How To Make Your Schedule Part Of Your Revolution

How To Make Your Schedule Part Of Your Revolution

Since having my second baby, I’m noticing how profoundly different my energy levels are throughout the day than before.

Like most people, I used to have an afternoon slump but with a little extra focus and a square of dark chocolate, I was usually able to get done what I needed to get done.

Perhaps because of sleep deprivation, postpartum depletion, or who knows what, I’ve noticed that I’m capable of doing very little after 2pm. If I try to do anything that requires mental focus, I end up aimlessly scrolling email or social media as though the act of touching technology is getting something done by osmosis.

(Spoiler alert: it’s not.)

I have the option of beating myself up, of course. Finding ourselves wrong, especially when our life experience is so different from what’s celebrated as the norm (in this case, sitting at a desk and working from 9-5 or more), tends to be the default for women – and anyone else who doesn’t fit the standards that were created by straight, white, able-bodied men.

But instead, I’m simply rescheduling my day in a way that works for me.

My body and its new needs are not wrong. They’re simply different than before and different than the “standard” work day which wasn’t designed with me in mind anyway. So why would I work that way?

Now when I sit and do my weekly planning ritual on Sunday nights, I keep things light between 2-4pm. It’s a good time for me to consume content that I need to review, take a walk, or exercise. It’s not a good time for content creation or teaching.

Losing focus, spacing out, or feeling tired is not my body’s signal to push harder and buckle down. It’s my body’s signal that I need a break or a different flavor of activity.

When I pay attention to what my body is asking for, I tend to get the things that actually need doing done. twitter-logo Plus I’m much more able to discern and let go of what didn’t need doing in the first place.

How To Make Your Schedule Part Of Your Revolution

Try this out with me:

Track your energy throughout the day.

Experiment with different types of activities at different times. (For example, I find if I write first thing in the morning, it’s really easy for me to get on a roll. So I write in the mornings because it feels good and I get way more done in less time than if I tried to write at 2pm.)

Keep notes on what types of activities feel best at which times of day. Reschedule your day accordingly without making yourself wrong.

When I let my body be my scheduling guide, instead of other people’s priorities or conventional work standards, I get the important things done really well and I feel good at the end of the day.

I know that in order to change our culture, I have to change the way I do things. I choose to make honoring my body with my work schedule part of my revolution.


When do you feel the most focused during your day? What kinds of tasks do you need the most focus for? How does your body ask for a break? What time during the day is that? How could you honor the request with your schedule? Tell me in the comments!


  • Amy

    Yes! Thanks for this! I would add that this same wisdom applies for our cycles. Often difficult for many of us to implement a schedule around our monthly cycles (due to its sometimes fluctuating nature and, more so, the expectations of constant productivity established by our patriarchal culture), but imagine how things could be different if we could…

    • Kate Northrup

      Yes! This is something I teach a lot about in my membership, Origin. I recommend just even shooting for 10-20% of your activity to be aligned with your cycle. Even that would be amazing!

  • The morning is definitely my best time and now that my kids are a bit older and are sleeping later I am getting writing done in the am!! Also for afternoon energy I finally have energy all day now that my gut health is good and my blood sugar is stable. ;) and no babies in the house…
    Have a great day!

  • This is wonderful except that some of us do not have the privilege of choosing our own schedules. Any tips for those of us that have to work 9-5 to support our families?

    • Kate Northrup

      Within your job do you have any flexibility around when you schedule things? I would recommend starting with what you have freedom around and you’ll notice amazing changes just from that.

  • Summer Wright

    Thank u for this

  • Sequoia E Sierra

    Thank you!

    I notice I have the best energy and focus in the mornings, and that my energy overall is pretty gone by 2-3pm. I’ve stopped beating myself up about not getting any more work done after 4pm because of it, and I’m amazed that I haven’t gotten any less work done! I still need some fine tuning, but it’s nice to know that not “pushing” myself when tired is a much better way to get things done that what society normally touts of work all day and night to really “hustle.” Finally getting past that lie!

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