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Hold out.


Hold out

…for the one you’ve been waiting for.

…for the guy who treats you like the gold that you are.

…for the idea that visits you in your dreams and you can’t wait to get cracking on every day.

…for the house that feels like it was built for you.

…for the friends who feel like sisters.

…for the solution that’s even better than anything you could have dreamed up.

You don’t have to settle.

You are not only worthy of what you want, you can have it. {Tweet It!}

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Here’s the rub: you have to stop settling for crumbs in order to get the whole cake.

Letting the sub-par take up valuable real estate in your life edges out the good stuff that’s waiting for you.

You gotta let go of what’s not working in order to get what you want.

But there’s this uncomfortable pause between when you let go of what’s not working and when your highest good shows up.

And sometimes that uncomfortable pause is more like 10-15 years (or more) than a few days.

And yet still, hold out.

It’s not that you won’t live your life in the meantime. It’s not that time stands still until you get what you’ve been longing for.

No. You’ll live, full out, in fact. You’ll have the time of your life.

Holding out doesn’t mean standing still, and it doesn’t mean holding back.

It doesn’t mean waiting inside your house, twiddling your thumbs, expecting your desires to land on your doorstep without your getting out there and calling them in.

Instead, it means knowing what you want and knowing that you deserve it.

It means having a hell of a lot of fun whilst not settling.

It means kissing frogs and signing up for stuff that really wasn’t that great in the end.

It means bumbling around figuring out what it is that you even want through trying out a lot of things that you don’t.

Yet, all the while, you know that yours is coming.

The wait will always be worth it.

So hold out.



What are you holding out for? Tell me about it in the comments!

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