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Glimpse TV with Dyana Valentine: 3 steps to getting turned on (about your life) right NOW

When Dyana Valentine first walked into my apartment she immediately started taking pictures. It caught me off guard but was nonetheless charming. Within moments we dove right into talking about the good stuff: sex, spirituality, money, vanity, relationships…plus she had me practically peeing my pants laughing within seconds of saying “hello.” I had heard of Dyana through Danielle LaPorte so I knew I would at least kind of like her, but I was unprepared for the immediate ease, comfort, genius, and sheer hilariousness of Dyana and the fact that I adored her. (We were joined by Bindu Wiles who of course added her own unique spark to the already sparkly, giggle-fest. Stunning camera work, Bindu.) Dyana’s tag line is “Helping self-starters self-finish, one project at a time.” She calls herself “An instigator and a free-style harvester of great ideas.” She’s a coach, a “conference catalyst” (ie. speaker), a “one woman idea machine” and your girl if you’ve got a project you just can’t seem to finish, an idea you don’t know how to get rolling, or a group who needs some instigating. Tune in to this episode of Glimpse TV to learn what the truth feels like, for three steps to getting turned on NOW, for some seriously kooky curly hair, and a life-loving chat with Dyana.

Glimpse TV with Dyana Valentine: 3 steps to getting turned on (about your life) right NOW from Kate Moller on Vimeo.

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Tell us the answers to Dyana’s questions:
1. What are your turn ons (big, for sure, could be something you do/experience regularly or not);
2. What’s something zingy from the last month;
3. What are you commited to do related to your turn ons NOW.

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