Last dance, last chance.

In honor of the recently, dearly departed songstress Donna Summer, I’m sending you some disco love today to remind you that tomorrow, Friday, May 25th at 3pm EST, is the last dance, last chance to:

  1. Watch and get all the amazing FREE content and value from Marie Forleo’s B-School launch video series
  2. Enroll in B-School

Marie is a dear friend of mine and has helped me and countless other women (and a few good men) expand their businesses far beyond their wildest imaginations. If you’ve got an idea, a product, a service, or some other nugget of brilliance cooking inside you that you want to get out to the world, now is the time. Tomorrow is your last chance to enroll in Rich, Happy and Hot B-School so head on over to get your spot in the class of 2012.

Check in with yourself and see if it feels right to you.

And then if you need some more info, here are 5 reasons to enroll:

1. Marie knows what she’s talking about and she’s a great teacher. She has a 7 figure virtual business that allows her to go anywhere, do anything, and love her life. It’s a good idea to learn from someone who has what you want. She does.

2. The network of B-School participants is off the hook amazing. I’ve received so much value from being a part of the B-School community. Business collaborations have been formed, we’ve had a ball cross promoting, I have a go-to community for recommendations for any service provider I might need, and I have a place to go to ask all my questions. This is priceless.

3. When you enroll in B-School through my link below you get exclusive access to a 4-part group coaching series I’m leading about how to set up your online business for financial freedom as opposed to burn out. Most women business owners I know set themselves up for burnout. I don’t want you to suffer the same fate and I’m going to teach you how to avoid it. There’s no other way to get access to this training I’m offering other than enrolling in B-School through my link.

4. You get lifetime access to B-School. Marie is one of the most generous people I know. Once a B-Schooler, always a B-Schooler. This will be my 3rd time through the program, but I only had to pay for it once. Crazy, amazing value. You can go back to this material for the rest of your life AND you can learn at your own pace.

5. Marie may never offer B-School in this format again. She’s always changing things up and tweaking her offerings so if you ever want to get the information offered in B-School, the time is now. Get it while the getting is good. Now is your moment.

And of course, if it’s not right for you, that’s okay too. But be sure to catch the brilliant content in the free video series either way by clicking HERE. These videos will only be available through Friday, May 25th at 3pm EST, as well.

If it feels right, CLICK HERE to enroll in B-School now. I’ll email you next week with your private, exclusive invitation to join the amazing women who’ve already enrolled through me in our 4-part group coaching series to learn how to build your business for freedom, not burnout.

So let’s dance, the last dance

Let’s dance, the last dance

Let’s dance, this last dance tonight

Click here to enroll in B-School.

Click here to catch the free video training series before it’s gone.


  • Jenelle

    I’m in! Thanks for the nudge, Kate (but I totally asked for it!)

  • Kate, I couldn’t sleep last night after making the decision to take the plunge into the b-school waters. It feels like Christmas! So excited to rock my world with b-school and your coaching. Thank you!

  • Tina

    Thank you Kate! I signed up for B-School through your link! I’m so excited to be a part of B-School!! And I’m really looking forward to your coaching..I mean, seriously??

    Thank you again!


  • Rebecca

    Hi Kate. I signed up for B-School via your link too :) So excited to get started with you and Marie. Thanks for the great opportunity!

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