Turn Your Business Excuses into Business Results [Free Workshop]

Turn Your Business Excuses into Business Results [Free Workshop]

Believe it or not, I’ve struggled with feeling like I’m not smart enough or original enough to be super successful in business. And I’ve let the fear that what I have to say isn’t valuable hold me back many times over the years.

No matter where we are on the trajectory of our businesses or lives, we all have some version of the following thoughts running through our minds from time to time:

Am I crazy for wanting to run my own business? What will my parents, spouse, friends, and family think?

Hasn’t everything been done already? I mean, does the world really need another [insert your brand of brilliance here]?

I don’t have any free time. All the time I have is already being taken up by my job, my family, and/or my existing business.

Do I need to rent an office or get a bunch of expensive equipment or software? I don’t have any money to invest!

What if I’m not good with technology? What if I’m downright afraid of it? How can I run an online business?

What if I’m not outgoing? Can shy people succeed online?

Which one of these thoughts have you already had today?

Here’s the truth: none of the above are good reasons not to start or grow your online business.

Why? Because I can point you to example after example of real people who had the same thoughts and similar circumstances who took action anyway and made their online businesses work (and I’ll share some of their stories with you over the next week or so).

The only thing that separates the people making their dreams come true from those who are stuck is that they take action regardless of their doubts. They felt the fear and did it anyway – and succeeded!

My friend Marie Forleo’s third and final video of her free online business workshop is out today, and she answers all of the most common questions and concerns about starting and growing an online business. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to know (and have wondered about!) for your own endeavors.

Grab a pen and notebook and watch video 3 to eradicate your excuses for why you can’t have what you want now.

As one of her partners I got early access to the video and I have to say, I was deeply inspired.

In it she interviews five truly inspiring B-School graduates about their wild success after having gone through and implemented the program:

  • One of them completed B-School while caring for her 6-month-old baby.
  • Another did it after getting laid off from her job at MIT, going through a divorce, and taking a part-time job delivering packages. (P.S. What she learned in B-School helped her get back on her feet so she no longer needed to live in a shelter with her son.)
  • One of them went from working 24/7 with no clear strategy to working only when she wanted to while traveling the world running her virtual company.

Their results are super amazing. I found myself thinking, “If they can do it, so can I!”

I felt all energized and ready to dive back into B-School to take our business into the next orbit because these folks showed me how having young kids, no team, no money, limited time, and no previous experience are simply not valid excuses.

They all had some version of these potential obstacles theoretically holding them back, and yet, they did it anyway. Why? Because they made it a priority.

The bottom line is this: if you want it bad enough, you’ll make it happen.

And you know what?

Making something a priority shatters excuses.

Click here to watch the video and replace your excuses with results now.

Win a Scholarship to B-School!

Also, Marie has just announced that she’s running a scholarship contest to give away a bunch of spots in her B-School class of 2019!

This program is well worth the investment. In fact, with what I learned from B-School I’ve made back more than 1400 times my investment. If you do the math on that we’re talking multiple 7-figure land.

Yet, B-School is an investment.

Having a chance to take B-School as a gift from Marie would be, well…a gift!

Watch the video to learn how to enter the scholarship contest.

The contest is time-sensitive, so make sure you watch it ASAP.

And, if there’s someone in your life who you know deserves some blessings in the form of a chance to win a scholarship to B-School, please send this message along to them. You could change their life.

Click here to watch Marie’s third video to get her answers to the most common questions about running an online business, to hear the inspiring stories of 5 B-School grads, and to learn how to win a spot in B-School 2019!

Revealed: Our 2019 B-School Bonuses

If you’re thinking of enrolling in B-School this year, Tuesday, February 19th, we’re offering our most valuable bonus package yet in celebration of B-School’s 10th Anniversary! Our focus is to give you the support, community, expertise, and love that you need to finish B-School and implement what you’ve learned.

Our bonuses will be revealed on Tuesday so keep an eye on your inbox because you won’t want to miss it!

Remember this: the only difference between you and the inspiring women that you’ll meet in Marie’s third video is that they took action despite having doubts and life circumstances standing in their way.

They set the intention and finished strong. (Even though at times it may have seemed impossible, it wasn’t.)

What stands between you and your dreams is a decision to move forward no matter what. I hope you’ll decide to join B-School with Mike and me this year so we can be there with you as you take action and make your dream business a reality. Keep an eye out for an email from me on Tuesday, February 19th, when enrollment opens.

All my love,


P.S. Marie’s free video workshop will only be available until March 1st. Make sure to watch it now before it goes away. Click here to get started.


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