The Freedom Tour Video Blog – 5.17.11

Today I’m sharing how to overcome resistance to reaching out to people and how that can create amazing results in your life.  There’s a fun synchronistic story about my recent flight to Toronto too.  Check out,,, and

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  • Hello Kate,
    I am inspired. Not because I need to talk necc to more people. That is my tendency! : )
    But you are doing other parts of this journey that I am terrified of, not sure what to do about. You are out in the world, going and making it happen. And I am scared and confused silly just hearing what you are doing!!! Cos I wanna be out there, but a lot of it is also, the not feeling financially secure, will I have a home to return to, what do I do. So thank you for your work. Mine is coming along, no doubt in all these areas, but it is a scary process and it’s the doing it anyway that really matters. Thanks for the inspiration~

  • Brilliant Kate – and I would never have thought of you as wanting to be quiet and not talk! Thank for you sharing that – as someone who has travelled my entire 25 years in the corporate world, most of the time I just huddle in my seat on the plane and catch up on my reading. Time to get outside of my comfort zone too!

    Inspiring as always – so love your Vlogs along the course of your amazing journey.


  • Hi Kate!

    I also had an experience on an airplane while leaving NYC (maybe LaGuardia brings it out in people). I was reading “Personal MBA” and she started asking me if I was a college student doing research (no, no, no!) I explained why I was reading it and that was followed by several other questions. At first I was annoyed and didn’t feel like chatting. I finally started to engage in conversation and she ended up making my day. This very plain looking woman with children on the plane ended up being a successful entrepreneur with loads of experience and advice. I couldn’t believe it. I thanked her for her time and generosity.

    Your video was fantastic. You never know why someone is brought into your life. Even if it’s just for a moment on flight back home from NYC. Be open to experience.

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