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Glimpse TV gets naked for it’s birthday: Bindu Wiles Anniversary Episode

One year ago today I had the pleasure of interviewing Bindu Wiles for the very first episode of Glimpse TV. We had a giggly, sparkly time up on my roof in NYC with the gorgeous Dyana Valentine as our camera woman. (Watch Dyana’s Glimpse TV episode here and my second episode with Bindu here.)

Exactly one year later a lot has happened for both Bindu and me. Neither of us are living in NYC anymore. Both of us are coming out the closet in different ways. Both of us are reinventing.

I was thrilled to be with Bindu again at the World Domination Summit put on by Chris Guillebeau in Portland, OR a week and a half ago. It was the perfect opportunity to hang out at the Portland Art Museum and get some updates on Bindu’s new look, how she had her basic goodness reflected back to her in group therapy, and some exciting projects that she’s cooking up that you won’t want to miss. (One of them has to do with something I’m completely obsessed with and can’t get enough of.)

Tune in to learn about Bindu’s inner secret thing that she’s now doing in public, to see the most interesting Glimpse TV background setting yet, to find out the subject of my number one stress dream, and to have a giggle with us, because, quite frankly, that’s what we do best.

(I decided to give you the uncut version as I think it’s far more entertaining.)

Enjoy and leave a comment!

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