth I was obsessed with Danielle LaPorte. And my major online crush has turned into a very dear, nourishing friendship. The package was from Ms. LaPorte and I was so over the moon excited that I immediately started to cry. And then I squealed with sheer glee. (See photo for evidence of glee.)


I devoured the book. Reading it every morning became my spiritual practice.

Then I read it by the fireplace because I figured it would help to ignite fires within my soul too. It did.








Then I read it in Hooters because, really, that place could use a little extra soul to go with all the boobs. Plus, the color on the cover kind of matches the shorts that the Hooters girls have to wear. (Note the shorts and rack on the girl to the right of the book.)


This book is the antidote to self doubt. The Fire Starter Sessions had my cells tingling from the first page. Every word, idea, and invocation has been curated to evoke our deepest hunger and deepest knowing. Part wake up call, part affirmation, part love letter, The Fire Starter Sessions will get you hot and bothered. This book is the ignition for the creative work still unborn on this planet that the world is so desperate for. Get the book and be reminded of your genius.


At Danielle’s launch party in NYC on Wednesday night she said:

“Your success is directly proportional to the quality of the relationships in your life.” ~Danielle LaPorte

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There is a sea change happening here, people. Danielle is part of a new model that includes commitment to love, generosity, and spiritual actualization not in addition to business success, but as necessary ingredients for it. I was deeply aware and viscerally delighted by the fact that I was surrounded on Wednesday night by people committed to this same reality.

The night was glowy, love-filled, and beyond spectacular – thanks to the tone set by the guest of honor.

Here are some more photos from the evening for your viewing pleasure and to show you how you can expect to feel when you receive your copy!


Also included at the bottom of this post is my Glimpse TV episode with Danielle from back in October. It is one of my most favorite and one of the most commented on and re-shared episodes in Glimpse TV history. If you have yet to see it, scroll to the bottom and enjoy!

My sister Ann and I totally psyched about getting our copies of The Fire Starter Sessions.







My friend Ms. Rich Happy and Hot herself, Marie Forleo, enjoying the hell out of celebrating Danielle.









My man Mike and I enthusiastically displaying our new copy of The Fire Starter Sessions.







Launch party co-hosts Marie Forleo, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Kris Carr kicking off the evening love fest telling Danielle how much they adore her and her work. How gorgeous are they?! How breathtaking is it to see super successful women cheering one another on?!







My man Mike, who drove from Pennylvania to be at the party, and the gorgeous Ms. LaPorte.







And finally, as Danielle, dubbed it: a love sandwich :)


Get your copy of The Fire Starter Sessions by clicking HERE. Permission to thrive, love letter, and antidote to self-doubt rolled into one.


And last but certainly not least…Glimpse TV featuring the Divine Ms. Danielle Laporte:

I’m starting my own Camp Fire, a Fire Starter Sessions group, in Portland, ME in May. If you live in Maine or know anyone who does, leave a comment below so I can start wrangling the Fire Starters Down East.

Leave a comment and tell me what lights your fire and your favorite quote from the book so far if you have it!


  • Oh man…I need to move to Portland for the summer with my fire starter friend Wendy!

  • I was at this party…thanks for sharing your pictures!

  • Cute hair ladies, we’ll have to work that into one of our future designs. :) Great content, and congrats on hitting the Best Seller list! Done $#@ind Deal! Thanks for sharing.

  • You are beautiful! Love the pics.*

    I’ve enjoyed the smushies out of the FSS digital edition. It keeps on giving. I finally ordered my hard copy of the book last night, and was so stoked to see an email this morning that it was already sent out! Woohoo! I looove books, the whole sensual experience of them, so this will be such a treat to receive.


  • Maryden25

    Fire Starter? It made me think of Drew Barrymore’s film..
    This book sounds so interesting. To learn more about soul searching and bringing you life into reality makes me interested with it.
    Thanks for sharing this to us.

  • I’ll bring the ‘smores to your Camp Fire, Kate! Count me in…
    We’ve got some fires to start :)

  • Paula

    i’m from just outside of boston, but would love to make the trip up north to be involved!

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