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The 6 specific ways I make money and the beauty of multiple streams of income.

I’m writing this to you from the Equator aboard the largest cruise ship in the world.

Mike and I aren’t really cruise people, but we won this all expenses paid trip for being one of the top growers last year with our product partner, USANA Health Sciences and we’re having a ball!

(The other day I took a Chicago dance class in a venue called Dazzlers on board where we learned choreography to All That Jazz. Seriously – so fun!)

We’re not only not paying for this amazing vacation, we’re still making money this week even though we’re not working (aside from me writing to you.)

And no, it’s not because we have so many weeks of paid vacation per year. It’s because we’ve been smart about where we’ve put our energy. We’ve learned to invest our time in streams of income that pay us over and over again for work we’ve done once.

I’m not telling you this to brag. I’m telling you this because I want to make sure you know it’s possible.

Mike and I live a lifestyle of freedom because we’ve created multiple streams of income that pay us whether we’re working or not. And I want you to know exactly how we do it so that you can do it too.

When both of us got started in business (me at the age of 18 and Mike at 21) neither of us knew anything about residual income or creating multiple streams of income. We had to study it and put it into practice.

Today’s episode of Financial Freedom Friday is the second to last in the series and it’s a good one. (Not that they all aren’t good – but this one is particularly practical.)

In the video below you’ll hear me share:

  • the 6 specific ways that Mike and I make money and how we got started
  • a simple strategy for choosing which stream of income to start building first
  • how to know when it’s time to start a new stream of income
  • the top mistake people make when they start setting up their income streams
  • my biggest downfall when it comes to building my business that I’m still working on
  • and more!

Click the video below to get the goods:

Focus prevents overwhelm. ~@katenorthrup (Tweet it!)

Over to you:

Is the concept of creating multiple streams of income new to you? Is this something you already have set up? Which ones have you chosen and why?

I always learn from you so please leave a comment!



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