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Our B-School Gift Contest Winner + A Surprise!

While we watched the submissions for our B-School Gift Contest this weekend Mike turned to me and said:

“I feel really optimistic about humanity right now.”

Your talent, your heart, your creativity, your sense of humor, and your passion moved us.

Whether you’re a winner or not, know that putting yourself out there is a huge first step.

You’re already on your way to creating a business and a life you love because you were willing to get uncomfortable, get creative, and say, “Hey! I’m ready!”

I give a rousing standing ovation to everyone who had the guts to submit.

It was extremely difficult to make our final decision because you are all so gosh darn amazing.

Because there were so many incredible entries we decided to not only gift someone in our community a seat in B-School, we also decided to gift 19 other people who submitted stand-out videos with our course, Feng Shui For Financial Freedom ($197 Value).

This course gives you practical ways you can enhance the energy in your home to make your space a money magnet. And then, of course, you can use the prosperity you attract to invest in growing your business (perhaps with B-School this year or in the future!)

Our winner of the seat in B-School with our bonus is Mary Patton. Thank you for speaking from your heart. We know B-School will help you soar and we’re thrilled to have you in our B-School family. (Watch Mary’s video here.)

And here are the winners of Feng Shui For Financial Freedom:

Ala Wilczynskaf
Marie Benard
Jennifer Bulter
Kate O’Riordan
Joanna Baranowska
Jennifer Johnson
Gesche Pinsenschaum
Sunny Lake
Lauren Amerson
Iga Solecka
Lilly Hodder
Anna Pillsbury
Skye Zaccaro
Janine Boland
True Bey
Leesah Stiles
Stephanie Gagnon
Petra Monaco
Trevor & Lindsay Clark

If you are a winner, please email us at info@katenorthrup.com to claim your gift!

Remember, enrollment for B-School is only open for two and a half more days. If you’re planning on enrolling, now is the time. Click here to get started.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for sharing your hearts with us in your contest submissions. I cried more than once. And even if you didn’t win our contest, know that I believe in you. You’ve got what it takes. Keep putting yourself out there.


P.S. If you are still on the fence about B-School, join Mike and I for a Live Q&A on Tuesday, 3/1 at 1pm EST. Our goal is to help you make the best decision for you. If we don’t think B-School will help you, we’ll tell you. And we won’t be shy about telling you if we think it’s a must for you either. Click here to register.

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