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This will heal the economy.

On January 31st I co-hosted an event that absolutely blew the roof off of my expectations here in Portland, ME as part of a ten-city tour for the Thank You Small Business campaign. I’m not telling you this to toot my own horn. I’m tell you this to toot the horn of someone who’s very close to me.

This campaign, headed up by one of my best friends, entrepreneurial dynamo Carissa Reiniger, is out to heal the economy. And we can all help.

First, here’s how Thank You Small Business can help YOU:

  • Free Resources to Grow Your Business: Carissa and her team are giving away TONS of free resources and discounts on products and services that help small businesses grow from companies like Citrix (the GoToWebinar folks), American Airlines, Nespresso, and yours truly :) Get them here:
  • Free, mind blowing events where you’ll get at least one ten-thousand dollar idea and the strategy to implement it: There’s a 10-city tour going on right now. If you want your mind to be blown and your creativity to be expanded in terms of how you can grow your business, do whatever you can to attend one of the remaining stops on the tour. The insights you’ll gain from the exercise Carissa takes attendees through will be worth thousands, possibly millions to you and your business. The remaining cities are Denver (it’s tonight!), Tucson, Las Vegas, Oakland, Philly, and Dallas. Register for one of these FREE events here:
  • Free webinar series: There’s a free webinar series for small business owners with topics like Setting Your Business Up for Freedom Instead of Burn- Out (I’m hosting that one :), Building a Great Brand on a Budget, and Travel Perks for Entrepreneurs. This is HIGH value stuff that you need to grow your business and it’s all FREE. Go register for the webinars here:

And, here’s how you can help Carissa and Thank You Small Business heal our economy:

  • Spread the word about this amazing movement via Twitter and Facebook: start by using this tweet or FB status update: 

I’m helping heal our economy by thanking small business and helping them grow. Join me: #TYSmallbiz  (Click to Tweet)

  • Tell your friends about the 10-city tour, webinars, and resources: think of all the small business owners you know and let them know if the tour is coming to them and also about the webinars and free resources on

I interviewed Carissa for Glimpse TV because supporting small businesses to grow so that we can change the financial well being of millions of people, and our entire country, is something that I can 100% get behind. She’s also one of my dear friends and I wanted to share her brilliance with you.

Carissa is someone who inspires me to think bigger. She’s a farm girl from Edmonton, Alberta who managed to grow a $10 million company by the age of 30. She’s one to watch. Check out the episode below.

Visit to get free resources for your business and joint the movement to heal the economy.

In the comments, tell me how you’re going to take advantage of the Thank You Small Business campaign to grow your own business. Then, tell me what action step outlined above you’re committed to to help heal the economy. Thank you small business!

P.S. Want to learn specific strategies that work to grow your business online? That’s a way to heal the economy too! The BEST training I’ve found for growing your business online is from Marie Forleo. She’s got a new 3-video training series on exactly how to build a profitable, sustainable business online that helps tons of people – and the training is free! Grab it here while it’s still up:



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