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What is seduction? The new law of attraction with Burlesque Star Kitty Cavalier (Glimpse TV)

If you are human, there’s probably been at least one time in your life when you found something about yourself unloveable.

Maybe you’ve found your belly to be too jiggly. Maybe you snort when you laugh. Maybe you’re dyslexic or have a terrible sense of direction. Maybe you spend money impulsively and wish you didn’t.

I invited burlesque star and seduction expert Kitty Cavalier on Glimpse TV to teach us what she knows about learning how to love the parts of ourselves that we think are unloveable.

What does a burlesque star and the headmistress at Kitty Cavalier’s School of Charm and Cheek know about loving yourself no matter what?

Well, as we dove deeper into one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever done, it became clear that she knows quite a lot.

Kitty used to be a shy girl, watching episodes of Real Sex on HBO and wishing she had the cojones to live full out like the people on the show. She was a corporate trainer who owned way too many pairs of sensible black pants. She struggled with eating disorders, hating her body, and feeling as though she wasn’t fully living.

Now she teaches women the art of seduction as a spiritual practice full time.

Kitty’s story will teach you how to:

  • love yourself no matter what, full out, just for the f*ck of it
  • learn to spend money in ways that are in alignment with your truest self instead of in accordance with fleeting impulses
  • attract your heart’s true desire through learning what true seduction is (and what it’s not)
  • decipher what living an authentic life actually means and how to do it
  • turn your flaws into your greatest assets of attraction
  • and much more deliciousness!

Watch the episode below and prepare to be absolutely charmed by the beautiful and insightful Kitty Cavalier. Then, visit her site to learn more. She has an online course starting July 1st called Your Seductress – Unveiled that I highly recommend checking out.

Whatever your flaws are, flaunt them. ~@joweldon via @kittycavalier (Tweet it!)

Learn more about Kitty here: www.kittycavalier.com

What tips and tricks do you have for loving up the parts of yourself that you’ve found unloveable in the past? Share what you’ve got with us in the comments below!




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