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How Indigenous Medicine Woman, Spiritual Mentor, and Mother Asha Frost Went from Burnout to Boundaries

She was serving one-on-one clients and had a really full private practice. But she was overwhelmed, exhausted, and didn’t have enough energy or resources for her family or herself.

She felt like her family was always last on the list, and so was she.

But after the birth of her second son, she started tuning in to living in concert with the cycles of creativity, the cosmos, and her body.

Since Asha Frost – Indigenous Medicine Woman and Spiritual Mentor – comes from a culture where honoring cycles is a way of life, it wasn’t new.

But the way she began applying it to her business and her life was new. And it allowed her to grow the number of people she could work with and her impact on a greater scale than ever before…while putting her family and her own energy first.

Now that Asha has shifted the way she manages her energy, she’s very conscious about her boundaries.

She got really clear on what to say yes to and what to say no to, and her business, family, and health are thriving as a result.

Watch this quick video of Asha’s story here.

“I’m being very conscious of saying no to what’s not serving me.” – Asha Frost twitter-logo


Inspired by Asha and her boundaries, what can you say no to that’s not serving you? Commit to it by leaving a comment to let me know.

If you know someone who could benefit from learning to say yes to what’s serving them and no to what’s not, send Asha’s story along to them.

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Learn more about Asha Frost and her work as an Indigenous Medicine Woman and Spiritual Mentor here.


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