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Quitting: How to know if it’s time and how to let go when you do – Glimpse TV w/ Tanya Geisler

wds_voodooNearly a year ago I interviewed the beautiful, talented, and hysterically funny Tanya Geisler at the World Domination Summit (WDS).

(That’s us tasting ridiculous doughnuts — Tanya’s the one in pink.)

This interview is quite unlike any other Glimpse TV episode because:

  • we had several celebrity sightings while we were shooting
  • I forgot my equipment so we had to get creative (Tanya was a rock star guest and totally adapted!)
  • we were lying down for half of the interview

In true Glimpse TV fashion, you are getting a raw, uncut, authentic conversation between this brilliant coach, and yours truly.

Plus, you’ll get a peek at the totally awkward first version of the interview we did if you watch through to the end. There was still some really good content in there for you, so I had to keep it in.

Tanya not only offers up tremendous amounts of compassion and soul, she’s also highly practical. I love that about her.

Here’s what you’re going to get in this episode of Glimpse TV:

  • how to know when to quit (the job, the relationship, the project)
  • the 2 critical things you have to do in order to be able to move on with grace
  • how to get rid of stuff (physical or energetic) using a super-simple, easy 4-step system
  • a behind-the-scenes look at Tanya’s program, Board of Your Life, which will guide you in stepping into the starring role in your own life
  • the dark side of not expressing your creativity
  • . . . and way more goodness!

Click on the video below to tune in to the episode!

Simple can be genius. ~@tanyageisler (Tweet it!)

Got any tips for overcoming FOMO (watch the video to find out what this is)? How do YOU know when it’s time to quit and how do you move on with grace? Leave a comment below and share with us. Tanya and I would love to hear what you’ve got!

Connect with Tanya:


Click here to watch Tanya’s TEDx talk on Owning Our Authority – it’s brilliant!

Click here to find out about her next casting call for her program, Step Into Your Starring Role.

Click here to learn more about Board of Your Life.

Plus . . . I promised I’d include a link to the Communicatrix’s famous video, The Boulder. This makes me pee my pants laughing every time (kind of like hanging out with Tanya).

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysh7ZxWew-M





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