I’d like to give you B-School as a gift.


I have super exciting news to share with you today!

We’re giving away a seat in B-School
complete with our bonuses!

We love B-School. We love you. We want you to enhance your life and your business through taking B-School.

We know, though, that not everyone is in the financial position to buy B-School this year.

(If you’ve been saying “I can’t afford it” cut that out and replace that with, “I’m choosing not to buy that” Try it out. Most people report that this feels way more spacious and way less victimy.)

We want to offer one sparkly gem in our community the chance to take B-School on us, with our bonuses.

So, we’re running a contest!

What is the contest?

The broad strokes:

Make a video telling us about you and why you want to take B-School through us.

Jump in, get busy and get creative!

We will select the winner of this B-School seat based on creativity, enthusiasm, and promotional effectiveness.

What can you win?

The winner of this contest will receive a seat in B-School 2016 fully paid for by us, as well as receive our 2016 B-School Bonus.

Learn more about B-School and our bonus here.

How to Enter

1. Make a short video (under 2 minutes):

In the video:

– Tell us who you are
– Tell us what you do
– Tell us why you want to take B-School with us specifically and what gets you excited about our bonus offer.

Rap about it, write a haiku, break out in dance, or simply share from your heart – show us your personality and be creative.

What are we looking for?  Your initiative, bravery, great energy, willingness to put yourself out there and communicate clearly about how taking B-School with us will make a difference in your life.

2. Post your video on YouTube and enter the following in the description:

www.katenorthrup.com/bschool Marie Forleo’s online business training for modern entrepreneurs with the support of Kate Northrup and Mike Watts, experts in making a life, not just a living.

3. Post the link to your video in the comments on the blog below.

4. Share your video on social media with the link to our B-School page (www.katenorthrup.com/bschool) and the hashtags  #KateMikeBSchool and #MFBSchool. The more engagement you create on social media the better!

What are we looking for?  “Shares” and “likes” of your video with the hashtags#KateMikeBSchool and #MFBSchool.  Bonus points for big social engagement!

Submission Deadline

All video entries must be posted in the comments on this blog by Friday, February 26th at 11pm EST.

We will announce the B-School Seat Winner on Monday, February 29th.

We can’t WAIT to see your bold and original entries!

And don’t forget, while putting yourself out there can make you feel like you’re going to pee your pants, it’s worth it!

Opportunities can’t find you if you’re hiding. Put yourself out there! {Tweet It}


If you need a refresher on what our amazing bonuses valued at $1,991 are, head over to katenorthrup.com/bschool.

If you’ve already taken B-School, have already enrolled this year, or it’s not for you, please pass this message along to someone you know for whom this opportunity would be a game changer.


Once you’ve made your video, post the link in the comments below!

P.S. Did you miss my free webinar, How To Build Your Business To Feed Your Soul And Fund Your Life: 7 Strategies That WorkI shared how I only worked 3/4 of last year but still grew the business, some stories I’ve never told in public before, and how it’s possible to love what you do, make a great living, and love your life too! You can get the recording here until 3/2.


  • Skye Zaccaro

    Made a decision to have some fun and go for this amazing opportunity! Thank you for your time, Team Northrup! Best wishes to everyone!


    • Michele Marlene York

      Skye, I loved your video and your mission! So much fun! ❤️

      • Skye Zaccaro

        Thank you very much for watching and for your beautiful comment, Michele! That’s so nice and supportive of you to watch everyone’s videos. What a beautiful community this is indeed! I am going to check out your video, too! Wishing you the best for your dreams!

  • Hi Kate, hi Mike ,
    I forgot to say my Name Malika Katharina Raduenz.
    Thank You so much for the opportunity.


  • Oh boy team Northrop here we go! Can I just say I am sweating bullets as I type this but, I have to try. Right? As you can see I am still convincing myself to take a leap of faith and come out of my shell. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, guidance and abundance with this opportunity. Here is a little bit about me. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cDBLQbUu-LQ

    • Michele Marlene York

      Lisa, I just watched your video and was moved by your journey.
      Wasn’t it a crazy experience to put ourselves out there?! I went through so many emotions and then had to do it in one take. Such vulnerability I think we all felt, yet empowering
      Good luck! And if you win I’ll be following your progress. ?
      ~warm regards,

  • Kate & Mike!

    I have been asking for a business coach for the past year. And you have finally arrived!! Last night we were under a tornado warning and I lost power. Fell asleep on my couch dreaming of B-School, was woken up when the lights came back on and the fridge kicked in again. I checked my phone and saw this e-mail. I was so excited, I almost recorded my video last night, but thought a full night’s rest would be best. I love that I’m the third entry. 3 is my number! Let’s do this!


    • Michele Marlene York

      Love the real authentic hair bun & pj’s Leigh! I am making it a point to watch everyone’s video in support of all our journeys; knowing how exciting and vulnerable this process was for each of us.
      Bust of luck! And may we all see each other in B-school together; that is my wish.

  • Fenne Oostewaal

    YES! Amazing!
    Kate, Mike, Marie, team, thank you so much!
    All this helpful inspiration already… and then this:
    Another chance to enter B-school!
    I take my chance..
    Warmly, Fenne


  • Bernadette Hawkes

    https://youtu.be/9QoDWyxGVaM I did it! This is the first video I have ever made! Nervous but excited about the opportunity! Thanks for the push, Kate! You are doing such great work!
    Bernadette Hawkes

  • Karolina Kepka


    Thank you for the oportunity Kate & Mike!

    I know one thing, if I’m going to be a B-school student
    you will have the greatest fun with me!

    Help me bring joy to the world with my future online business.
    Cause internet is all about fun!

    Thank you <3

  • Dear Kate and Mike!!!

    THANK YOU so much for this unbelievable opportunity! You both ROCK and so do your bonuses especially the Money Love for Business Owners, Implement and Finish Formula, and Making a Life and Not Just a Living! That is an amazing “one-two punch” to have your programs and B-School combined! We’re a husband and wife team as well and are truly excited about having another couple guide us on this journey! Thank you, thank you!
    Blessings and Namaste
    Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson


  • Hi Kate & Mike!
    I wasn’t going to do this even though I REALLY wanted to, but then thought about the lottery in New Jersey, where ‘you gotta be in it to win it’ (said in my best NJ accent!). Thanks for this opportunity, and I hope that whoever you choose gets a lot out of it!

  • Tanya

    Argh! Can not believe I have just done this! I have even learnt how to make videos just for this. Thank you!

  • Sharon

    What do I know for sure? This June I will be 70. I am so not done yet…all of my experience has been with my feet planted solidly on the ground…not in cyberspace. I would like to learn.

  • Jan

    awesomely generous gift + opportunity – thank you Kate + Mike! May it all come back to you a million-fold! Here’s my entry…straight up + grateful.


    • Jan

      ps. and I KNOW I was ‘supposed’ to have my email notifications turned OFF to maintain focus during the webinar…but honesty – I don’t know how ;o)!! LOL

  • Bernadette Hawkes

    Hi Kate and Mike! This is my very first video! https://youtu.be/DjuKAkNoP08
    ( I had a technical error prior and uploaded the wrong version, so please excuse that as I am learning!)
    Everyone is doing such an amazing job with their video submissions, a lot of inspiring souls out there! Keep up the good work everyone! And thanks for the opportunity once again.
    I’m so excited about all the work you do, Kate! I am grateful for your openness in sharing your wisdom and inspiring so many.


  • Well… I TRIED to rap!

    Hope you like it! Thanks so much for giving us all this opportunity! :)


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU-nEG_JO1s

    Here it is!! Oh woman, oh woman, this is it, I can feel it. Thank you so much Kate and Mike, for opening a door and giving me the chance to walk through it.

    To be clear, as I might have been a weeee bit distracted by my daughter, I am a yoga therapist, life coach and photographer, with 15 years of experience working with women. My passion is women with endometriosis. A debilitating condition which 1 in 10 women in Europe and North America are suffering from.

    Anyway here it goes, my video, in the Light!


    All the best, and hope to talk soon


    PS. it is amazing to see everyone videos, so inspiring, thank you to everyone and way to go!

  • Regina

    Thanks for the opportunity!!! I had a lot of fun creating this video!!

  • Tanya

    Let’s try that again!
    Hi Kate and Mike
    At least you can say I don’t give up at the first hurdle. After one video that I cut in the wrong place and realised after I had posted it, I bring you the more casual and honest version.

  • Hi Kate & Mike!

    Thank you both so much for such a wonderful opportunity. You continue to be an inspiration to me and I can’t wait to meet you someday!

    With gratitude & respect & excitement & love,


  • Hello Kate & Mike,

    Thank you for this opportunity! Here’s my video showing that I’m not hiding anymore.

    Love & Light


  • Pick me! Pick me! :D
    I So need to learn your money Feng Shui!


  • Lilly Hodder

    Hey Kate and Mike, thank you for the opportunity to even be considered… Honestly what an incredible life changing gift this will be for someone…. Bschool is he game changer and every year it roles around and I think, why does the dollar conversion to Australia have to suck so bad right now ?
    But I call this character building and I believe there is always a way… And boom! Yal sent an email, and gave me the heart pumping feeling like Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket.

    Mike… I need lessons in how to get my videos as good as yours … ☺️☺️??

    May all who enter be blessed someway from this process..

    Lilly xx


  • Here’s my entry for the B-School scholarship! Thank you so much for the opportunity, I hope the contest gets the word out and attracts even more B-School students :) Lots of love to everyone who is trying for the scholarship spot! :) Thank you!


  • My Video on why I want to go to B-School through Kate and Mike



  • Nancy Santana

    Thank you so much for this chance to receive this precious and rewarding opportunity to attend B-School.
    Here is my video. I have to loose my video fear lol
    Thank you Kate & Mike for this chance.
    Sending light & love wrapped with Angel Blessings.

  • Hi guys, Thanks so much for the opportunity to go to B-School! This is my first ever video and although I am way out of my comfort zone and a little nervous, its actually also really exhilarating!! Good luck to everyone xx


  • Asli

    Hi Kate hi Mike,

    Thank you so so much for this incredibly generous opportunity.
    If I ever get the scholarship, I will follow your and Marie’s example and provide scholarships for my future products.

    Have a best day. You rock!!

    Here’s my video, I hope you enjoy it:


  • Hi Kate, hello Mike!

    I would give up eating ice creams for one year just to be in B-School and learn from you about money!

    Here’s my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9yrsWpbafY&feature=youtu.be

    It was definitely one of the weirdest thing I have done in my live, so enjoy :) I hope you’ll like it! And thank you for the opportunity <3


    Lots of love from Poland!

  • Hi Kate, hello Mike!

    B-School and learning how to deal with my money are definitely on my dream list – thank you for this awesome opportunity <3

    Here's my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9yrsWpbafY&feature=youtu.be

    It was one of the weirdest things I've done in my life, so… Enjoy :)

    Lots of love from Poland,
    Karolina Bartoszek
    OH MY! Creative Services

    PS I thought I had written a comment from home, but now I cannot see it, so I put one once again. If in the end both of them will appear – sorry :) Hugs!

  • Timi Sullinger

    Hi Kate & Mike! I am so excited for this opportunity! I just saw this a couple of hours ago and I jumped right into it!
    This is something that takes me outside of my comfort zone because it’s my creation! But here it is and I am ready for success!
    I live in Mexico and like I mentioned in the video I am working basically in a Restaurant, however I also sing in parties and events and I do backup vocals for a few artists,
    I’m also a vocal coach but my dream Is to make it big with my own music. I worked on “Money a love Story” a couple of years ago when I didn’t have a stable job or income and lots of blocks and fears around money! I have come a long way since then and I found a lot of healing through working with your book, that is why this would be so great, to continue to work with you and Mike and have the guidance and to be held accountable!

    Thank you for this opportunity!


  • Gabriela


    This is my very first video ever!
    my husband and I had so much fun. even if its past 1am!
    Im so excited. I hope we did a good job.
    Thank you for this great opportunity.
    Best wishes for everyone who submitted the video. It takes a lot!
    I can’t believe I actually did it.

    Thanks Kate and Mike.

  • Hello Dear Kate & Mike!

    I am really excited about posting my first movie right here :)
    Thank you for this opportunity that made me try!
    I am allready very happy and it just made my day.

    Enjoy watching!

    Have a wonderful day! Greatings from sunny Poland!

    Your Iga

  • I am thrilled!!! Thank you for this opportunity!

    Here’s my video: https://youtu.be/hQEEoRKGaD0

    – I’d love, love, love to see join you in B-School –

  • https://youtu.be/l7vdwE1aOPs

    Thank you for choosing us for the B-School gift! Me & my daughter have so fun doing this video together and OMG, can’t believed she’s so awesome infront of the camera!

    Thank you for your awesome works & love you :)

  • LOL- this is hilarious. And I actually realized how much I don’t know about garage band and iMovie. But it was fun. and I dig my little song;) Thanks! xo


  • Megan Gavey

    Aaahhh here’s my video!

  • Karmin Meckael

    Hey Kate and Mike,

    Thank you tons for this huge opportunity. it surely was a challenge, but gave me the chance to kickstart and use video as a tool. Very greatful :)

    Biggest challenge was the 2 mins. Now next is promoting the link on my social media.

    Here is the link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p5lvKxB8BjY

    Sending lots of love.

    And can’t wait for the results.

    p.s all the best and well done to the rest of the participants too, your videos inspired me.

    Love from London,

  • Karmin Meckael

    Thank you tons Mike and Kate for this huge opportunity.
    It was a challenge indeed, but much appreciated.

    here is the link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p5lvKxB8BjY

    Looking forward for the result day.
    now next I’ll be sharing the video in all the social media plattforms :)

    All the best to all participants, you’re videos inspired me. Thanks


  • Dear Kate – B-School changed you life. I feel like right now it could me my turn! Mike – of course Im dying to work with you also, but you know – womenhood and girl power first! Love you both – hoping to get your bonuses and the access to the school.

    Here is my application: https://youtu.be/PzQiU_tWPYg

  • Barbara Cummings

    I am so excited for this opportunity! Best of luck to everyone out there. Fingers crossed!!

    Here it is – https://youtu.be/pmct8_3qr6I

    You are the best!

  • Hi Kate and Mike, thank you for creating this opportunity to win BSchool! I am so excited and grateful. All the best to you and thank you for your time and service!! <3


  • Dear Kate & Mike,

    Here’s my video entry. Thank you so so much for offering this amazing gift. My sister forwarded the competition email in the mail to me yesterday and I said by hook or by crook I’m gonna make this damn video!!


    Hope you like it.

    Love & Hugs


  • Hi Kate and Mike!

    Becoming a multi passionate entrepreneur has been a long time dream of mine! My soul is screaming for me to join B-School so I am ever grateful for this opportunity :) thank you for your consideration and good luck to everyone!


  • Hi Mike and Kate!
    Thank you for this opportunity. I have never done a video before and creating videos for the work I do is on the grand list. ;-) . It is pretty simple and raw and not much bling to it. I am grateful to get back to life in a more empowered authentic way and living a heart centered Soul-Infused life. Which is what I want to help others do as well. I wanted to clarify that on a personal level that I meant no offense by saying the reflection at Qoya was hard… I was in a really tender place and feeling internal. And sooo much healing and change has occurred since then. I am fully ready and excited for this next chapter in my life, and so very grateful for the depth of transformation that has occurred this last year.
    I have so many clients and students who are waiting for me to get back to it and offer courses and I know Bschool and working with y’all would be the best fit to the how to’s of having that manifest in an authentic and heart felt way.
    Blessings and gratitude,

    Ps-my website is under going major changes so it is not up yet…clean slate, new year, new beginnings.


  • Hi Kate & Mike! Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity. It’s perfect timing and I’m ready! :) Here’s the link to my video. Good luck to everyone!



    • Gabriela

      Hi Lauren,

      I just subscribed to your channel!
      I love your personality and your style.
      When I was growing up my dream was to have a bakery.
      As an adult learning about nutrition, I thought about healthy desserts and then learned about vegan desserts and wow. I wish there were a lot of healthy bakeries . At least one per town.
      I dont follow a Vegan diet. But I would love to learn from you.

      Hope we can make it to b-school together.


  • Hi Kate & Mike,
    What a wonderful opportunity to get to work along side of you! You both bring humor, real-life experiences and knowledge to starting and running a business. Thanks again for the opportunity to Make a Life, Not just a Living!

  • This is so much fun and abondance. Thanks Kate and Mike and all B-Schooler I wish you all beautiful creations.

  • Hi Kate & Mike,

    What a wonderful opportunity to get to work along side of you & Mike! I am so excited and grateful.

    Thanks again for this opportunity!



    P.S. Apologies for the poor video quality, my computer is on it’s last legs, so the sound and the image are a bit off at times, but it gets the point across- I think. Wish I could have done a better job, but this was the best I could produce in a day’s time, lol : ) xo

  • Hi Kate and Mike
    Can’t believe I’m putting myself out there (or here actually)
    I really feld called by you to do this (chapeau)and it’s beautiful to see how many gifts are offered here,happy to join and be a part of this community already,thank you and good luck to all!

  • Thank you for pushing me outside of my comfort zone a bit with this video challenge. Adding video to my playbook is one of my big goals for 2016. I’m not going for polished and perfect – I’m going for ME in all of my messy imperfection!

    So here’s a little glimpse into me and my connection to you and another B-Schooler, Danielle LaPorte (she’s only about an hour from where I live).

    Thank you for bringing incredible value to my life. My days are richer in many ways because of your insights.


  • Hi :)

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity! Here’s my application and I hope you enjoy it.


  • Thank you Kate and Mike for sharing your passion of B-School. It’s people like you that are changing the world by showing all of us how to live our dream and be successful too. Cheers to ya’ll!!!

  • Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFzlwmJ9vCc

    Thank you both so much for this wonderful opportunity! Good luck and blessings to all the participants. Off to more social media…

    Peace, love, and yumminess,


  • Hi Kate & Mike,

    I`m so excited and have been for the last few days. It took me a while to produce my video and I had sooo much fun doing it.
    So thank you two so much for this opportunity to get so creative.
    Can`t wait to start my business, hopefully with you :)

  • Jodi-Renee Giron


    This was a fun and engaging way to jump in! Excited for what’s coming next!

  • Hi Kate, hi Mike, how are you? Here’s the link to my video:


    I was really thrilled to have had another chance, thank you very very much!
    In the video, I haven’t said how great I think your bonuses are, especially the Implement and Finish formula, crucial to put out there what learned in the programme.Great!
    Keep up the amazing work you guys are doing!!!

  • Here it is: https://youtu.be/Z1fFoQ9wp30

    Thank you so much for this opportunity, Kate and Mike! My video isn’t fancy; it simply speaks my truth, because that’s the best way to reflect who I am. I have seen my life transform in so many ways the past five years–through tragedy, stubborn hope, wisdom gained through adversity, the ability to see beauty no matter the circumstance, the deep strength that comes from the soul when one allows it to speak, the triumph of the spirit no matter what. I need to move to the next level now and go through another transformation. B School and you are exactly what I need to help me get there. Thank you as well for giving people like me a way to turn things around and step out in our full glory to share the gifts we’ve been given. I will cross my fingers, but I will also be grateful no matter the outcome, because just making this video helped crystallize so many things in a profound and positive way for me.

  • Omgosh, I finally figured it out and my computer and YouTube cooperated!! Whew! 1:59 – just under 2 minutes. I’m so glad I’m from the North where we talk fast. lol ;)

    Here’s the link to my very first YouTube video. Please be kind. lol


    Kate and Mike, Thank you for giving all of us this opportunity for this gift. Regardless of who wins, I think we’ve stretched ourselves to apply for it. Well done and good luck to everyone! :D

    Love and light, Lisa

  • Hellow, I believe in magic and if you’re watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn4s1G6ap_I&feature=youtu.be
    and smiled a little bit my mission is completed (it s my free gift for You ;) I’m passionated about shapening your “good mood”.
    Let it be wonderful day :)
    Don’t forget that this two guys counting on You ;)

  • Hellow, I believe in magic and if you’re watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn4s1G6ap_I&feature=youtu.be
    and smiled a little bit my mission is completed (it s my free gift for You ;) I’m passionated about shapening your “good mood”.
    Let it be wonderful day :)
    Don’t forget that this two guys counting on You ;)

  • Dear Kate and Mike!

    Thank You so much for opportunity of being here. I post You my video below:

    Big hugs,

  • Thank you for this opportunity of creating something great in this world. More love for families, mothers and children.

    I would be very glad if you would help me in my mission.

    This is 8th version of my video

    Sending you love an joy

  • Hey there Kate & Mike,
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity to expand our business.


  • Michele Marlene York

    Here I go! Posting between contractions. ❤️

    Warm regards to those that are participating in this competition.
    ~ Michele

    • Michele Marlene York

      Yikes! I posted twice; obviously I am new to this & sleep deprived w/you foot in midwifery (a mum is resting w/her man between contractions) & another foot in my future (posting this video unedited & which I thought was just under 2 min., ~ it’s here under 3. Sorry! I had to do it all in one try.
      ❤️ ~ Michele

  • Patti Hanson

    Hi Kate & Mike,

    Here is the video link: https://youtu.be/5-vYgro5Ejc

    Thank you so much for helping me take action and go way beyond my comfort zone. I love all the energy and passion you bring to what you do, it helps to inspire me to push myself more.

    Blessing and have a wonderful day!!!!

  • Kate & Mike
    Is like a miracle, that you build engagement of so many people around the world based on one wish – joining B-School and learning about business and money.
    Is there anyone who does not have the same dream?
    How could I miss a boat, my chance to change fairy tale into the real story even though the competition is so high?

    Good luck to everyone!


  • Joanna

    OMG!!! It’s totally make me feel like I’m going to pee my pants! :D
    Ok! Here’s my video!
    It turned out I cannot make videos, especially short ones ;) and I cannot speak English so good in front of the camera! :)
    But I am sooo happy for the great opportunity from you Kate and Mike! And even more happy to see all the brave, crazy, great people out here – you are the best!!! <3
    Love you all!

  • Michele Marlene York

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!.
    I have never done anything like this ~ever!

    Much love & warmth to all that are participating!

  • Deva

    Hi Kate & Mike,

    This is TRULY the HARDEST thing I have ever had to do (EVER)! And I had to do it in such an amateur way (hurting my perfectionistic side so badly right now). This is my first video ever. My deepest fear is being seen BUT I know in order to create the LIFE I want to live I need to come out. This is my step, no, my MEGA leap forward. I am going to crack open some champagne tonight!! THANK YOU KATE & MIKE & MARIE….your courage to be seen in this world, has trickled down to help me, push me, to take that freakin damn step!!! Much gratitude, This is huge for me! Scholarship or not!!! WOW!!! Thank you!

  • Kathleen Iselin

    Hi Kate and Mike!

    Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity to enter the scholarship contest! Here’s the link to my video:

    If for any reason the link doesn’t work…..the video is posted under my name on YouTube, and also on my Facebook page.

    Best wishes to all! ~ Kathleen

    • Kathleen Iselin

      Hello there everyone!

      My goodness….. this video contest opportunity has been such a vitalizing experience in so many delightful and unexpected ways…..it has been such a vital catalyst to deepening into the birthing process, the becoming process….oh yeah! (Can anyone else relate to that? :))…..I’ve certainly had great fun with it…and my sense of humor has had plenty of opportunity to lift me as I notice things like…Oh, I don’t know how to use hashtags, or instagram, etc., and Oh, hmmm, where do I list the hashtags on YouTube??? And, oops, how have I somehow locked myself out of my YouTube channel, and how do I access it again? Somehow, my YouTube access has reverted to an old channel (Noni Blue) that I created some time ago…..but can I find the one I posted the video on…..well, no…not yet anyway! (hahahaha)…..Oh well, Edison failed, as did Abe Lincoln, as did everyone…..thousands of times, before he came up with the light bulb….So guys…..I am so looking forward to learning about all of this stuff!

      There also seems to be a bit of confusion for folks, on where (or even how) to “like” the video on YouTube…..and certainly, on my part, I’m mildly (to put it mildly) stymied by how does one get “likes” on YouTube? Plenty to learn here, eh? :)

      Love, ~ Kathleen

  • Hi Kate & Mike,

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! You guys are generous beyond belief and I’m so excited to get to work with you. I KNOW B-School right now is the right timing for my business & I’m ready to take it on. Can’t wait to be a part of your team! Here’s to putting it out there!!! https://youtu.be/mTy6AN9lqOo

    Michelle Miller

  • Sachi Smith

    Hi Kate, Mike, little P and Like minded people. Anyone who knows me will tell you I go to great lengths to not be videoed or photographed So, after viewing this invitation at 11:00 this morning, I took a HUGE leap of faith. HUUUUUGE! I need B-school to bring me up to speed on social media! You can teach this old dog new tricks. Only wish I knew how to post this to different social media to turn my video into a social media phenom and have it go viral. Regardless, thank you for this opportunity. Hopefully through B-school my content will be viewed as much as as my favorite youtube /vine video where the little boys shows gratiude for a little things and says, “A avocado! Thanks!(Look it up) I too am so very grateful. Thanks!

  • A chance to win B-School and be supported along the way by both of you. That would be a dream come true. Thank you for this awesome opportunity :)

    And…Kate and Mike – I can feel both of you have a passion for B-School and I really want to be part of that journey.

    Enjoy my video:



  • Regina

    Just wanted to be sure that my video gets posted. So here it goes again!!!

  • Nanci Adair


    Thank you Kate & Mike for the amazing opportunity, I have had a blast making the video and hope you enjoy the final product as much as I do. I am very excited to get my business started with you!

    • Hi Kate and Mike:
      I submitted my video here on your blog without realizing that my son also placed it here after he uploaded the video to Utube for me. You see this is why I need help and B-school to gain mastery over the many facets of online promotion and marketing and to build my business to a level of success where I can effortlessly high trustworthy people to do what I am not great at so I can share the wealth and do more of what I love. I really hope I win. There are some incredibly talented and soulful contest entries. Good luck in making this decision. Blessings, Nanci

  • Hi Kate & Mike!

    Life has been new and exciting as we get to know the newest member of our family, just three weeks old.. I haven’t checked email a lot lately, but there was something that had me checking yours. I felt immediately jazzed to run outside and create a video.

    Thank you for this opportunity to win a chance to attend B-School and to be apart of your team.

    After 2 weeks of having my husband home on paternity leave with me and out three children, I am ready to go from “stay at home mom” to “travel the world family”. I truly believe that working with you can help us clear our money blocks, and B-School can give us the tools to create a successful business with the flexibility to explore the world.

    Video Application: https://youtu.be/t_7Ht3hfaYs

    Hope to See You On The Road,

    • Kate O'Riordan

      Hi Kate and Mike

      I am so excited about the potential chance of winning your gift of BSchool that I want to do a woooohhoooooo dance. At the same time, I am quietly sweating it.

      Today I was trying to check the link I made to this Blog yesterday along with my YouTube video but I didn’t find the reassurance I was looking for.

      On the desktop computer from which I made the comments, I see in a faint font ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’. I have no idea what this means but I dearly hope all is well…. !!???? When, I access your blog from another of my devices (right now for example, I am writing on my iPad) I don’t see my previous posts at all … eeekkkkkk!!!!!!!

      I have cut and pasted below, the 2 posts I have made to your blog – one yesterday and one today. These are the first times I have ever commented on a blog post and I have no idea what the standard messages are . That said, I suspect ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’ hints of trouble … !!!!!!!

      I have sent you and email regarding this too. I hope you can see that I did submit the enty before cut off time (it was 4.30am my time. I’d had a truly hectic day but I was determined to get it in.)

      Sorry for any extra work tracking down my entry. I have so much to learn but to be honest, I feel a great sense of energy and a zest to give my best to life, just from going through this competition process. So thank you already.

      Best wishes dear Kate and Mike,

      Kate O’Riordan

      Kate O’Riordan says:
      February 26, 2016 at 10:31 pm
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Yay I did it! My first steps into the world of social media. What next, I will have to get rid of 80s legwarmers and packaway my walkman? … change is clearly in the wind for me!!!!!
      Thanks Kate and Mike for this brilliant opportunity and for all the work you do. Best wishes to all entrants and a great weekend for everyone.
      Cheers, Kate

      Kate O’Riordan says:
      February 27, 2016 at 8:46 am
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Hey Kate and Mike
      Just Checking my entry from yesterday and see that mine has a note saying that my comment is’awaiting moderation’… I’ve no idea what this means but I hope all is OK. I put my heart, soul (and nerve!) into the project so my trust is with the Universe now!!!!
      Also, I have been madly, sharing my YouTube video as both myself (a newcomer to Facebook as of yesterday, and also through our business ‘Small Fry’ page here in Italy. I am clueless as to know how you analyse internet traffic (maybe I will learn it in BSchool??) … but I hope I haven’t caused too much confusion. OHHHHHhhh I have so much to learn and I am dead excited about it all!!!!!!
      Have a superb weekend and thanks again for this brilliant opportunity.
      Best wishes, Kate
      ps here’s the link again to the YouTube video I published yesterday. Cheers, Kate
      http://www.katenorthrup.com/bschool: Kate O’Riordan


      http://www.katenorthrup.com/bschool: Kate O’Riordan
      View on youtu.be
      Preview by Yahoo


    –Get in jammies (disregard if past 5PM).
    –Watch one (or three) episode(s) of Fixer Upper.
    –Snuggle up and watch this growing collection of videos.
    –Rest well knowing that whomever you choose will be THRILLED.

    Isn’t it exciting how many people are ready to make positive changes in the world? It tickles me so.


    (your sensitivities = your superpowers!)

  • What would it take for me to go to B School with all the Kate and Mike bonuses? Woot!
    Here’s my video! https://youtu.be/6mmq4YViZBE

    You guys are so generous – above and beyond as usual.
    Thank you!

  • Hi Kate and Mike,

    While it’s kinda scary it was super empowering to make this video.

    This would be a huge help for me right now, both financially and logistically.
    I feel that just putting it here is a win for me. I feel like i have been asleep recently and your videos this week woke me up in a wonderful way.

    I am super grateful !


    here is my etsy shop :
    & website :

  • Alexis

    Hi Kate and Mike,
    I am so excited to try for this. I have been wanting to get into an online business for years and have been praying to find a way to pay for B-school. Check out my video to see how excited I really am YeAAAAAAA!!!!

  • Hi Kate and Mike,

    Many thanks for this opportunity and best of luck to everyone! You guys rock.

    Video application: https://youtu.be/6m8CmpGRUFU


  • I’m so grateful for this opportunity. You Kate and Mike and your bonus are fantabulous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l29EGXBumwM&feature=youtu.be

  • True Bey

    Here’s goes stepping outside your comfort zone. Shot video on my lunch break unscripted but authentically communicated from the heart:


  • Hi Kate & Mike,

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I want to launch my business ginger rocket! I read Kate”S AMAZING book Money A Love Story and it changed my life. If your programs are as awesome as your book I will be launching this ginger rocket to the galaxy!


  • Mary Patton

    Greetings Kate and Mike!

    Deep gratitude for this opportunity to receive clarity through B-School and your fantastic bonuses. I’ve never made a video before but I give you: Mary’s Application! https://youtu.be/TaytZZsOtgw

    Sending you both and Miss Penelope Light and Love,

  • Thank you Kate & Mike for this amazing opportunity! I am super excited about taking my business to the next level with you!! https://youtu.be/stiY1Am2-pM

    Extra shout out to my dear friend Kate Tremills who connected me to you and the fabulous #moneylovechallenge



  • Lindsay & Trevor Clark

    Mike, Kate and Little P!


    Me and my man are so charged up over what you do here and can’t wait to spread more B-School news across instagram and facebook along with our video! Clark H&P, our farm, organic skincare, and alternative healthcare business, needs to to be spread far and wide to others. And be more profitable! I’m a bit of an artist and love working in direct sales, like you…but NEED more business and marketing sass!

    Thank you for your energy and generosity!


  • Hi Kate and Mike,
    here I am!, I’m Alicja Plachowna from Poland and I’m super excited about making this film:

    and I’m really dreaming about this seat in B-school. I’m sending you loads of love and warm hugs from snowy PL :)

  • Linda Lamers


    Yay! It’s up! After some challenges uploading to youtube (that darn google+ apparently), it’s up!

    Good luck to everyone. Kate, Mike and team, have fun deciding. I’m sure it won’t be easy :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

  • Thank you so much, Kate and Mike, for this beautiful opportunity. Making this video challenged me to think more concisely about what I want to do and why— I really appreciate it :)

    love & light,

    video is uploading and will be live by 10:55 EST

  • Hi Kate & Mike,

    LOVE your B-School Bonuses and this GREAT opportunity you are offering. Kate, we met many moons ago when you had taken my dancer’s body conditioning class at Equinox Greenwich Village and since then I have been following your journey. Nine months ago my husband got a new job in PA and I had to sadly say good bye to all my students in NYC. But being close to family, with two little ones of our own, was the best decision and now I get to fulfill a dream I have had of starting a You Tube Channel and launching a website. My creative mind is EXPLODING and I am so excited about all the possibilities ahead. I would LOVE to have your nurturing yet honest approach to business guide me through these next stages of life, for both me and my family.



  • Kate O'Riordan


    Yay I did it! My first steps into the world of social media. What next, I will have to get rid of 80s legwarmers and packaway my walkman? … change is clearly in the wind for me!!!!!

    Thanks Kate and Mike for this brilliant opportunity and for all the work you do. Best wishes to all entrants and a great weekend for everyone.

    Cheers, Kate

  • Finally – literally 57 takes later! Here’s my video: https://youtu.be/4VuLMicjX34 So grateful for the opportunity <3

  • Melissa Moore

    Hi Kate & Mike!

    Thank you for creating this incredible opportunity. My fingers and toes are crossed.

    Good luck to all!

    Huge love,
    Melissa Moore

  • Kimberly

    My submission for the scholarship… So exciting!!!



  • Hey Ya’ll last minute and hope youtube doesn’t mess with my upload. I love you guys and hope to give you both a big hug in personal for already changing my life in so many ways from your content you offer already and the Money Love Course that was A-Maze-ZING!!

    Here is my submission link from youtube!


    Love and maybe little P can vote for her favorite video!!!

  • Mandy Jessop

    Here is my view application! Thank you so much Kate for this opportunity =)


  • Hi Kate and Mike,
    Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!
    Lots of Love,


  • So excited and nervous! Thank you for this opportunity. I’m here and I’m ready to rock it. <3 I am ready and committed to being a marketing consultant and virtual assistant who can fill the marketing gaps in small businesses. A lot of people are not great at composing content or organizing a social media calendar. They don’t love writing newsletters, but they love taking care of their clients. (And I love all that other stuff). I want to help small businesses do the business they set out to do and be able to do it profitably because someone is there to supplement the marketing work that they procrastinate or simply cannot do alone.


  • Katy

    I almost let being sick make this opportunity psd me by. No way!!!
    This is my first video and I’m trying to edit the description. Please forgive me that I didn’t get this right.
    I’m so excited and can’t wait to see who pick! http://youtu.be/GaIwwPoZRiI

  • Hi Kate and Mike!

    Yikes…nothing like sliding in at the last minute. ;o) Here’s the link to my video:

    Thank you for giving all us a chance at this great opportunity. I wish both of you and everyone else the best in all that you do!

  • Kate & Mike –

    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.

    Thank you for living your dharma so that we can all rise up to our highest and best by your example. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for your commitment to your community. Thank you for this opportunity.


    Nadia Hopkins

  • Theresa


    Just made it!!! Phew!!! Thank you guys for the incredible opportunity!!!

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for the opportunity Kate and Mike!! I know no matter what I was meant to get myself out there and make this video! ❤️❤️

  • Natalie Gold

    Here it goes! Couldn’t have done this without the help of my family. Grateful for this opportunity – it was so much fun! Good luck and best wishes to everyone – may we all get a chance to play with Marie at B School! Thanks for this Kate and Mike – I adore how your authenticity shines through in all you do! xo


  • Lora Bonner

    I am so proud of myself on so many levels for making this video. Thank you so much for this opportunity and bringing me another huge growth moment! I really appreciate all that you bring to the world and the inspiration and encouragement you have given me.


    I really hope this submission will still be accepted even though I am a few minutes late as I was having trouble with YouTube uploading my video.

    • Gabriela

      Wow how creative! I loved your video. so fun to watch.
      Very inspirational as well.
      I really loved it.

      I hope we can go to bschool together, learn and grow together..

      Best wishes,


  • Nikki

    Thank you soooo much for this opportunity. I love the fact that you and Mike are willing to put so much of your time and energy into this beautiful community. I offer both of you a deep bow of love, gratitude and respect!!

    Thank You,


    • Gabriela

      SO inspirational! You are very brave and humble.
      Awsome job in filming in the bathroom at your job. ! :)
      You are unique, strong and determined.

      Hope you go to bschool together.


  • Jeni

    Thanks for the opportunity Kate and Mike. Never done a video before, it was a challenge putting myself out there! Enjoyed your webinar. Thanks for the information.
    Jeni from Melbourne Australia

  • Stacey Robinson

    Thanks so much again for a 2nd chance to win B-school. A friend of mine just sent me the email yesterday and I had to work all day and rushed home to do the video..Good luck to us all..
    Peace n Love



  • Mandy Sitko

    Hi, Kate & Mike!

    I’m posting past your deadline but this was too good not to try. I can’t think of a better dream team than the two of you paired with Marie.

    As a single mom by choice…I was asked to adopt each of my children as babies. My family jokes that I hold out my arms & babies drop from heaven!…I am able to stay at home & homeschool my children. An awesome program called lifesharing…we live with & care for a lady with Down Syndrome. She’s now part of our family & we are part of hers….and residual income from an MLM allows me to do this. Our budget is tight & Id love to shoo away my money blocks. I’m constantly encouraged to write and start a blog about our lifestyle. All of the members of my little family have overcome some amazing challenges together. We homeschool using Waldorf education as our inspiration. I dream of obtaining the skills to share with others how they can live the life of their dreams free of the constraints of a typical job. The best part is that all of my dreams come true & this one will too. If it’s not this way, a better way will pop up soon.

    Thank you so much for being you. You inspire me and many others, I’m certain.



    • wow what an awesome story :) Life sharing. Love it. Where are you located? I’d love to see more people doing that here. Maybe it would become common if you shared it with the world :) good luck!

  • Mandy Sitko

    Here’s my video link. http://youtu.be/TbTSFGfgqGU


  • Kate O'Riordan

    Hey Kate and Mike

    Just Checking my entry from yesterday and see that mine has a note saying that my comment is’awaiting moderation’… I’ve no idea what this means but I hope all is OK. I put my heart, soul (and nerve!) into the project so my trust is with the Universe now!!!!

    Also, I have been madly, sharing my YouTube video as both myself (a newcomer to Facebook as of yesterday, and also through our business ‘Small Fry’ page here in Italy. I am clueless as to know how you analyse internet traffic (maybe I will learn it in BSchool??) … but I hope I haven’t caused too much confusion. OHHHHHhhh I have so much to learn and I am dead excited about it all!!!!!!

    Have a superb weekend and thanks again for this brilliant opportunity.

    Best wishes, Kate

    ps here’s the link again to the YouTube video I published yesterday. Cheers, Kate

  • Kate O'Riordan

    … OK … now that I posted from a different device, my eariler two messages have come to life!!!! Weird but wonderful I hope !!!!!!!

    Best wishes and lots of love,


  • Hi Kate,

    Re posting my video. For some reason when I posted it last night it said awaiting moderation, bu I took a screen shot just to confirm I got it in before the deadline but I don’t see it.

    Thanks so much,I am s grateful for the opportunity.

    Lots of Love,


  • Hey Kate and Mike,

    In my “in progress” new website for my yoga therapy and PPD services, which I put in my original posting, I talk about being a photographer. If you are interested in this part of my world, then here it the link to mumsa.ca a communications business which my husband Jean-Michel and I have together.

    This is how I have been able to make a living so far, the photography, and I so love the combination of photography, yoga and coaching. What I have learned as a business owner during the past 15 years, I feel will help me so much embarking on this next journey hopefully together with you guys, and if not then together with what ever the universe has in stall for me. (Your book Money a love story) will always be with me :-)

    Having both of your support though, would be absolutely amazing!

    Thank you and have a good weekend looking through videos!
    What an incredible group of people.

    Love from Montreal.


    I noticed this programme on friday afternoon. I was already thinking about B School and when I had read about your bonuses, I literally jumped.

    My English is enough to learn, watch videos and comunicate so I made fast decision that I would try. It was a spontaneous decision, I had to record my clip like 8 times as I initially made a lot of mistakes. But when you want to build something special, you need a courage to make errors and be ludicrous.

    The main reason, though, was that over the last month I had been wondering how to turn my <> into a successful “evergreen” offering.

    The engagement I triggered surpassed my expectactions by far, many people who know my work responded with enthusiasm to my kind request to share and support my submission.

    If only it was the only criteria you look at… ;)

    But there’s more to that, honestly. My mission. I really do want to help all those parents in Poland. I want to build online programmes based on Positive Discipline and I know they will be successful. I just need the proper formula.

    I know every person that apllied has her own important reason. But I just know that choosing my application will translate to thousands of parents who would stop yelling at their children and would feel more LOVE to their kids and to one another (and to themselves). It just works that way.

  • Natalie

    Congrats to B School contest winner Mary Patton! Many thanks to Kate & Mike for their generosity, time & energy that was put into looking at all those videos! It felt good to stretch. xo

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