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You may or may not know that I’m really into astrology. Reading charts is a party trick of mine. Plus my mom sends me lots of different astrological reports and we often get together and do rituals for various and sundry cosmic events. It’s a little cooky for sure, but being aware of what’s going on in the heavens beyond the world I can see and feel and touch is something very dear to me.

So when I got an email from Cynthia James alerting me of a very rare and special cosmic event coming up, I was pumped! I don’t share my love for astrology very publicly, so I knew that she and I must be in alignment if she sensed I’d be into the planetary update.

This rockin’ cosmic event is happening June 5th and 6th – it’s the last Venus Transit of our lifetime – there won’t be another one until 2117!

A Venus Transit is among the rarest of planetary alignments, only occurring every 120 years or so.  Venus will move directly in front of the Sun and in line with Earth, “transiting” across it and by doing so, opening an energetic portal with tremendous opportunity for humanity.

Growth, expansion, abundance, healing, creativity, joy, love, and transformation. This is the moment for them all.

Here’s what Cynthia James, the woman who alerted me of this starry happening, writes about the Venus Transit:

When the resonances of Venus are highly focused upon Earth, its energy inspires a new level of intuitive awareness that permeates and spreads through our consciousness. This transit will create a powerful opportunity to realize the authentic desires of your heart.

Cynthia is hosting an event called Venus Transit University and I’m honored to be one of the “professors.”  And you can join in on the Community Call and in Venus Transit University for free.

This community gathering will create a container for you to:

  •         Feel connected and on purpose…
  •         Heighten your intuitive awareness…
  •         Tap deeply into your natural state of health and abundant possibility…
  •         Nurture connected, meaningful relationships…
  •         Be more and more in flow…

I’m really psyched to share this event because Cynthia will be creating a powerful container on the Community Call during the peak of the transit to support us in opening to and accessing the energies of this portal.

Translation: there will be really good juju during the time of the call for you to get your life running on all cylinders.

Then, you’ll be able to focus for the next four weeks on one or all four key areas of transformation in Venus
Transit University: Purpose, Relationship, Finances, Health. (I’m one of the teachers in the finance track in case you didn’t guess that.)

Join Cynthia and me for this auspicious, cosmic event to get your life rocking on all levels. It’s cosmically aligned. You won’t want to miss this one as there won’t be another Venus Transit moment in our lifetime!

Click HERE to learn more and save your seat. Let’s get cosmic together :)


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