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When folks are this excited I just have to spread the word

I originally planned to pass this little reminder to watch the replay of the free class I taught last week out to only the people who’d registered for it.

However, we’re experiencing an outpouring of love and enthusiasm for the class that’s far beyond our original expectations so I didn’t want you to miss out.

The Anatomy of Making Money Online had nearly 4,000 people sign up and the students were so engaged that they were on a for a full hour of rapid fire Q + A after the first hour of content I delivered. We hung for 2 full hours of business inspiration and how to.

If you didn’t register the first time around, I want to make sure you knew there was a replay available because the feedback has been kind of blowing our minds.

To grab the replay, click HERE.

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Need a little more of a nudge to watch it? Here’s what folks are saying:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for last night’s class.  It was an invigorating 2 hours!!!  Whew…my brain went into overdrive after the class.  I was able to write down so much and release every amount of fear of why I thought I could not begin a business. ~Jacqueline

I just wanted to send a quick note to say, Wow! I just LOVED the webinar last night! The info was exactly what I was looking for. I especially appreciated the ‘Action Baby!’ exercises. Kate is so real; naturally inspirational. Just love her to pieces! I’ve already been recommending her book. I look forward to more books from her.
Thank you, Kate! You inspire me to be more ME. Rock On, Girl! ~Kimberly

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The replay of The Anatomy of Making Money Online will be up and available until March 5th at 3pm EST. Set aside an hour in the next week and a half to watch it with a delicious beverage in hand and a notebook ready.

Grab the replay HERE.

Once you’ve watch it, leave a comment below about one a-ha moment you had and/or one action step you’re going to take to grow your business. I’d love to hear from you!

Kate_Northrup300x250-2P.S. The enthusiasm for B-School has been rocking our socks off. Way more energy than in years past. If you’re thinking about it this year you can check out our full B-School Gift Suite. We’ve put together over $2,000 worth of support to make sure you get the most out of B-School. Check it all out HERE.




  • Jacqueline

    Kate – the webinar was absolutely fantastic. I had several a-ha moments, I can not choose only one. Here are a few of the moments that really resonated with me:
    1) The moment in strategy #4 where you stopped and took a breath, and said, “I am exactly where I should be and my timing is perfect and elegant.” – that acknowledgement of the moment, the subtle nod to trust the process and embrace the journey – “yes, yes, Yes!”
    2) Focus on service and adding value to connect with more potential customers and also with leaders in your industry.
    3) Know and Love Your Numbers * Money Love Date * (is my action item – important personally and in my business)
    4) The energy that you’re doing something with, is just as important as what you’re doing.
    5) You need a list no matter what you are selling

    Thank you, Gracias, Merci … from my heart to yours.

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