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Slow Sex: Glimpse TV with Nicole Daedone

I first met Nicole Daedone, founder of One Taste and author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm on the phone. Somehow I got offered a free coaching session with her and we spoke the Monday before I left New York City on The Freedom Tour. Within moments she had me feeling safe enough to tell her what was really going on and in and out of puddles of tears, she helped me craft the most beautiful intention for my first leg of my journey. Nicole’s ability to hear what is really going on even if you’re saying something else is profound. She’s glamorous, nurturing, quick-witted, and hilarious. And she’s laser focused on making women happy in order to make the world a better place.

You won’t want to miss this particularly juicy episode of Glimpse TV that I shot this past week in San Francisco with Nicole. If the fact that we’re talking about sex isn’t enough to entice you to watch, tune in to find out why I’m not scared of being “too big” anymore.



  • Giuliana

    Kinda disappointed at the immature way to talking about something so delish!!! the giggles…yikes!

  • Kate I adore you. Im a motivational speaker, auther and coach from Denmark with my own podcast show on iTunes called enerGittes talkshow where I interview passionate people. Think your message about freedom is important. If you are up for a phone interview please contact me. website is Danish but maybe you can get an idea of what is is by looking at it. its Thank you. enjoy your videos a lot and want to experience you live one day. Regards Gitte Koldtoft from Denmark

  • Kate I thought you looked particularly radiant in this interview!! The topic clearly lights up your soul! In response to the comment about the giggles….I found them authentic, light hearted and an example of raw emotions not being stifled…be free, laugh, giggle, cry…stay true!

  • This was refreshing Kate – thank you for bringing Nicole into my world. Loved the idea of “craft”. It applies to so much in life. And I loved the lighthearded giggles. Sex should be fun!

  • Jane

    Kate; I too loved your look..that colour is amazing for you. Loved the giggles, love the honest and light and refreshing! Thank you!

  • Janice


    If you ever even THINK of trying to make yourself smaller I will “keel” you!

    It makes me so happy just to see your smile, your radiance, your enthusiasm, your beauty and to hear you laugh. I was thinking that the way you are – so joyful, is how I want to be.

    Great interview with Nicole Daedone and great also to know about the book!

  • Oooh, what a yummy discussion. I really resonate with the idea of feeling “too big” and – consciously or otherwise – squashing or dimming one’s self. It’s sort of a continual dance to keep remembering to BE big. Thank you – and I look forward to reading the book!

  • SO SO GOOD! Not apologizing for saying no? Brilliant! Thank you for always introducing us to the most wonderful people and inviting us into your conversations!

  • Mr. B

    Very nice interview.
    Great questions!

    And I’m hoping Nicole keeps, keeping it real.

    Love this. Yay!

  • Pam McCoy

    Loved this interview, Kate! You always bring your best to these videos–I totally got your playful exuberance about the topic! Loved Nicole as well! What a great space to be around–you both had great energy! Can’t wait to read this book!! Happy travels!:)

  • Katrina

    Hi Kate

    You have a fan in Norway too, I love watching your interviews on different topic.This one is great, I will sure buy this book.

    Love Katrina

  • Hello Kate.
    I too am writing a book about sex and really challenged to be connected to the subject lately and for putting it out there.. But as I am on a path to being Free and that includes abundance~ the issues of relationship and being empowered in this way too, keep coming up. Wow! Am I so glad to have just met you and Nicole, whom I feel are an inspiration to me at this moment!!! Yes. And Thank you!

  • Regina


    VERY NICE!!! For a lack of a better a word, I enjoyed this! THANK YOU!

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