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Getting Really Really Real with Cheryl Richardson: Glimpse TV

Last week I had the pleasure of enjoying an intimate chat with Cheryl Richardson while perched on her bed at the W Hotel in Union Square. We laughed. We sang. We talked a lot about dancing. I was inspired to interview her because of her newest book, which she wrote in collaboration with the legendary Louise Hay, You Can Create an Exceptional Life. The book follows a series of conversations between these two incredible women over a year and gives you many precious glimpses into both of their exceptional lives.

Cheryl basically put life coaching on the map and is a world-renowned speaker, author, and coach. My favorite of her books is The Art of Extreme Self-Care (pay special attention to the chapters “You’re So Sensitive” and “Let Me Disappoint You”.) Louise Hay is one of the pioneers of the personal growth industry, making waves with her first book You Can Heal Your Life, and going on to found a publishing company, Hay House, which is the top inspirational and self-help publishing house in the world. You can imagine what incredible wisdom ended up in You Can Create an Exceptional Life with this dynamic duo co-authoring it.

Go get your copy of the book and then tune in for my chat with Cheryl where you’ll learn about the triathlon of self-care, what’s difficult for Cheryl that she’s learned to accept about herself, how to give yourself the freedom to not have it together, the best source of wisdom that most people don’t take the time for, the surprising place where Cheryl got her best speaking training early in her career, and more. Plus, stay tuned until the end for a special duet between Cheryl and me that you won’t want to miss!

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