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9 critical factors for surviving cancer against all odds: Glimpse TV with Dr. Kelly Turner

photo1My friend Dr. Kelly Turner has spent years studying medical anomalies that are more common than we think.

Having stumbled upon cases of spontaneous remission in cancer patients while she was getting her undergraduate degree at Harvard, Kelly wanted to learn more. She was shocked to find out how little research was being done by the medical community on these cases of patients healing from cancer, either without undergoing Western medical treatment or after such treatment had failed.

So she set out on an around-the-world adventure with her husband, Aaron, to interview over 150 people who’d healed from cancer against all odds.

Her new book, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, is out. It represents the culmination both of these interviews and of her study of over 1,000 other cases of healing in cancer patients. (She was also featured on The Dr. Oz Show this week!)41ug8U+sfcL

Here’s what I love about this book: it applies to everyone, cancer patient or not. This book is FULL of practical strategies and hope for those who are living with cancer and those who are simply wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.

The book outlines 9 critical factors that supported patients in their healing, which Kelly identified in her research. They include:

  • changing your diet
  • taking supplements
  • taking control over your treatment
  • having a social support structure
  • releasing suppressed emotions
  • and 4 other surprising and exciting factors

What I found so fascinating is that only 2 of the factors are physical. The remaining 7 are emotional, mental, or spiritual shifts that contribute significantly to healing.

If you or anyone in your life has cancer, wants to decrease the likelihood of it developing, or simply wants to enhance their health, get this book. It’s full of inspiring stories, it’s really well written, and it gives you simple, specific action steps to take to incorporate Kelly’s findings into your life.

Kelly and I had a chance to sit down and have a chat about her new book in an episode of Glimpse TV. Check out the episode to learn:

  • why Kelly is a little nervous to put a book on such a controversial topic out into the world
  • what it’s like to be a brand-new mom launching a book
  • how to navigate the fine line in mind/body research between blaming people for their diseases and empowering them to heal
  • what all 9 critical factors in surviving cancer against all odds have in common
  • Kelly’s secret, silly habit and our shared nerdy obsession

Click below to watch the episode.

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If you or anyone you know has a case of radical remission to report, please visit to submit it to Kelly’s archive.

Over to you:

Have you ever heard of cases of radical remission? What do you do on a regular basis to keep yourself healthy?

I’d love to hear your ideas so leave a comment below!



  • This was an awesome post!!! I wish I had had this book a couple of years ago when I was trying to heal my body from pre-cancerous cells that I had been fighting through surgery, and biopsies for 7 freaking years. My doctors finally recommend a hysterectomy to “solve” the problem. Mind you, at the time I was in my early 20’s. I was NOT ready for a hysterectomy. I refused and decided I would give myself a year to try and heal my body on my own.

    Throughout that year I read everything, and I mean EVERYTHING related to cancer, health, wellness and so on. I put as much as I could into practice, changed my life and a year later, my health. For the first time in 7 years, I final had a clean bill of health! =) Even though I am at a awesome point in my life health wise, I can’t wait to read this book, because I will always remain a student of life, and I love to learn. You can never learn too much, or know too much.

    Nowadays, I’ve been able to relax my regimen since I am no longer in healing mode, but in maintenance mode. A few things I do to keep in tip top shape are:

    -Sleep. 8 hours every night. Our bodies heal when we sleep. This is non negotiable.
    -Eat quality foods. I eat foods that are WORTHY of being in my body. Foods that will better me not deplete me.
    – Rebound. Awesome for stimulating the lymphatic system which does NOT stimulate on its own
    -Oil Pulling. The mouth is the gateway for disease. All the nasty little critters such as bacteria have a fatty outer membrane. Oil pulling attracts them and removes them from your mouth. When you oil pull you free your immune system from having to take care of these diseases that begin in your mouth and it is free to do other things.
    -Drink clay water. Drinking food grade bentonite clay is an amazing way to detox. It’s a powerful method for removing heavy metals from our bodies and helping us fight our every day exposure to toxins.
    -Greens. I get my greens daily whether its through smoothies, juices, salads, or raw powders. Greens are natures medicine and they provide us with a hell of a supply of disease fighting nutrients
    -Turmeric. I consume turmeric every single day. India has the lowest cancer rate in the world and that has been credited to their diet which is rich in turmeric.
    -Laugh. There is a reason why they say laughter is the best medicine and I take that to heart. My husband, daughter, and I love to act silly, dance around, and get out laugh on. This relieves stress, stimulates blood flow, rejuvenates the body, boosts the immune system and so much more! Laugh often and laugh a lot.

  • Mairead Murphy

    Thank you Kate for bringing this topic to Glimpse TV. And big ups to Dr. Turner for being so brave and putting her work out there for the world to see and hear!

    I am a firm believer in the body’s ability to heal itself. One trick I use (and I really LOVE doing this with kids) is to say aloud “My body knows how to heal itself” immediately after any trauma (minor or major)…if I fall, if I feel a cold coming on, if I bump into something. It has helped me heal faster and stops me from falling into victim mode (which can feel so cozy at times).

  • I have been fortunate to not have any Cancer in my family, BUT there is a factor regarding heart health in my family though! Heart attacks, high blood pressure, and heart disease. I have been, since July 2013, Gluten free/wheat free, to reduce inflammation and skin related issues. I have cut my sugar consumption down a LOT, and sweeten with honey.
    I have also taken a long, hard look at what stresses me, and I am in the process of healing from it.
    It is so true that our emotional/psyche plays a role in our health. Thank you for the interview and bringing light to her work! I probably would not have picked it up due to the LACK of cancer in my family & myself, but I now understand there is more to it!! Keep up the good work highlighting these great books!

  • Cecilia Christensen

    Your book is one that that I will buy-to remind me every day, how lucky I am. As a ten year survivor,….the things that you’re bringing up, are exactly what I have had to experience in order to heal. Faced with a diagnosis of BRCA2, and Triple-negative breast Cancer; and knowing that I was still dealing with unresolved anger towards my father-my journey has been long and difficult. The most important thing I have had to learn is how to trust my intuition,and not compromise my health,for the sake of others. (stop the constant people pleasing.) Learning and accepting that “forgiveness” is actually a process, helped a lot too. (Just can’t rush this one) The cancer was secondary to the pain that I felt inside. There was no getting rid of the extreme sadness, and emptiness I felt- having had a relationship with a man who was supposed to be a father to me,but instead was a pathological narcissist. And so even though I chose some conventional,as well as alternative treatments, my biggest challenge was learning how to leave the toxic emotions behind. My joy is real now, and so is my life. I no longer hide behind a veil of shame and self-doubt.

  • Hi Kate, Thank you so much for this episode of Glimpse TV. I just found out last night that a very good friend from high school, the only one that I actually stayed in touch with has refused more chemo. Right now, she is in the hospital with a tube down her throat. I don’t know much but she is moving back to Vermont in my head to HEAL! I emailed her Glimpse TV and sent her Radical Remission, thank you Amazon Prime and she will get the book tomorrow!
    Thank you, thank you , thank you and the lovely Dr. Turner too!
    See you soon, Love, Mary

  • Anxious to read this book. My sister is currently at Sanoviv in Rosarito Mexico. In December she was given less than a year to live after a reoccurrence of colon cancer. We introduced her to the idea of holistic healing and Sanoviv, changed her diet, etc. She has been there now about 10 weeks and just received the wonderful news that she is 50% better and the doctors expect full remission. She will be there through April but what a miracle our bodies can be when we clear out the toxins, put the right things in our bodies including our thoughts, and learn to manage stress. It can be done and more people need to know about it.

    So, this book is a gift that everyone should read.

  • beth

    what is oil pulling?

  • I’m a medical intuitive and have referred many clients and friends to this book. These concepts need to be brought out into the open!

    Thanks, Kate & Kelly!

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