Glimpse TV with Dyana Valentine: 3 steps to getting turned on (about your life) right NOW

When Dyana Valentine first walked into my apartment she immediately started taking pictures. It caught me off guard but was nonetheless charming. Within moments we dove right into talking about the good stuff: sex, spirituality, money, vanity, relationships…plus she had me practically peeing my pants laughing within seconds of saying “hello.” I had heard of Dyana through Danielle LaPorte so I knew I would at least kind of like her, but I was unprepared for the immediate ease, comfort, genius, and sheer hilariousness of Dyana and the fact that I adored her. (We were joined by Bindu Wiles who of course added her own unique spark to the already sparkly, giggle-fest. Stunning camera work, Bindu.) Dyana’s tag line is “Helping self-starters self-finish, one project at a time.” She calls herself “An instigator and a free-style harvester of great ideas.” She’s a coach, a “conference catalyst” (ie. speaker), a “one woman idea machine” and your girl if you’ve got a project you just can’t seem to finish, an idea you don’t know how to get rolling, or a group who needs some instigating. Tune in to this episode of Glimpse TV to learn what the truth feels like, for three steps to getting turned on NOW, for some seriously kooky curly hair, and a life-loving chat with Dyana.

Glimpse TV with Dyana Valentine: 3 steps to getting turned on (about your life) right NOW from Kate Moller on Vimeo.

What’s one of the best questions you’ve ever been asked? Share it with us.
Tell us the answers to Dyana’s questions:
1. What are your turn ons (big, for sure, could be something you do/experience regularly or not);
2. What’s something zingy from the last month;
3. What are you commited to do related to your turn ons NOW.
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  • Thank you, Kate! I had such a blast. I can’t wait to hear what turns your viewers ON!!

    You rock for bringing the best out in us and inviting us to enjoy ourselves and each other.

    • Kate

      @Dyana Valentine, Well I can tell you right now that what turns me on is talking to amazing folks like yourself. Meeting you was such a joy and I can’t wait for more. Thanks for asking great questions…I’m excited to hear what turns everyone else on and what they’re committed to do about it NOW. I for one am committed to filming three more episodes of Glimpse TV tomorrow with three more incredible women who inspire me and who will inspire you too!

  • 1. Gorgeous glowing women who are taking control of their lives, health and future, moving through my fears, being in control of my finances, traveling to places that hold surprise and joy, leading retreats for mothers

    2. An amazing woman agreed to do an interview for my blog…I was so nervous and scared to ask, and it was such an experience of “yes” when she agreed… happily

    3. I am committed to growing my business by teaming up with amazing women and spreading the word of how to become gorgeous and glowing to mothers. I am looking my debt in the face and changing the way we live to be free from it. I am committed to laughing and giggling with my children and showing them each day the love their father and I have for each other is what will keep our family strong and moving towards our dreams. I am committed to re-framing my experiences of jealousy, weakness, self-doubt through speaking my truth and finding the hidden gifts in each challenge

    Thank you both for the inspiration and for asking the tough questions that allow me to grow! Love the wind blowing through both curly heads of hair, beautiful!

    • Kate

      @Hannah Marcotti, Thank you Hannah! You have so beautifully articulated what turns you on. Your business sounds amazing and I’m going to head right on over to to check you out because your passion for it turned me on! Keep up the amazing work!

  • FANTASTIC, Hannah! Keep asking your sheroes to play with you. There are more yesses there for the asking. Three cheers for giggle fits and rocking mom-i-tude. Thank you for going public with your turn ons!

  • WOW! I love her tooo!!! I hafta say, my purpose is becoming clearer and clearer every day, and these interviews are helping it happen!

    1- What turns me on? Shopping at farmer’s markets! I love being surrounded by colorful, leafy, lucious culinary medicine! Honestly, it’s an obsession. If I could afford to shop every local market, I would…and make amazing nutritious-ness out of what I’ve brought home :-)

    2- What was zingy last month? I started a page on my website discussing what I’ve done with what I bought at said markets…

    3- No-brainer! My latest project is blooming in my brain and online. I can see it growing into a proper blog, publications, the sky’s the limit and I’m committed to getting there!

    As always, thank you for all the inspiration!

    • Kate

      Thanks so much for joining the conversation Cat. I loved reading your list of what turns you on and how clearly and exquisitely you’re incorporating that into your business. You’re obviously on the right track if it’s all gelling so beautifully. Keep us posted!

  • Cat–FUN!! Please post your site url so I can celebrate your farmer’s market adventures! I love that you are taking what is groovy to you and using it for good! Yippee!

  • Wow-
    The love improv was awesome. That was zingy for sure.

    What turns me on:
    Live music in the street, especially samba. Learning to samba, which is like the hardest dance in the world, and surprising people when the red-headed gringa gets on the beat, being in nature unplugged, especially Ilha Grande, when terribly painful experiences finally turn over their gems, having the courage to be really honest, the idea of having that glittery, I want to kiss this person feeling. Great conversations with passionate people.

    Zingy last month- a day hike to Dos Rios on Ilha Grande bookended by yoga practices. Islamic art exhibit opening. Getting out the red lipstick and green heels that I have worn three times. Wore them twice last month.

    Go on a date and maybe rock the red lipstick. Go to a TRapiche Zamboa even if I have to go alone. Follow the zing and leave the stale. That’s my latest take.

    Thanks you guys for this. I had a lot of fun and laughs just watching it. Enthusiasm abounds.

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