Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage: Lessons, Love, and Laughter with Mike Watts (044)

What does it take to build a loving, resilient marriage that thrives through the ups and downs of life?

In this special episode of Plenty, join me and my incredible husband, Mike Watts, as we celebrate a decade of marriage. Together, we reflect on our journey, sharing the highs and lows, the laughs, and the challenges that have shaped our relationship.

This episode is a heartfelt exploration of open communication, love, and the powerful lessons we’ve learned along the way. From navigating future tripping to understanding the essence of true support, we invite you to tune in for an intimate, funny, and inspiring conversation about building a strong, loving partnership.

“Learning how to actually open my heart and love people. Like, what that is. And, like, define love for myself. Like, what does that look like?” – Mike Watts

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00:00 Introduction to Plenty
02:15 Reflecting on 10 years of marriage
05:30 The hardest part about being married to Kate
08:45 The best part about being married to Kate
12:00 Future tripping and its impact on their relationship
15:20 The importance of open communication
20:10 Mike’s perspective on love and defining it for himself
25:00 Balancing work and personal life
30:45 Tips for working with your spouse
35:30 The significance of support and teamwork
40:00 Final thoughts


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