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Happiness Doesn’t Have to Be So Darn Difficult: Glimpse TV with Nitika Chopra

I first met Nitika Chopra when she attended a Gabrielle Bernstein lecture that I was part of as a panelist talking about manifesting. She had her tiny little dog, Bella, with her. Bella is the kind of dog who looks like an animated stuffed animal and causes me to make very high, squeaky noises spontaneously because she’s so darn precious. Between how stunningly gorgeous Nitika is and how heart-breakingly precious Bella is, I was instantly enamored. Nitika launched an online lifestyle magazine this year called Bella Life (inspired in part by her pup) and it’s all about adding more color to your world. After some extremely challenging health issues at a young age (Nitika was diagnosed with debilitating psoriasis and arthritis when she was only ten years old) and a divorce in her early twenties, Nitika started on a personal growth journey that’s lead her to not only create a business she loves, but also a life that she loves. On her site she shares meditations, travel tips, beauty information, horoscopes, features a “Woman to Watch” each month, recipes, and more; it’s a colorful, delicious smorgasbord of ways to enhance your life. I was blessed with some one on one time in July to connect with Nitika about why being happy doesn’t have to be so darn difficult, the hidden lessons and treasures in physical ailments, and how we can all ad more color to our lives. I bring you the beautiful, the talented, the colorful….Nitika Chopra!

Happiness Doesn’t Have to Be So Darn Difficult: Glimpse TV with Nitika Chopra from Kate Moller on Vimeo.

Have you ever felt like your body was trying to tell you something through your symptoms?

What’s one simple way that you add more color to your world?


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