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It makes sense that if we have the ability to create a human life in our pelvic bowl, we have the ability to create other amazing things from there on an energetic level.

My friend Tami Lynn Kent has taught me how to access the profound creative potential in my root chakra and morph it into living life from my center.

Her book, Mothering From Your Center, has been my lighthouse during these first weeks of motherhood. What I’ve learned is that giving birth and mothering isn’t particularly easy. But the more we do it with awareness of the potential within our bodies to guide, nourish, and balance ourselves and our families, the more beautiful and less frazzling it can be.

Tami shares a beautiful story of attending a friend’s wedding and the critical role she played in the union in this week’s babysitter post.  If you’ve never thought much about your root chakra and the potential for creation in your life it holds, or if you don’t know how to access it, you’ll get a lot out of reading Tami’s words.

I’m also really excited to announce that Tami and I are finally rolling out a course we co-created when we first met called The Freedom of the Feminine: Creating Wealth in Every Area of Your Life. It’s about how to channel your feminine energy to create more financial flow. It combines the best of what Tami knows about the energetic body with the best of what I know about practical money making. We’re offering it for $11 off until 11/20 as a nod to the Angels :). Click here to learn more.

Also, when you sign up for the course by 11/20 you’ll get exclusive access to a q&a call with Tami and me on how to use your feminine and masculine energy in balance to create the life of our dreams. Call details will be provided after registration closes.

Read on to learn more about the power you hold in your pelvic bowl and then don’t forget to check out The Freedom of the Feminine!

When Kate invited me to write for her blog, I had just returned home from witnessing the wedding of two friends. Held outside the city in a deep forest valley, every aspect of the ceremony was a creative expression of their highest selves. And so the event transcended a celebration of love between the couple to an expansive love that reminded each of us to remember our own truths.

Beneath a misty curtain of cedar and fir, my two friends made vows about honoring, protecting, and cherishing the masculine and feminine in one another. As they spoke, my soul responded. The root of the healing I do for others is tuning them back in to the natural feminine and masculine currents of the body. This is where the soul medicine resides–the wild knowing within. I’ve written three books about the profound nature of this energy: Wild Feminine; Mothering from Your Center; and Wild Creative. There is so much potential in attuning with these natural inner currents.

Unexpectedly, after the ceremony, the groom approached me. He took my hands and looked into my eyes to thank me for working with his wife. He told me that my work had helped her to become rooted in her true self and to understand him as a man. I can’t tell you what I said or did for her other than read the wisdom in her pelvic bowl and reflect it back to her. And once received, this core wisdom ripples out to all aspects of a woman’s life.

What I know from sitting with the female body is that it holds the truth for you, always. {TWEET IT}



The body has an ancient wisdom that is relevant to your present life and all that you are creating.

As a women’s health physical therapist, I’ve witnessed this body wisdom in my work with women. I’ve sat with thousands of women and their pelvic bowls. I carry physical medicine in my hands to cultivate the vibrancy in their root body, but really my gift is being a spiritual midwife–there to assist a woman in the discovery of her own creative power.

It didn’t start like that. Initially, I worked more mechanically to align the fascia and muscles of the pelvic bowl. That alone is good medicine for women. Aligning the pelvic bowl optimizes the flow of blood and chi to further optimize core health. But even more, the pelvic bowl contains the energy medicine for a woman’s life–to fuel her creations, guide her way, enhance her unfolding, aid with comfort or healing, and bring support when the path is unclear.

When a woman has a difficult childbirth, I work with her pelvic bowl to reset the birthing field. It’s a meditative process, first bringing attention literally to the pelvic bowl, and then following the energy to understand where things went out of sync. This inner guidance is unique to that woman and that birth. The healing is guided by her own body, to smooth the energy lines and restore the flow of birth energy. It’s like bringing a discordant sound back to a harmonic vibration.

The way to understand this deep knowledge you carry for making a life, making a living, making partnerships, making a home, making medicine, making a family, and making love is to learn the language of your root body, your creative center, and to discover the truth awaiting you there.


Action Step: A 3 minute core-attunement exercise

Place one hand over your low belly on the front of your pelvic bowl. Sense the space beneath your hand with your inner awareness. What do you notice or feel? Now stand and do hip circles, 8-9 of them in one direction and then 8-9 of them in the other direction. Sense the inner pelvic bowl again. Is there more spaciousness or a sense of vibrancy after moving your pelvis? Now in your mind’s eye, plant a seed of intention in this core place (and then act on it). Choose something that resonates in this moment. For example: kind words whispered within, a slow walk, a hot bath, a real conversation, a fresh snack, a nap in a sunbeam, open time for creativity. Move through the rest of your day with this new core-attunement.

Learn how to use your feminine energy to increase your financial flow in Kate and Tami’s new course. Save when you sign up by 11/20!

Kate Northrup & Tami Kent.


Over to You:

We would love to hear from you.  How do you connect with your feminine energy?   Please leave a comment below and we will check back in!

Tami Lynn Kent is the founder of Holistic Pelvic Care for women and author of Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female BodyMothering From Your Centerand Wild Creative: Igniting your Passion & Potential in Work, Home & Life. Tami runs an international training program for health care practitioners, and she is the mother to three beautiful sons. Tami is passionate about teaching others to tap the creative center, this beauty and wildness within. Find out more at

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  • I have personally worked with Tami Kent. Wonderful! And everything she says about women’s bodies and our pelvis is the TRUTH! Bravo!!!

  • Thank you Dr. Christiane Northrup! The female body never ceases to amaze me with her beauty, creativity, and wisdom for a woman’s life:)

  • Ana

    Hello Kate! I was interested in taking the course, and your email says you’re offering it for usd $11, but I click on the page and it says $39…

  • Tami, I love your work!! I share your books and wisdom with clients and remind myself of it often as well. And I’m excited to take this class with you.. I hope to visit Portland again soon :)

    • Manisha,
      Thank you for sharing this work with your clients! For me this is the real medicine, women reclaiming the wild knowing of their bodies for themselves and teaching other women to do the same:) yes-come visit!

  • Never even thought about my pelvic bowl before! Thanks and going to try this :-)

    • Kate Northrup

      Let us know how it goes!

    • Hi Chloe,
      I know–it’s not something we are taught to think about. For me this happened because of my work in women’s health but then I was amazed to discover this potent creative energy that was designed perfectly for each woman. Let us know what you discover!

  • So wonderful to read more words of wisdom from Tami Lynn Kent! Every course I have taken from Tami has continued to bestow gifts for years to come. I look forward to the guidance this new venture brings.

  • Every time I hear the voice of Tami Lynn Kent my body relaxes. She is such good medicine for my soul. I LOVE Tami’s work and her books, especially Mothering From Your Center. They changed my body, my life and the way that I practice as a holistic chiropractor. We are infinitely blessed to be women. We are lucky to have courageous pioneering sisters on the path lighting the way so we can return to our fullness.

    Thank you Kate for sharing Tami’s work with the world. It is so awesome to see the two of you collaborating! I love that you are ushering in energetic abundant money and health flow with your upcoming course. Woohoo!

  • Chelesa Mayer, DPT

    Tami, Thank you so much for continuing to expand and share this beautiful work. Your passion for the wisdom held within the our bodies and your ability to help us hear and tap into its power for ourselves is truly a gift to the world.
    In deep gratitude for your efforts in paving the way for a balanced feminine and masculine!!

    And Kate, congratulations on your new addition and thank you for all that you do for women too! What a great duo, look forward to the course!

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