Embracing Natural Aging and Redefining Beauty Standards with Amanda Hanson (040)

What if the way we view beauty and aging today becomes as outdated as lobotomies and foot binding? In this enlightening episode of the Plenty Podcast, we welcome Amanda Hanson, a clinical psychologist, speaker, author, and a powerful advocate for challenging societal norms about women, aging, and beauty. Known as the “Midlife Muse,” Amanda invites us to rethink our approach to aging and self-worth, urging women to embrace their natural aging processes rather than resorting to cosmetic enhancements like Botox.

Amanda shares her mission to shift the narrative around aging, encouraging women to find value beyond physical appearance. She calls for open, shame-free conversations about beauty and aging.

Amanda advocates for daily self-love practices, including the mirror practice, where individuals speak words of reverence and love to themselves. This, she believes, is crucial for cultivating self-worth and acceptance.

How can we raise daughters to value their inner beauty in a world obsessed with external appearances? Don’t miss this important conversation!

“I have clients come to me, and they’re like, I know you’re anti-Botox, and I get a lot. But I’m like, no. I’m not anti-Botox. The Botox is a symptom of something deeper that you are running from.” – Amanda Hanson

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00:00 – Introduction
02:15 – Amanda Hanson’s Perspective on Botox and Deeper Issues
05:30 – The Importance of Having Real Conversations Without Shame
08:45 – Amanda’s Revolutionary Stance on Women, Aging, and Beauty
12:20 – Concerns About Young Girls and Societal Beauty Standards
16:00 – Amanda’s Personal Experiences with Aging and Beauty
20:10 – The Impact of Amanda’s Grandmother’s Focus on Beauty
24:30 – Raising Daughters with a Focus on Internal Worth
28:50 – The Difference Between Cosmetic Enhancements and Self-Expression
33:15 – Amanda’s Views on Botox and Societal Pressures
37:40 – The Role of Men and Women in Aging and Beauty Standards
42:00 – Amanda’s Journey from Private Practice to Online Influence
46:25 – The Viral Success of Amanda’s First TikTok Video
50:10 – The Importance of Community and Mutual Support
54:30 – Amanda’s Approach to Social Media and Its Impact on Mental Health
58:45 – Building Self-Intimacy Through Mirror Practice
1:03:20 – Amanda’s Vision for the Future of Beauty Standards
1:07:00 – Closing Thoughts and Where to Find Amanda Online

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