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Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Be Your #1 Priority


According to a study published in the Daily Mail, the average mother gets just 17 minutes per day to herself.

When I read that stat I was somewhat horrified.

Are you horrified? Are you not surprised? Do you feel like you never get enough time to yourself?

Mothering has become synonymous with sacrifice. And we’ve come to assume that a mother who sacrifices her own well-being in the name of her children is inherently a good mother.

But what if making our children our #1 priority and constantly sacrificing our own needs for theirs isn’t actually doing them any good, let alone us?

What if the way we’ve been approaching motherhood is backwards?

As a still relatively new mom who was raised by a woman dedicated to her own dreams as well as to her children, I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

And through my own trials and tribulations in mothering over the past 17 months, I’ve come to the perhaps heretical conclusion that making our children our #1 priority is perhaps not best for them or our families.

Are you appalled by that? Intrigued?

Watch the video I made for you about it to learn what I mean.



We all want to be good mothers. But it’s time to reimagine what being a good mother means.

Because the way of mothering that chips away at the mother’s inherent well-being perpetuates an unsustainable model where one person’s gain is another person’s loss.

What if we mothered from our overflow? What if we nurtured from a filled-up place? What would our partnerships be like? What would our relationships with our children be like?

How would our world change if we took care of mothers, starting with ourselves?

I’m seriously curious about what you have to say on this matter. Please leave me a comment below!

And if you know a woman who needs to be reminded that her needs matter, please forward this to her.

Remember: A well-nourished mama nourishes the world. twitter-logo

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Nourish yourself first, and everyone will have more than enough to eat.


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