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I Want My Business To Feel Like Stretching Taffy

I Want My Business To Feel Like Stretching Taffy

I was on the phone with my therapist/coach, Anne Davin. (I don’t believe in going things alone.)

I was recounting a series of disappointments in our business, most of which could be traced to moving too fast and not having enough space.

The schedule got too packed and I forced myself to make decisions too quickly. I said yes to too many things. I forgot that what we’re going for is a dignified, old-growth forest and instead got distracted dallying amongst the saplings. I ignored the voice within that was whispering, “Are you sure?”

Essentially, I forgot to practice what I preach.

I make everything I make because at one point I needed it or I need it right now, and I’m not that special, so I know you might need it too.

My Origin membership and this blog are no different.

“I want our business to feel like stretching out saltwater taffy,” I said to Anne.

I want a long runway.

I want space.

I want time to feel stretchy. Like taffy.

Yes, done is sometimes better than perfect. But right now, for me, I only want to do the things I can do with depth.

I only want to do the things that feel sacred.

I only want to put my attention on the things that matter the most.

In her infinite wisdom, Anne shared the following metaphor with me:

When a river gets deeper it gets slower and more powerful simultaneously. ~Anne Davin twitter-logo

I Want My Business To Feel Like Stretching Taffy

I took a really long, deep breath.

I choose depth.

I choose slow.

I choose power.

When I rush, I am small. In slowing down I find strength. twitter-logo

I Want My Business To Feel Like Stretching Taffy


Where do you find yourself rushing? What happens? Where and how in your life can you give yourself space to slow down? Let me know in the comments.


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  • Yet again another good reminder! Comes at a perfect time. I am day 2 into a launch, and I felt this yesterday; rushing to get emails out, return emails, and rushing to get … well … nowhere! Where is there to really get? After reading this I sat for a minute and wrote three ways to give myself space: 1) sit to answer emails only 3 times a day instead of being in and out all day 2) Say no to taking on anything more until the next class begins (I am going to have to retract some yes’s) 3) (THIS IS A BIG ONE FOR ME) Next Thursday I leave for vacay mid launch, and I am committing to be on vacation – Ill check in once every two days, because in reality — questions will still be there. Such a graceful reminder I NEEDED this am! XO

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