Thanks for the inspiration, Seth.

I was inspired by Seth Godin’s blog yesterday where he posted some of the things he was most proud of accomplishing in 2010. He suggested that his readers do the same. Each year on New Year’s Eve since I can remember I’ve taken a moment to light a candle and do a year in review. If we don’t acknowledge all the good stuff that’s already happened there’s no room for more good. My way of creating space is taking some time to give myself credit for another amazing year. It gives my central nervous system the message that I accomplished something so that I’m not feeling a constant sense of stress and striving.

My inner perfectionist really likes to have all the dishes done, laundry put away, floors swept, and bathroom sparkling before my New Year’s Eve ritual. This year, however, none of those things have happened and I’m sitting down to take stock anyway. I’m swimming in sticky notes. My sink is full of dishes. I haven’t finished putting away the last two loads of laundry and my suitcase remains unpacked from my trip last week. And I acknowledge myself for sitting down to take stock of 2010 in spite of the lack of perfection in my immediate environment. It turns out that having my jeans lined up perfectly is unrelated to my ability to notice some of the golden nuggets of 2010 and take a candlelit moment to write them down.

So here goes my 2010 Year in Review. In no particular order, this year I…

1.    Completed a 300-hour Yoga teacher certification with Rodney and Colleen Yee at Yoga Shanti

2.     Created an online presence for myself

3.    Booked and completed my first paid speaking gig

4.    Started to take myself and my business seriously

5.     Became the CEO (Creative Expansion Optimist) of Team Northrup because I decided to give myself the title and start acting like one

6.    Made more money than I’ve ever made in my life in a year

7.    Took five weeks off during the summer and spent it with incredible friends a the “House of Love and Magic” in Sag Harbor, NY

8.    Started to really tell the truth for the first time in my life

9.    Re-structured my business partnership agreement with my mother (this was a HUGE FREAKING DEAL)

10. Started performing as a singer again for the first time in 10 years

11. Decided to leave NYC and hatched The Freedom Tour, an indefinite road trip I’m embarking on in February of 2011 (stay tuned for updates on this one)

12. Met and created friendships with a handful of incredible, inspiring, loving people who are up to amazing things in the world

13. Visited Paris twice (which makes me feel very fabulous)

14. Completed Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy, and Hot B-School and significantly improved my marketing skills

15. Gave myself permission to take a break from leading Team Northrup for a couple of months and truly design my business instead of feeling victim to it..and as a result completely transformed my relationship and my commitment to my family and my team

16. Learned how to ask for what I want

17. Redesigned and launched a Team Northrup blog (and launched it today!)

18.Took my first aerial dance class

19. Started to get it that I’m enough (thank you Danielle LaPorte and others)

20. Learned how to do a forearm stand in yoga without using the wall

Twenty golden nuggets from 2010. Writing those down makes me breathe deeper and feel more present.

What are your golden nuggets from 2010? Share them here. Share them with friends. Share them with yourself. But absolutely share them somewhere. Your brilliance deserves celebration. Your accomplishments require a standing ovation. Your creations request your attention.

Happy New Year!

Big love,



  • This is great Kate. I have a ritual where every year I write 100 things I’m grateful for from the previous year and 100 things I can acknowledge myself for from the past year. The latter is like your “20 Golden Nuggets.” I’ve completed my gratitude list, but not my accomplishments list yet, so this will start me off.
    1. I wrote and published my first book – The Inner Game
    2. I have a completed first draft of my second book – The Right Brain for Lawyers
    3. I started my coaching company, Equilawbrium Career & Life Coaching
    4. I created and held my first major workshop – The Life Alchemy Workshop (and it was beyond my wildest dreams amazing)
    5. I had my first speaking gig for my new business – Right Brain for Lawyers Workshop – that I presented to two bar associations.
    6. I created my company website by myself:
    7. I started an interview series “Lawyer Turned” where I interview former lawyers who have made career transitions and are doing new and interesting things.
    8. I formed a mastermind group.
    9. I learned all about flash mobs and started dancing in flash mobs. I danced in 5 flash mobs this year.
    10. I appeared in the show Modern Family and was a paid dancer (this was one of my 5 flash mobs) :)
    11. I was featured in a tv commercial for
    12. I started volunteering at my spiritual center’s day care
    13. I ran my first marathon – The LA Marathon
    14. I traveled to New Zealand and Australia for one month
    15. I completed my coaching certification course from Coach Training Alliance.
    16. I completed a coaching certification course in Coaching Money Mastery.
    17. I took a course at UCLA entitled “Building An Online Audience” and I manifested this class for free. :)
    18. Was interviewed for radio show – Color Your Life Happy
    19. Held a holiday teleclass: How to Make Your Holidays Merry, Not Scary
    20. I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity

    • Kate

      @Monick, Woah…hot mama! This is quite a list. I love the part about dancing on TV. That’s something I hope to be listing on my Golden Nuggets of 2011 list :)

  • Wow, that’s a GREAT list of accomplishments for 2010. One of mine is meeting you and your mom in Vancouver. Well, I didn’t have the courage to actually speak to you but I was sitting a few seats away. Amazing experience, being in the front row :)

    I’ve unloaded a huge ‘secret’ I’ve been carrying for 10 months. I experienced a MAJOR breakthrough in my health in 2010 and finally wrote about it today to bring closure to the most transformational year of life… thus far.

    Wishing you lots of love and happiness for 2011! Make your dreams come true!

    • Kate

      @Crystal – Prenatal Coach, The unloading the big secret is the one I really commend you for. That is HUGE and has been a huge theme for me this year, too. I’m so bummed you didn’t say hello in Vancouver as I completely would have recognized you from Twitter, but next time for sure ;)

  • Thanks for sharing Kate! Absolutley rocks! I smiled the whole time reading your nuggets! Here is to sharing the good and some good old bragging! :)

    1.Completed Group Fitness Certification

    2. Joined Team Northrup

    3. Joined Kate and team members in Tampa for “I can do it.”

    4. Allowed myself to be vulnerable and loved

    5. Completed personal training certification and established my own “positive infused method”

    6. Started my blog “Peace, love and Bananas” and authentically shared myself

    7. Became a contributing expert on the awesome online publication “Conscious Divas”

    8. Pursued my passion to start a company with my best friend. LuminosiTEES! Every part of me is excited for this adventure

    9. Graduated from Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. Embraced my womanhood in all aspects.

    10. Traveled to Portland for my cousin’s wedding and danced my butt off. Also performed a choreographed dance to Justin Bieber with my youngest sister.

    11.Hired a life coach, Maria Lestez who is beyond amazing.

    12. Made a mind movie and allowed myself to dream big

    13. Learned to accept compliments and fully embrace who I am.

    14. Moved into a beautiful house with one of my best friends and love sharing space with someone who is so open and fabulous

    15. Able to do Real push-ups

    16. Developed a mediatation practice which I love

    17. Started my 2nd LCC “Vibrant Girls”. A program for young girls to build self esteem and confidence.

    18.Helped move my 90 year old Gramma move into a Nursing home and visit her weekly to read to her and make her feel special.

    19. Formed a stronger-real relationship with both of my parents.

    20.Got 2 Tattoos to represent what I desire to embody. Love and Bliss!

    What a great year! Spreading the love!

  • Kate, I love your year-in-review. You made a concious decision to be grateful for your many accomplishments (the 20 golden nuggets). You are being thankful to yourself first. We are taught to look ahead and resolve with the eternal New Year’s Resolutions, to make corrections, recalibrations to our lives that have yet to happen. We lose perspective on who we had been all year when we don’t take stock of the wonderful small and big things that we do. You’ve inspired me to put away my New Year’s resolution and list my “golden nuggets”.

    Happy New Year

    Founder and Chief Wine Interpreter for

    • Kate

      @Stella Hayes, Thanks Stella. You gotta make a conscious decision to celebrate because it seems like so many people are going the opposite direction of that. I love that you decided to put away your resolutions and stick with nuggets :)

  • Kate,

    Thank you so much for sharing and for the wonderful inspiration and leadership you have provided throughout the year. My New Year’s Eve tradition is a bit different. I write down all of my grudges and grievances for the year, and throw them into a fire to let them go and start off the New Year fresh. Last night, my partner and I did this with a group of friends around a blazing bonfire, surrounded by tall trees and a very bright & starry night sky. It was an amazing night, and I awoke feeling much lighter and unburdened.

    This morning started with gratitudes, but now you have given me a new ritual to add to my New Year’s Day. Just to get the juices flowing, this year I created and posted regularly in two blogs, led my first online webinar, and gave myself permission to get a keyboard (and lessons) for my birthday. More to come later, it will take some thinking to get to 20.

    Please know that I appreciate all that you do for us on Team Northrup, and I look forward to following your Freedom Tour.

    Best wishes for the best year ever!


    • Kate

      @Laurie, I love the idea of letting go on New Year’s Eve too. We used to do that growing up and now I practice that on the solstice. Any time you do it, letting go is sooooo good!

  • Thanks for this Kate….

    Here are mine…thanks for the inspiration you have given me this year!

    My 2010 Accomplishments

    1. I had a lovely, year-long relationship with a great guy and fell in love. Although the relationship ended, I learned a lot about myself and became hopeful about love and loving someone again.
    2. I completed Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy & Hot B-School and feel like a marketing master now!
    3. I launched my Eco-Luxury jewelry design services business –
    4. I did a handstand from down dog and held it in the center of the room for 30 seconds (30 seconds seemed like an eternity). Thanks Ragunath!
    5. I challenged myself by stepping out of my comfort zone and amped up my exercise routine by taking dance classes, committing to 2-3 hours of cardio/week and taking some of the most challenging yoga in my life.
    6. I allowed myself to slow down.
    7. I saved more money then I ever have in one year.
    8. I became a better yoga teacher by speaking from my heart. I allowed myself to hear how I impacted people in their yoga practice. I actually listened and took it in. This was huge for me since I am not good at receiving praise. I even had a few celebrities singing my praises.
    9. I learned to trust and follow my instinct and my heart even when it really is the most difficult path.
    10. I completely healed my wrist from a sprain.
    11. I started focusing more on my meditation practice and writing in my journal.
    12. I redecorated my apartment, bought some new furniture and artwork and turned it into a space that feels like a home rather than a college apartment or a hodge-podge of stuff (and it is continuing to evolve).
    13. I met some really wonderful and inspiring women who have become friends and a continuous source of inspiration and guidance in my life.
    14. I started going to a cranio-sacral healer named Melanie Ericksen and she has changed my life (thanks Danielle and Kate for referring me). I have referred her to others who have been greatly impacted by her healing, as well.
    15. I closed my first business. Although this might not seem like an accomplishment, it was a huge one.
    16. I became a better sister to my sisters and my brothers (I have 7) and have made a commitment to building a stronger relationship with them. We have always been close, but we are all much closer now.
    17. I went to my first Gabby Bernstein lecture and brought one of my good friends. We have both been adding more –ing to our lives.
    18. I forgave and let go.
    19. I became a better singer (my sister told me so) and still growing. Maybe next year I will sing on a stage or something like Kate Northrup. Ha!
    20. I landed my first corporate yoga gig.

    • Kate

      @Tracy, WOW! What an incredible year. Your ability to acknowledge all of the milestones and the amazing people you brought into your life is so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Thank you for this Kate. What a great way to start the year.

    Here are my 20:

    1. Launched a business that I am so excited about I can hardly stand it.
    2. Became a Pleasure Nutritionist
    3. Broke off a business relationship that wasn’t working (a really big deal)
    4. Dramatically improved my relationship with my husband on many levels
    5. Began embracing myself as a sensual woman
    6. Really started to own my beauty
    7. Held my first Goddess Gathering
    8. Changed my name
    9. Held a “Welcoming Daphne” party
    10. Began transforming the relationship I have with/to my mother
    11. Spent ten days away from my kids (longest time ever) and learned some amazingly valuable tools and strategies (at two conferences)
    12. Started the “Daily Pleasure Dip”
    13. Created a fantastic program for staying focused at work
    14. Created an amazing morning routine that I do 4-5/week
    15. Attended an end of the year visioning retreat
    16. Got an accountability buddy who I check in with 5 days/wk.
    17. Cleaned out my closet and got rid of 20% of my stuff throughout the house.
    18. Formed beautiful Sister Goddess friendships
    19. Started embracing Pleasure in my life on a daily basis
    20. Completed over 50 interviews with health and wellness experts

  • Such joy Kate!

    Bring on the Freedom Tour…

  • Kate, I sometimes feel like I’m your only guy reader but I know I’m not. I love your blog and thank you for sharing your journey with me. It has helped me break out of my shell. Here’s my list and I apologize about borrowing 1 or 2 of yours, but they really did apply to me as well.

    1. Helped my personal training clients reach their weight loss and fitness goals

    2. Revamped my online presence by updating my personal website

    3. Realized that my true calling is to be a full time entrepreneur

    4. Started to take myself and my business seriously

    5. Became the CEO (Creative Expansion Optimist) of my life & business because I decided to give myself the title and start acting like one

    6. Made more residual income than I’ve ever made in my life in a year

    7. Spent individual time with each one of my kids

    8. Started to take my network marketing business more seriously than ever before and realized the true potential it has

    9. Made huge strides in breaking out of my shell

    10. Started taking slightly bigger risks

    11. Saved my house

    12. Was able to save more money than I thought would be possible this year

    13. Took a cross-country road trip with the family from CA to FL (3 kids and a chihuahua)

    14. Helped the company I work for have the best sales number in the history of the company by my marketing efforts

    15. Started building my USANA team and found out they are all leaders

    16. Learned how to ask for what I want

    17. Realized that I am the only one that will make me successful

    18. Attended two business training conventions

    19. Raised chickens

    20. Realized that I am more country that I thought.

    • Kate

      @Tom, Absolutely amazing accomplishments, Tom. And no, you’re not my only male reader (though certainly one of a few.) I LOVE your #20…I’m also very country :)

  • I am a huge fan Kate and I think what you do and your mother also is nothing short of amazing.
    Last year was very challenging for me personally and I am looking forward to a bright and breezy 2011. Started the year with a consciousness cleanse, 30 day Yoga challenge, joined weight-watchers as I have put on a lot of weight due to my unhappiness last year, listening to Hay House Radio even more, a new gorgeous apartment and a happy spirit…..
    I started my blog again and I feel free.
    Take care,

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