Announcing: My 2015 B-School Bonuses!

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The buzz has begun.

Yes, it’s that time of year when I get to share the business course that changed everything for me.

Before I learned how to make money and change the world from Marie Forleo’s B-School, I felt squelched creatively, I was in a boat load of debt, and I was squeaking by on low five figures as my annual revenue. (Keep in mind, when you’re a business owner, revenue does not mean what you keep. I wasn’t really keeping anything at the end of the year.)

Then I met Marie at yoga, heard about B-School while we were hanging out at the beach that summer, and everything began to change.

That was in 2009. It’s now 2015 and things are a lot different. Our business more than doubled last year and popped into the high six-figures. I feel incredibly fulfilled by the work I do. And spreading the word about things like having a loving relationship with your money and building a thriving, freedom-based business has become a total joy. I’m making an impact and getting well paid for it.

I promote B-School because it’s made a profound impact on my business and my life. Marie is the real deal. She’s not only a dear friend, she’s also someone I look up to and respect.

If after watching Marie’s free training series and learning more about B-School you feel like it’s right for you, Mike (my adorable husband and business partner) and I have crafted a set of bonuses specifically to go along with B-School for you.

Let’s be honest: you don’t need more stuff to do.

That’s why all of our bonus offers are designed to support you in getting the most out of Marie’s incredible program. We don’t want you to get overwhelmed with more stuff to learn and more content to go through. Instead, we want to love and nurture you to get the most out of B-School.

Plus, all of our bonuses are exclusive to our B-Schoolers. These are not for sale at any other time. They are not available to anyone else who does not enroll in B-School through our partner link. They’re only for you, my dear.

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Get more details about all of the bonuses HERE.

1. The Implement & Finish Formula:

Designed to make sure you get your money’s worth from B-School, we’re going to walk you through completing the course and putting what you learned into action in this 4-part series that begins after B-School ends.

2. #MoneyLove for Business Owners:

I created this mini-course to support you in clearing out the blocks you have around making as much money as you want. What holds entrepreneurs back from the success they desire is usually between their ears. This course will help you get rid of that stuff so you can get on the fast track to abundance-town.

3. Make A Life, Not Just A Living Live Event with Kate & Mike:

While we all love the internet, nothing beats in person connection. You’re invited to this live, high-touch event to go deep into how to create the financial success you want and have the kind of reach you desire without sacrificing your health, relationships, and emotional and spiritual well-being. Because how you do it actually matters. We’re holding two live events, one in San Francisco and one in Portland, Maine. You choose which one suits your needs (or come to both if you’re just that excited!)

4. Private, Exclusive Online Community

Connect with your fellow students in this intimate, supportive group where you can get feedback, ask questions, share successes, and get to know other kindred spirits going through B-School. We don’t want you to get lost in the shuffle of tens of thousands of B-Schoolers. We’ll be in there cheering you on, sharing our own insights about this round of B-School, and supporting you along with your classmates.

5. Weekly Video Love Notes

Mike and I are doing a lot of travel throughout March and April (Thailand and the Maldives are on the docket!) but along the way we’ll be going through B-School and checking in with you. We’ll be sending a weekly video love note to you giving extra support and resources pertinent to that weeks B-School content, sharing our own stumbling blocks, words of wisdom, and insights to nourish you as you go through the program.

Mike and I also went out in the ten degree weather in Maine to shoot a video that goes over the bonuses and why we love B-School. If you want to see us freezing our tushes off and catch an adorable dance that Mike did spontaneously, check out the video.


All of our bonuses are laid out with more details on our B-School Bonus page. You can also learn more about why I love B-School and what specific results we’ve experienced in our business as a result of going through the program each and every year (like increasing our income by 750%!)

You will also be able to hear from some of our past B-Schoolers about how The Implement & Finish Formula and attending one of our live events helped them rock B-School and their businesses when you check out our bonus page.

Registration for B-School opens this Wednesday, February 18th.

In the meantime…

kate_northrup_bschool_webinarFree Online Class: I’m teaching an online class Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon called The Anatomy of Making Money Online 2.0: 7 Simple, Doable Strategies for Making a Profit and a Difference. It’s free and you can register here.

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Free Training Video Series + Chance to Win a B-School Scholarship: Plus, make sure you’ve watched Marie’s free training series where she goes over the six pillars any successful online business must have, her secrete to making millions online, and the answers to the most common questions (and excuses) that hold people back from getting started with online business. You can also learn how to win a scholarship to B-School – the deadline is Monday so get on it! You can watch all three videos by clicking here.

Over to you:

I’d love to hear any questions you have about B-School or building an online business in general. Leave your question as a comment below and I’ll be happy to respond personally! 


I love Marie Forleo’s work, and I’ve benefited from it personally in a number of significant ways. I’m a proud referral partner of her program, B-School. This free video series is the way Marie is letting the world know about this program. Should you choose to purchase the program through my link, I may be compensated financially. I don’t recommend things lightly, but as I said, Marie is the real deal. I consider myself lucky to have her on speed dial as one of my friends and mentors, and I want you to have access to her particular brand of business genus, as well.



  • Dawn

    I’ve learned about you because of my participation in bschool last year. Would I be able to access your bonus as a I intend to participate in b school again this year…thx

  • Raena

    Really sweet to offer extra bonuses of encouragement. Im thinking about signing up for B-school, I just have this intuitive feeling though I didnt really know much about it before looking into it tonight. I believe my intuition always steers me in the right direction so….its on my mind.

    I have a couple questions maybe you can help me with. One – is there a special link to sign up on your site to get the bonuses you offer, or are you offering these to every person who joins B-school 2015 ? And I work in Real Estate, do you think the info encompassed in Marie’s courses would be a fit for someone in my profession ? I ask because I dont sell a specific product, I offer a service. Im wondering…If I was your sister or your bestie or just someone you cared deeply for – what would you tell me ?

    Thanks so much for your time and attention,


    • Kate Northrup

      Hi Raena – thanks for popping by to get your questions answered! So glad you’re listening to your intuition! To answer your first question: you must enroll in B-School through one of the links on in order to receive the bonuses. These are only for people who enroll through my partner link on that page. And for your second question, if you were my sister I would recommend B-School. In fact, my sister is an editor and an actor (both service-based businesses) and I did, in fact, recommend B-School to her and she loved it. When you’re selling yourself (pardon my use of words) you still need to know how to get the word out about what you do. B-School teaches you how to do that in an effective, elegant manner. You’ll be amazed by how many more people you can reach when you learn and apply the timeless marketing principles that Marie teaches. I look forward to welcoming you into our B-School Class of 2015!

  • Tina

    Hi Kate – I was trying to sign up but your links to B-School now lead to the Desire Map. Thx!

  • Kerri

    Hi Kate, I am a big fan of the work that you and your husband Mike are doing. About your B-school bonuses: when someone signs up through your link, does s/he get access to your bonuses as well as the ones that Marie Forleo offers for the program? Thanks!

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