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A Prayer For When It Feels Like It’s Never Good Enough

I wrote you a prayer for when it feels like it’s never good enough. May it bring the exhale that’s the true medicine you need:

Showing up is all that’s ever been asked of us by anyone (or anything) that matters—the power of our full presence—actually being where we are. The rest of it is just accessorizing, just keeping ourselves occupied and entertained while we’re here for this spin on earth, however many rotations around the sun this trip might be.

Let the amount you’ve moved your body this week be enough.

Let the effort you put into that project be enough.

Let the amount of time you spent truly being with your kids be enough. (They’re not tracking the minutes, I promise. They just want you to be all the way there when you’re there.)

Let the amount of sex you’re having be enough. 

Let the love you have to give be enough.

The obsession with more, needing to be and do more, distracts us from being and doing the things we’re already being and doing with all of ourselves. The mantle of disapproval we wear when we’re doing or being something that we think we should be doing or being more or better takes away from the very thing we’re doing or being to begin with.

Obsessing about how it’s never good enough has the opposite effect we think it will: It takes away from our actions and our presence instead of adding to them.


This year, and every year forward, may we know the truth:

We are enough.

We always have been.

We always will be.

No amount of being or doing more will make us more enough than we were on the day we were born.

May we have the courage to know and feel how deeply enough we are. And may our acceptance of our enoughness be our truest gift to the world.

it’s never good enough

May we step into 2022 in our wholeness knowing that there’s nothing we could ever do or not do for it to not be enough.

And as we do, may we feel the feeling that it’s never good enough melt away, only to be replaced by the enoughness we’ve always been but had simply forgotten.

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Kate Northrup is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, mother, and founder and CEO of The Origin Company, which reaches hundreds of thousands globally. Kate is committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out. She’s the author of Do Less, the Do Less Planner System creator, and runs The Origin Membership, which helps business owners grow their business while doing less.


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