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How To Use Your Emotions to Grow Your Business with Alex Ortner

How To Use Your Emotions to Grow Your Business with Alex Ortner

I was riding the chairlift with my heart pounding and my stomach twisting and turning like it was trying to wring itself out as we approached the dismount spot.

I’d ridden chairlifts and glided off with grace and style hundreds of times. But this time was different because instead of having my feet strapped into two separate objects, allowing me maximal nimbleness and flexibility, I had one giant object attached to one foot and I was supposed to figure out how to direct the board and myself off the lift and out of the way of my fellow skiers and riders with what felt like zero maneuverability.

I fell every single time.

I had learned to ski at 10 years old, but it was nearly a decade later, and I was trying snowboarding for the first time. It was so hard to be on the mountain, a place where I’d previously won ski races and felt pretty darn confident–but now experiencing ineptitude.

Today I want to introduce you to someone who inspires me because he’s out in the world experiencing new terrain, and he’s embracing the truth that in order to get good at something, you first have to be willing to suck at it.

Alex Ortner is one of the masterminds behind the multi-million dollar brand The Tapping Solution and the inventor of the online summit model.

After 10 years exclusively behind the scenes, Alex is stepping out front where only his sister Jessica and his brother Nick–also friends of ours–have been before.

If you ever feel emotions other than joy and satisfaction as you grow your business, you’re going to want to hear what Alex says.

He shared with us:

  • How to use your emotions as an advantage as you grow your business
  • How to get comfortable being vulnerable and sucking at something as you practice it and get good at it
  • How he and his brother and sister navigate the sometimes tricky waters of being in a family business
  • How we can all get Tapping Meditations with a few taps of our smartphones, using their new Tapping Solution app
  • Key marketing mistakes a lot of people are making that are preventing business growth and how to fix them
    and so much more!

Alex is one of the smartest, kindest guys we know, and we’re so excited to share his story and wisdom with you!

Click here to listen in to this week’s episode of The Kate & Mike Show.

Once you listen, we want to hear from you!

What was your biggest takeaway from listening to Alex? What do you want to break into that’s new for you and how did listening to Alex talk about trying new things help you? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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