Why you should never tell your age again: Dr. Christiane Northrup {aka my mama} on Glimpse TV

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Today marks a very exciting day. It is not only the day my mom’s new book, Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being launches, it’s also my mom’s third time on Glimpse TV!

I just re-watched the episode and I have to say, it’s not only quite entertaining (yes, sometimes I find myself entertaining, it’s true), it’s also packed full of practical tips and scientific data for you to begin living agelessly immediately.

What does “ageless living” mean?

Well, it means not buying into the cultural stereotypes about what being a certain age has to mean. It means not contributing to the ageism all around us. It means changing the conversation around getting older from one of complaining to one of celebration and honoring.

My mom, Dr. Christiane Northrup, lays it all down in her new book, as well as her new PBS special that’s airing starting February 28th. (It’s called “Glorious Women Never Age” and it’s amazing. Keep an eye out for me laughing my tush off in the audience.)

I had an absolute ball interviewing my mom for Glimpse TV and I learned a lot.

We covered SO MUCH valuable content. You must watch from start to finish – it’s action packed until the very last moment!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why you should never tell anyone how old you are again
  • The science behind our culture of ageism and how to stop buying in
  • The hard core science that backs up the mind-body connection
  • Why we have way more control over our biological age than we think we do
  • How to step out of the age discussion
  • Exactly what to say when someone asks you how old you are
  • Why you’re not behind
  • How to celebrate your birthday without it being about you getting older
  • The thing all healthy people over 100 have in common
  • How to look better and better every single year
  • How to get a brand new body in 7 years
  • How to know whether or not to freeze your eggs
  • What every woman over 35 who wants to have a baby must know
  • Plus way more juicy content and great giggles!

Click below to watch the episode.

Perfectionism is the excuse we use to not do something. -@DrChrisNorthrup (Tweet it!)

More goodies:

Get your copy of Goddesses Never Age.

Learn more about Dr. Christiane Northrup and her “Ageless Goddess” movement. My mom’s first time on Glimpse TV: Born Funny: Glimpse TV with Dr. Christiane Northrup. My mom’s second time on Glimpse TV: This is for your inner child. Seriously. Learn more about Sandra Chiu, the acupuncturist from Brooklyn who helped my mom clean out her fridge.

Over to you:

What did you learn in today’s episode? Which of my mom’s “ageless living” tips did you like the best? What’s one way you’re going to incorporate what you learned in your life today? Leave a comment below – I’d love to keep this conversation going because it’s such a good one!

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  • Miss E

    Wow!! Loved the conversation about Ageism, I have a big birthday coming up and have been having negative emotions. Mainly how did I get so old, where did the time go, I haven’t accomplished anything, I have wasted time doing this, or that or nothing! But now I have a fresh perspective and it could not have come at a better time!! THANK YOU!! I love this concept and plan to get the book or do the class! Thanks!

  • Your beautiful Mom talked about mindfulness. The quote she referred to was “Mindfulness is the new pleasure”. Did I get that right and who was the one who stated that quote? Thanks! I thought it was quite profound!

  • Jaroslava

    You two – a pleasure to watch! :) Thank you for highlighting the “perfectionism” issue – quite an awakening for me. Wishing you well in all that you do.

  • This was delightful, Kate, truly wonderful! As usual, your mum’s nuggets of wisdom are definitely words to live by. Thank you! ♡

  • Full confession! I jumped over to the post I put on your B-School facebook page and removed my age! Hah! I had never thought about this before…I’m loud and proud about being in my…well never mind – ageless! Wonderful interview, I giggled and smiled all the way through and then began to wonder, what if age chronological age was irrelevant? How would this change how we interact and act? Thought provoking Glimpse episode – thank you! xo

    • Kate Northrup

      I love that Suzy! What if chronological age were irrelevant?! What a great question! Let’s make it so – shall we?

  • Finally, the truth about being ageless! I LOVE this!

  • You two are adorable! You look so much alike:-) Anyway, I absolutely loved this interview and shared it with many of my friends. I spent most of my adult life comparing myself to other people my age and feeling bad about myself. I never felt like I was at the ‘right’ place and some of the people who surrounded me echoed those same thoughts. Relatives, friends, coworkers, many people made me feel like there was something wrong with me and after a while, I began to believe it too. It caused me to get, well, a little crazy. I would grasp at each relationship, as if it was my last chance to find love or have children and in turn, things would fall apart. I put pressure on myself career wise because I felt as though I wasted my twenties and therefore, had to work twice as hard in my thirties and that caused me to burn the candles at both ends and fall into a depression. It was a slippery slope and I slid all the way to the bottom before I released that I had to stop setting unreasonable standards for myself, based on a society’s ridiculous timetable. I’m so happy you published this book. My plan is to purchase one and the next time a relative talks to me about ‘what a shame’ that I never got married, I am going to show it to them..then hit them over the head with it;-)

    • Kate Northrup

      I love that Michelle! You are hilarious! I love that you’ve stopped comparing yourself to people your age. Our own timing is our own timing – and it’s perfect and elegant, as my friend Mama Gena says!

  • Speaking my age to others has not felt right for me for a while now, and after watching this heartful and joyful discussion… I will never speak my chronological age again… let’s free ourselves from the collective hypnosis around ageing.

    • Kate Northrup

      Awesome Meegan – here’s to ageless living!

      • I SO agree with you on that Meegan. My FINAL milestone birthday was very memorable in that the major “milestone” gift– a goddess necklace that was very pricey– got snatched right off my neck in broad daylight in Buenos Aires a year later. But THAT was the sacrifice that got my attention. I believe that KALI herself took it. And thus my journey to AGELESS GODDESS hood BEGAN!!

  • mindy

    I’m really excited to see this, as it seems I’m too focused on aging and I’m really not “that” old . I’m currently struggling with my daughter falling for a man 19 yrs her senior. Maybe this was a sign from above to let it go?!

  • Candy Newton

    good talk…who is “fly lady?” 12:22

  • Loved every second of this one! Going to go buy this book immediately. Thanks, too, for asking her to delve into the egg question: a hidden topic of convo for sure, especially amongst NYC women… I’ve always felt weird about it, but it’s certainly crossed my mind. Will instead make sure the IUD removal turns into a ritual ceremony :) So fun to see you together!

  • Bianca

    Normally, I see a video with a length of 22 minutes and it’s a no go for me. But I’m so glad I watched this! This absolutely resonated with me & I am keen to read this book.
    I’ll also admit that watching the connection between you & your mum was both adorable & infectious. You both look so joyful, it was a pleasure to watch :)

  • Wow, I’m so glad I got your email and watched this… Your mom is DELIGHTFUL! You two are adorable! I immediately deleted my age from showing on Facebook. This makes so much sense. I love the notion of replying to questions about my age with “ageless”. Since I’m a big soul/eternity/spirituality person, I might just say “eternal”, too. Thank you for this!

  • This is so fun! I’m approaching 30 and this insight couldn’t have come at a better time. Everything was so right on and oh my goodness, I have had babies on my mind FOR SURE and there is definitely a fear in the back of my mind that I’ll miss the window. Even though my mom was older when she had me it still comes up! So here’s to ageless living!!! Grateful for all of this and for both of you. xoxo

  • Suzie

    LOVE you and your Mom together. So much love and joy there! YES, I agree with everything that was talked about in this episode. It is simply a matter of being present and finding the Joy and/or challenge (cause we love those too!) in each moment of our day. Fantastic Interview, Thank you!

  • What a wonderful talk bewteen you and your mom! I love all her work for years… but here is the thing, talking about women getting babies over 40:
    Did you know that Italian singer Gianna Nannini got pregnant at the age of 54 – naturally (actually by mistake!) – and it was her FIRST child! She has a wonderful healthy 4 year old daughter now.

    Yes, here’s to the ageless women! ;-)

    • Kate Northrup

      That is absolutely incredible Melanie!!! Wow!

      • I quoted this on my radio show today. THANKS!! I remember the famous actress Ursala Andress had her first child at age 48. But this one really takes the cake. I met a shaman once with the Huichol Indians in remote Mexico. He told me that women routinely have babies in their 50’s and 60’s because the tribal beliefs about fertility are so strong. And they don’t get CNN. So no one told them that their eggs were old.

  • Adorable video! Thanks for sharing this. I’m in my 20s and already wondering about this. You ladies are ageless!

  • Annette

    Thank you another delightful and compelling episode.
    You two are absolutely and deliciously ageless and gorgeous.
    And I think it is because you are always bubbling with giggles and joy.
    Of course, “Laughter is the best medicine”

  • Jacqueline

    I love the interview, your both gorgeous. Your so lucky to have a mother like that, she is such a great role model for women.

    • Kate Northrup

      It’s true – I am blessed Jacueline!

      • And I am blessed to have KATE!!

        • Alexis

          Yes, you’re both very blessed indeed to have one another. It’s a mutual gift for sure.

          Just even looking at the picture of the pair of you elicits good feeling from the viewer, and that’s before even pressing play! You both look just gorgeous, no two ways about it, but … do you know what I really love the most?

          It’s the love and respect between you both that is SO delightful. I love that. It’s quite palpable.

  • Charlotte

    This is marvellous, thank you Kate for this interview! This makes me so excited! Your mum’s book ‘Women’s Health Women’s Wisdom’ changed the way I look at life. Thank you both for your amazing work and general delightfulness.

  • Marielisa

    Hi girls! Just bought the book as a gift for my mother. You ladies inspire me sooooo much! This is helping me embrace her (and me obviously) as limitless and enabled to do great things no matter what! Thank you, thank you!

  • giselle

    I love this. Your mom is amazing! I will be turning 40 years young and I feel great, not a day older than 25.

  • Lacey

    Thank you Kate and Christiane! (You both are gorgeous btw!) I am 35 and newly single, without children yet. There is fear and stress being considered “high risk” by society while also wanting to find the person, the partnership. What a joy based conversation that knocks the fear to the curb! Nothing like a little humor to bring levity! I can’t wait to check out the book and the PBS special. Love Glimpse TV! :)

  • Amanda

    Love love love it! You two are so incredibly joyful. It is contagious. Can’t wait to get this book for me and my mom.

  • Kate

    Great chat ladies! Where can I find info on Dr.Northrup’s ecourse for Goddesses Never Age? I didn’t see anything on her website. Thank you!

    • Kate Northrup

      Kate – the course doesn’t go live until March but I’ll be sending a post about it. Make sure you’re on my email list so you don’t miss it!

  • you two are awesome and hilarious!!! i really enjoyed this. :)

  • lynn

    Absolutely LOVE this!

  • Mona

    When you invite your Mom to the Glimpse TV, is always a great pleasure. She is amazing and she always has something interesting to say. Thank you Kate!

  • You ladies are both divine. I loved watching this episode and seeing all the joy that poured out of you and your mum! I love the idea of agelessness and there are so many times when I forget how old I actually am. I also loved when you mum mentioned the Trinity…curious what the difference is between grateful and gratitude.

  • tori

    This was absolutely delightful!

  • Shannon

    THANK YOU for this episode! My heart is literally swelling out of my chest with “HELL YEAH–that’s what I thought!!!!” and hearing the validation just feels so good.

    My last gyno appointment was with a doc that I will NEVER go back to. I am a product of 1978 and she asked me if I wanted kids because, if so, I needed to look into freezing “very soon”. GICK. It had never occurred to me and it rattle me. My gut said NOOOOO. I am not hell-bent on kids, but if I find a lovely man then maybe I’d want them. I just don’t know. But the idea of someone digging around in my ovaries like it’s a grassy park on Easter morning. NO THANK YOU. (I’m somewhat averse to medical anything, especially “extras”.

    The entire episode was brilliant and affirming, but I was just delighted with that particular portion.

    Thank you for Glimpse TV! You’re a bubbly ray of light and your videos always make me feel like I’m sitting with an old friend.

  • Thank you Kate and Christiane! I love this ageless and non-perfectionism concept, and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation! I’ve been practicing this for a while now and I find that a “20-minute clean” every day makes a huge difference. Committing to setting the timer for 20 minutes and just cleaning anything in sight for those 20 minutes is a lot easier to commit to than looking at everything that needs to be done, comparing it to the perfect version in my mind, and then getting overwhelmed and not doing anything. Plus, I forget how old I am all the time, lol. I accidentally lied a few weeks ago and said I was a year younger than I am because I actually thought in that moment that I was younger! What I realized during this episode is that I need a tribe and will seek out other woman who are “ageless.” Thank you ladies for the insight! ;)

  • Kate – I LOVE everything about this! You + your mumma rock together and this is just such important feminine wisdom, thank the goddess for you Northups, you know how to share important shiz, don’t you?!!!!

    Just ordered the book now, can’t wait!

    Big love, lady x

  • Thank you! Many wonderful insights and watching the video was like having you drop in for a visit – so natural and spontaneous. I particularly liked the emphasis on celebrating milestone accomplishments rather than milestone birthdays. Oh, and the part about doing a little bit of whatever each day, and having a like-minded tribe, and the answer to age inquiries is priceless. THANK YOU!

  • Kathy

    Can’t wait to read your new book! Your work has changed my life. And Kate has some wonderful information to share. I have starting following her and I have learned soo much. Thank you for being born you two!!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your mother’s talk over PBS, Kate – went onto her Facebook page and left her a thank you message about it: how her delightful humor, spirited delivery all backed up with empowering information made it so engaging.

    There’s one thing, however, with which I personally disagree. I do tell my age – by way of saying “This is what 79 looks like.” Check out my website and you’ll see how I’ve been writing ever since my husband died in 2010. Just sent the manuscript for my third book to my publisher last night, and my fourth book THIS NEW LIFE A Widow’s Journal is already in progress. http://www.elainemcgillicuddy.com

    You and your mom are doing great work. So thank you both!

  • Yay! Yay! Yay! You and your mom are sooooo delightful! Makes me so excited to see my gorgeous, wise momma (74 – she’s gorgeous. She doesn’t age either). This video was THE PERFECT way to start my Saturday. Thank you to both of you awesome, smart, uplifting (and ageless) women:) xoxo – Deana

  • This was great Kate! You and your Mom are adorable together! I have to say I appreciated watching this because I agree with you both! I haven’t told my age (or said it out loud in fact) for a long time now. (I started doing this as an actress right out of college, because by not sharing my age I would land roles up to 10 years younger!). I have often forgotten my age, too! When people ask, I really have to think about it (and still don’t tell!). :) I just had a birthday and was ‘thinking’ of sharing my age (since I recently had seen a bunch of others doing it) and your video came in the nick of time! :) It reaffirmed what I always believed (and showed me I’m not the only one)! So thanks for sharing. I hope it’s ok that I share this post/video in my March newsletter (it is my birthday issue, after all). I will have to get the book for my Mom, who’s 29 and has been my entire life! :)

  • Wendy

    I heard from a friend that you worked with another Dr here in Maine but that you were so busy you left that practice. What is the other Dr’s name and where is she located?

  • pam

    love it & you both have the same happy smile!

  • Jennifer

    I am just watching this in Oct 2016 – DELIGHTFUL. I have searched the internet for any reference to the complete PBS special your interview here referred to, it seems it’s very “out of circulation!!” Is there in fact anywhere to view it at this time?
    Thank you, Jennifer

  • Bianca Gadi

    interesting to listen to you and your mom. I am sixty and feel better than in my thirties. no pain, no discomforts, no meds, boundless energy, and btw, I don’t do exercise, except may be five min of stretching in bed or rebounding……….that said, I wholeheartedly disagree with you. stating our age, especially if you are in great shape (mentally, spriritually, attitude wise, physically, and the way you look) serves a fantastic purpose in our “age focused” time. a fantastic honest (say your age) example is just about the best way to counter this culture. I consider myself an example to “negatively age focused” folks to be “educated” that my age can be fantastic. why would I want to be twenty or thirty again. Here you see me as a sixty/seventy/eighty/ninety/centenarian old being a fantastic person, fun and interesting. It makes me always sad when a woman tries to cover up her age. stand by it, and be proud. btw, you look beautiful, but the first thing I looked up online is to see how old you are. and…..guess what, I was about right. you have a nice energetic way about you for a lady in her early seventies. greetings from la

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