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Open Yourself to the Magic

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While I’m on maternity leave I’ve asked some of my favorite, most trusted women to take care of my blog for me.  From Sept 9th – Nov 11th you’ll be receiving their weekly wisdom here on my site.
I had my first intuitive reading when I was 14 years old. I felt incredibly seen and I still think about the wisdom I received on a regular basis. I was hooked and have continued to patronize those who work in the realms of the unseen ever since.
Now, all psychics are not created equal. You really have to vet them out before booking a reading, and certainly before taking what they share to heart.
My friend Licia Morelli is the real deal. I met Licia when I went to a workshop of hers on how to tap into our own intuitive abilities. What I love about her is that she’s super down to earth, has a healthy sense of humor about being a psychic and all the layers of assumption that sometimes comes with, and she teaches people how to tap into their own psychic abilities rather than claiming that she and her colleagues are somehow “the source.” Teach a man to fish, right? Oh, she also lives in Maine. My home state ladies have a special place in my heart.
Today’s installment of the Blog Babysitter Series features Licia’s super practical tips for creating more magic in your life. I know when I’m back from maternity leave I’ll be implementing these simple, surprising ideas to my daily life. Because, no matter how amazing your life already is, we can always use more magic.


As we head into the second half of September and busy is all around us it seems sometimes, after a while, it becomes very easy to believe that there is no such thing as magic. The adult world can do that to a person. As we go through our lives, it’s almost simpler (almost!) to favor fact over fiction.

It’s easy to allow that veil of adulthood to keep us from seeing that everything around us truly holds a bit of magic.

It’s in our everyday.

Coincidence. Déjà vu. Serendipity.

Magic is absolutely real.

And I don’t mean in the fluffy, woo woo, mystical dust way. I mean in the practical, our energy is moving forward all the time so be on the lookout for synchronicity everywhere, type of magic.

This is the magic of awareness, of believing in the greater good, of being led with your heart and not your ego.

This is the magic that makes miracles possible.

What does it look like?

It’s the coincidence of running into a colleague who’s in a last-minute time crunch and searching for a speaker of a topic you’d be perfect for.

It’s the déjà vu moment you have when you walk into the apartment you’re thinking of renting and instantly knowing you’ve been at home here before.

Its synchronicity where you think to yourself “I want two cookies but only want to pay for one” and you go into the bakery and the lady says “here’s two for the price of one” when you order.

Most of all though, it’s feeling your heart and connecting to the excitement, joy, and adventure that is your everyday. {TWEET IT}

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Are you ready to welcome your own magic?

Follow these simple tips for clearing your space and energy to welcome your own magic. (I practice these every single day because they make the biggest difference and take no time at all!)

1. Write out your to-do list at night before you go to bed. That’s right! Before going to sleep jot down everything that needs doing for the next day and then drift off to dream land. This helps because when you wake up the next day you’re all set to go – no organization needed in the morning because you already have it laid out.

2. Clean off and organize your desk space every morning. When you have a clean and clutter-free workspace you’ll find the creative juices flow so much faster. Clear off that desk (every day) and watch the magic happen. (I’ve been known to find money when I clean off my desk… You may have no idea what’s hiding beneath those papers and coffee cups.)

3. Do not open your email until after you’ve completed at least two of your “To-Do” list items.  When you start the day focused on your to-dos instead of email you get the momentum moving towards progress. In fact, it creates a ripple of energy to help you keep up the good work.

Now, be on the lookout for the sparkle that’s around you. Notice when the magic happens and be sure to celebrate the wins. The more you bring in the awareness, the more it finds you.

Open yourself to the magic and the possibility. It’s all around.



PS. Here’s a little more magic! The House of Woo doors are about to open once again! Learn all about how to trust and believe in your intuitive hits, hints from the big U and, of course, start seeing the bread crumbs that are out in front of you leading to clarity and purpose! There’s more info right here: http://liciamorelli.com/house-of-woo/

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Looking for a way to help your little Woo become more Mindful? My brand new children’s book, “The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation” is now in bookstores everywhere!




Over to you:

How do you cultivate more magic in your daily life? Licia and I would love to hear your tips so leave a comment below!

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