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How to Overcome Anxiety & Be Irresistible: Glimpse TV with Josh Pais

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It was a week after meeting Josh Pais that I heard his voice for the first time. We met at yoga, but he had laryngitis. (Luckily his fiancée Marie Forleo was there and able to speak, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have met.)

I have never had anyone make me laugh so hard who wasn’t able to talk. Josh has an unbelievable way of being captivating (and often incredibly humorous) without making a sound.

He’s an actor (you may have seen him in the Showtime series “Ray Donovan” with Liev Shreiber or in the movie Touchy Feely with Ellen Page), director, teacher, thought leader, and creator of Committed Impulse. This class is a “secret weapon” for high performing actors, entrepreneurs, speakers, and other creative professionals. (I took it, and I can attest to its effectiveness, particularly in how it helped me overcome my fear of telling the truth.)

I interviewed Josh a while back about overcoming fear and anxiety, being creatively invincible, and more.

Watch this episode of Glimpse TV to learn:

  • How to be irresistible
  • How to do your best work no matter what
  • 4 inroads to telling the truth about whatever is really going on in the moment
  • What happens when you listen to 98% of your thoughts
  • Specific ways to stay present and stop believing that you suck
  • Why changing your thoughts doesn’t work for a lot of people
  • How to make sure you always say the right thing

Plus, there’s a special guest appearance that you won’t want to miss towards the end.

Click on the video below to watch the episode.

This thing we’re trying to get rid of in terms of sensation is actually our greatest asset. ~@joshpais (Click to Tweet!)

More Josh:

Check out Josh’s free online lesson at

Learn about Josh’s online Committed Impulse program. Learn about Josh’s in-person classes in New York and LA.

Over to you:

What do you do when you feel sensations in your body that you’ve deemed “bad”? What might happen if you didn’t judge them but instead simply felt them without dramatization? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that or anything else you learned from Josh during this episode. Please leave a comment below!






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  • Irresistible blog and interview Kate! Thank you. I already am a huge Josh fan, and seriously after reading your email I was so HAPPY to see who you were talking about. Thank you for sharing.

    Reframing those wigglies (my name for those uncomfortable feelings that show up) really has helped me. I realize that nervous and excited totally feel the same way in my body!!!! Thank you Josh and Kate

  • I LOVE this !!! Thank you so much for sharing :) Essentially what speaks to me in what you said – is you can trust yourself and you can learn how. That is INSPIRING !!

  • Hi there! You’re Barbara Stanny link doesn’t work. I want to make sure you’re getting credit for that affiliate traffic!

    Thanks for the blog!

  • How simple, I love it how Josh explains… :)

  • Wow – this is full of amazing tidbits from Josh and you, Kate! As I listened, I kept remembering Brene Brown’s mantra (of sorts): Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, so that you can be who you really are.

    I love the idea of hanging with the feeling for the 7-12 (or was it 9 lol) seconds instead of judging it as good or bad. We’ll see if I still love it once I put it into practice, right?

    Thank you so much!

  • Andy

    Excellent stuff and just the reminder I needed today! Just 30 minutes ago, while ironing clothes of all things, there was a rise of emotion accompanied by tears. I started to try to understand what was happening. Then began telling myself ‘I am OK. You are good.’ But it wasn’t until I sat down and just let the emotion be that it all passed. Immediately after I opened your email and bingo … Be present. Accept the present moment without judgement. Thanks so much, Kate!

  • Yes…I agree that uncomfortable feelings are there for a specific lesson. And as soon as the discomfort is gone I feel the lesson is learned, and the thought will not persist. Someone said that what you resist will persist. So I’m trying to be accepting and nonresistant. Thanks Kate…so you still do Glimpse TV? I noted that this one is two years old. Cheers, Elizabeth

    • Kate Northrup

      Yep – I still do Glimpse TV. For some reason this one didn’t get published until now! I figured for some reason it must have wanted to be published now!

  • Sahira

    I like Josh’s voice and how he is present in his body. He is fun, I agree with you, Kate. Was suprised to read that he is Marie’s fiancee – uhhuuu! congrats. Awesome power couple. Thanks for this video, I like the cables hanging out of the wall…lol!!

  • Leslie

    Kate, I always feel like I have somehow telepathically conveyed my current feelings and musings to you. This is exactly what I needed at this very moment. I am so excited to have happened upon your teachings! And Josh. Namaste..keep up the Glimpses into self enlightenment…

  • I can so relate to this one! My people-pleasing program makes it a struggle to speak up sometime. I just wrote about how I help myself overcome my conflict here!

  • Irene

    Thank you both so much, it was really some new stuff to use in private and else. I made some notes to look at if a situation comes and I just don`t remember what to do….. So that I don`t need to panic :-):-) Irene

  • I love all your comments. And Kate, you’re such a great interviewer. But how come no one commented on Kuma’s penis.
    I’m BACK!

    • Kate Northrup

      You’re hilarious and slightly out of control – in the best way possible. Thanks for being a great interviewee!!

  • Trish

    Thank you for this video. As I watched this I felt the essence of Josh’s message was that of “mindfulness.” So many of the professionals I follow teach this message. Geneen Roth in her Women, Food & God book, implores us to feel feelings rather than feed them. I’m reading Dan Harris’ ‘10% Happier’ book right now and he details his journey to tame the monkey mind through meditation and basically, mindfulness. Colette Baron Reid often indicates to her fans through her oracle cards to ‘be in the moment.’

    I think a cynic would say that “mindfulness” is the message d’jour and that’s why we are hearing it over and over again being packaged and sold to the masses. I disagree. I think there is something to the idea that there is a “shift” or an awakening of many on the planet right now to new ways of thinking, being, living. The old ways aren’t working anymore. I think the message has to be promulgated by lots of different teachers in lots of different ways to reach the most people. (I noticed this video was 2 years old and your comment was that it wanted to get published now.)

    I would love to uncover a thought leader that helps us convey these techniques to children. I’m not sure I can get my 7 year old to just stay present in his anger or anxiety but I’d like to try to teach him this stuff early.

    Have a great day!

  • Kate and Josh, thank you so much for sharing this interview, it was fun, inspiring and has given me some great new tools to use in my life and work.

    As someone who is lit up by creativity and raw ‘tell it like it is’ communication, the idea of being ‘creatively invincible’ is irresistible (even more than Kuma, and he is pretty darn cute. ;))

    I believe there is power in fully feeling what you feel and I find it much easier to roll with ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ emotions as opposed to imploding from the stress that accompanies trying to suppress them.

    I am a writer and speaker and have recently started filming video content for my website. It is my goal to bring honest, heart felt, entertaining and empowering content to my audience. I am looking forward to using these tools to get out of my head and ensure that “No matter what I am feeling, no matter what thoughts are in my head and no matter what the situation I am in I can still do my best work.”

    I’m excited to learn more about Committed Impulse. Thank you so much Josh & Kate!

    • Kate Northrup

      Awesome Liz – I’m so glad this resonated with you. Josh is amazing – I hope you go further with his work in some way!

    • Hey Liz
      If you can catch the moment you go into “stress” and see that it is probably a series of thoughts that are generating it – I suggest experimenting with taking a deep breath, seeing what is actually in front of you, feel the intensity of the body sensation at that moment, and “I’m Back.” It’s interesting to distinguish the difference between body sensations and thoughts – and see which generates the actual stress.
      Let us know

  • Bárbara Futuro

    Hello, Kate.

    My name is Bárbara, Im 26 years old, and from Brazil. Every once and a while I come here to read your posts and I just wanted to say that I really like how you write. It sounds sincere and that makes all the difference. And by the end of the post, when we get to the box that says about the links, it makes me want to purchase something so you get your commission.

    I really love working with art, and Im currently working with a travelling circus. Im producing a project that’s gonna run in 8 different cities around São Paulo’s coast. =) Its a new period for me, maybe something beautiful will happen.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I feel a good vibe when I read your posts. Keep on, you’re doing a great job. I hope we meet personally someday!


    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you so much Bárbara! Your feedback means a lot to me and I’m thrilled that what I share has been helpful for you. Keep making your art :)

  • Mary Beth Tolman

    My nutritionist recommended this video. Thank you it was good. When you started it, you said there were 4 inroads for his program. You probably covered all the points but only designated 2. Please give #s 3 and 4.

  • Mary Beth Tolman

    I made a comment but it is no longer showing, nor did you answer me or send and e-mail. You designated only 2 of the 4 points on the interview. Perhaps the other two are covered but…. I took notes but not sure where to cut as another point. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Mary Beth Tolman

      Now I realize it is waiting moderation. I wish I could remove the last post. Thanks for your patience.

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