The #MoneyLoveChallenge is back!


In early January last year Mike and I thought:

“Wouldn’t it be cool to get a bunch of people on the interwebs together to take daily loving steps towards their money for a specific, focused time period?”

I’ve seen time and time again how what we put our attention on grows. And this includes our money.

I knew that if people spent 21 days focusing their loving attention on their finances, their financial lives would improve.

Thus, the first #MoneyLoveChallenge was born!

Mike and I created the challenge to be helpful and for fun. It didn’t even occur to us to set any goals around it. I wrote it. We filmed it. We put it out there.

We were both overjoyed and shocked when more than 14,000 people around the world participated.

The challenge had a profound impact on people’s lives, financially and otherwise.

Debts got paid.
New jobs were manifested.
Unexpected checks arrived in the mail.
Businesses were born.
Investments began.
Revenue increased.
Self worth blossomed.

All year long people have begged for us to bring the challenge back. What with other projects on the docket, our honeymoon, the pregnancy, and the new baby, it wasn’t in the cards…until now!

I’m excited to announce that the #MoneyLoveChallenge is back for 2016!

21 days of bite-sized actions to create a love affair with your money and make 2016 your most prosperous year yet!

Also – and this is a big one – this challenge does not end with a promotion for one of our courses or programs.

Full disclosure: I will mention my Feng Shui For Financial Freedom course on the challenge day when I talk about de-cluttering your Wealth & Prosperity area. And I will give you an opportunity to redo the challenge anytime you like at the end. Other than that, this is simply a free tool for you to enjoy.

The challenge runs from January 14th – February 3rd.

To get in on it, click HERE.


It’s completely free. It’s totally simple. And it works.

Join the global #MoneyLoveChallenge here.

Oh also…there will be daily giveaways! Who doesn’t love prizes and prezzies, right?

All you need to do to get started is opt in here and you’ll get your first challenge on January 14th.

Get ready to be showered with abundance.



What’s your #1 money intention for 2016? I’d love to hear it so share it in the comments below!


  • My money intention for 2016 is growth so I can pay off debt and start saving. So excited for this challenge!

  • Crys

    Thank you so much I love your book! My #1 money intention is to pay off debt really fast :)

  • Malak

    Get financially organised, pay my debts n start saving!!

  • j a

    Is this only for newbies?

  • Maria

    My intention is to do, put, find, build… every thing within my power to attract and find the job and the much needed income.

  • My intention is to feel abundant every day, pay off 1 credit card balance of $3000 and invest in my favourite intuitive coach’s 3 month program!

  • Karen

    My intention is to pay off my debt by decreasing my spending, making more money, paying my bills on time.

  • Monique

    My #1 Money Intention for 2016 is to pay off debt and build savings — savings for a home down payment, a vacation, to travel, to travel to family more, and to gift money or time to a charity that I haven’t been able to give to. My intention is for my life to expand by focusing on Money in the most positive light.

  • My #1 money intention for 2016 is to only make money (and keep making programs/services) that are in line and in alignment with what feels good and what I’m supposed to be doing. WOOOOO

  • Chey

    I’m afraid of money so I’ve desided to stare my fear in the eyes and fall in love with money instead of being afraid thank for this opportunity it’s time and you are my gate when I read your blogs they light me up I’m excited I love your quote make a life not just a living sorry I have to pinch this for my intention see you on the other side♥️

  • Nancy

    My money intention for 2016 is to finally start earning an income from home, while being fully present with my children. I can’t wait for this 21 day challenge!

    • Kate Northrup

      Love it! Have you checked out

    • Carol

      I started a fantastic direct marketing business (skin care and cosmetics free of toxic chemicals)this year (in addition to my 40 hour a week job) and it has paid off immensely. I never thought I could do it but I find just talking to people about something you believe in is so EASY and people want to jump on board. I went way out of my comfort zone on this and I’m so proud of myself and my results. Reply to me if you are interested in hearing more about my business.

  • My 2016 money intention is to set a budget and finally have a good relationship with money.

  • Heather

    Hi, love this challenge and just what I need right now. However when I click the link to join it goes to a page that says webpage is blocked. Anybody else having this issue?

  • Thank you for asking Kate, because it was so great to get really clear.

    My intention for 2016 is to release limiting beliefs about my worth/value and charge for my wisdom and expertise accordingly so that I can thrive and be expansive in this new life that I have created in Italy.

    Happy New Year to you, Mike and little P!

  • Mohamed

    Thanks for this awesome #Moneylove Challenge. Exactly what i needed in my life :-)

    I was wondering if there is also a Facebookgroup where people share their stories and get support? Tried to find one and requested acces but now it seems to have disappeared. Can we start a new one? Or do you not have any intentions on bringing this community together?

    The reason i ask is because i live in the Netherlands and don’t have anyone around me here to share this awesomeness with and get support in need i would fall back to old beliefs and habits. I shared the event on my Facebook with my friends but no one reacted so they seem not to have issues around finances haha ;-)

  • Hi, I finally got in. Thank you for Money Challenge, I must confess, earlier in the day I almost cross the line, but I did not give in. Whew!
    My goal is to increase my earning, save more, live on a budget , look for new investment, I already have a list of giving, I really want to be a good steward for my money. This will be the new and improved me.Thanks again. I am ever so grateful.

  • Carol

    I filed my taxes this morning through Turbo Tax. This is the first time in MANY years that I haven’t been standing in line at the post office at 4:55pm on April 15th to mail my tax return and guess what????? I don’t have to pay!!!!!! The difference was, I wasn’t feeling stressed or scared about finances.
    I’m so glad my friend Sarah told me about you and this challenge. My goal for this year was to feel abundant financially and otherwise and this was the kick start I needed. Thank you Kate!

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