Great Q’s, Uncontrollable Giggles, + Your Big Beautiful Book Plan: Glimpse TV with Danielle LaPorte

Those of you who’ve been hanging out with me in person or here online for a while know that I very well may be Danielle LaPorte’s biggest fan. (Danielle, you can let me know in the comments if this is true.) If you don’t know about Danielle, watch our episode of Glimpse TV below then head over to her site (linked at the bottom) for the full monty.

Reading Danielle’s work about self-actualization is like sitting in a temple getting a download of ancestral wisdom that your cells remember but that you had forgotten how to articulate.

Not to mention the fact that she’s a hottie (inside and out), a generous and loving friend and mentor, a spell-binding speaker, a world-class entrepreneur, and a priestess.

Pre-order a copy of her forthcoming book The Fire Starter Sessions (April 2012, Crown):

Yesterday, Danielle launched Your Big Beautiful Book Plan with Linda Silverstein.

Your Big Beautiful Book Plan promises to teach you how to write a book proposal that will make you a visionary writer, a stronger business person and land you a publishing deal.

I can’t tell you how many brilliant writers with ideas that will change the world can’t get their work out there because they don’t know how to market themselves (and the publishing industry certainly isn’t teaching them). Enter Danielle and Linda. If you’ve got something to say, head on over and get your copy now. I did and I can’t wait to implement their wisdom as I work on my book.

Glimpse TV with Danielle LaPorte

Back in October I met Danielle in her room at the Ace Hotel in NYC after Rich, Happy, and Hot Live to shoot an episode of Glimpse TV. I just watched the episode while editing it (well, my version of editing which is basically adding a few titles and trimming the end) and its pretty amazing.

Click below to watch the episode and you’ll find out what I’m talking about. Seriously, I’m sitting here by myself feeling very, very inspired after watching my own show because Danielle really serves it up for you.

In this episode you’ll:

  • find out exactly how to deal with negative feedback
  • learn the most important through-line that Danielle used to create her rocking White Hot Truth empire
  • get the goods on how Danielle turns traditional marketing wisdom on its head…and rocks her bottom line while doing her soul’s work
  • hear us telling secrets about Glamour magazine
  • get some insight into what success feels like to Danielle
  • meet two amazing special guests, one who’s green and squishy and rode with Danielle all the way from Vancouver, and one who Danielle calls a Spiritual Technician

This may very well be the best episode of Glimpse TV to date. It may also be the longest. And worth every single minute. So grab a beverage, put your feet up, and get ready for great questions, uncontrollable giggles, and a glimpse of the Divine Ms. Danielle LaPorte.

Tweetables from the video:

Desire should be the driver of your to-do list. -@daniellelaporte to @katenorthrup #glimpsetv

To go bigger and to serve more, its gotta be scalable. -@katenorthrup to @daniellelaporte #glimpsetv

I would so much rather be miscellaneous than categorizeable, wouldn’t you? -@katenorthrup to @daniellelaporte #glimpsetv

What future to do you belong to? @navjitkandola to @daniellelaporte + @katenorthrup #glimpsetv

Links to stuff we talked about in the video:

Pre-order Danielle’s book The Fire Starter Sessions here:

My Glimpse TV with Nicole Daedone:

Get Your Big Beautiful Book Plan:

Danielle’s site:

Danielle on Twitter:

Danielle on Facebook:

Navjit’s site:

Leave a comment below!

What does success feel like to you?

What future do you belong to?

Other thoughts, comments, questions welcomed!



  • Ladies,

    I laughed, learned, tweeted (multiple times) and facebooked – all in the course of what seemed just a glimpse!
    Both of you beautiful ladies rock!! And Kate, your giggles are magical. They get to me every single time, thanks :)

    I look forward to interviewing both of you soon,

  • Kate, I belong to the same future! I want financial drama elimination in my life…and then I want to prevent for me and for future mothers like myself. I worked in the corporate world as a designer for over 10 years. Once I had a baby, I knew I didn’t want to ever have that schedule again. I would miss out on so much. I know I have to do what I have to do to support my little boy, and it’s not always easy, but I’m fighting to keep my flexible schedule. I don’t want to send him to daycare, I want to be present, and I want him to grow up feeling good about himself and where he came from.
    Great video! Thank you!

  • Kate – absolutely looooved this episode! 3minutes into a video + i’m usually itching…but 30mins with you + Danielle and I was left wanting more!! Here’s to belonging to a future where people revel in supreme self care, deep self inquiry + genuine self expression.
    Luv Susana

  • Amen Susana Frioni! Normally, after 4-minutes of a vid I’m in full-on multi-task mode. But this video was sheer soul nourishment. Was hooked through it all. Kate, what a gift you have at asking questions that invite your guests to share their magic. No wonder people want to coach with you. And Danielle, while I’m a White Hot truth devotee and loved feeling your light live at RHH, I most appreciate this video for your honest musings about where you’ve come from, what you desire with your next launch, the fears attached, and your belief that sometimes when we almost hit it and don’t – it’s not a failure but training for the next go around. You have totally helped me reframe a few of my own Conde Naste and studio visits. Heck yeah!

  • Annette Varoli

    Kate- this was such a captivating interview! I especially loved the discussion on the “artist” model for business marketing. I think it’s great that you are constantly thinking astrologically, popping in with the “you’re book is an Aries”. I think that way too and delights me to see you doing it. The future I belong to is one in where everyone is living in full color! Thanks for inviting Danielle to your show!

    Btw, hope this comment outshines all the negative ones ;)

  • Fantastic video! I particularly enjoyed hearing Danielle talk about how desire, rather than a market, has been her driver. I was JUST thinking about that this morning with my own stuff. Feeling inspired to write a blog post and my inner critic was trying to stifle it because I wasn’t sure that it would be ‘remarkable’. I’ve also been thinking about disabling comments on my site, not because I don’t want to see the negative ones, but because I want purity of purpose. I.e., I don’t want to be going back to check on my comments as a means of ego validation (or ego-smooshing- yeah, ‘smoosh’ is a word, right?). Tons of food for the head + heart in this video, thank you!

  • Thank you for that Kate. I adore all three of you. Navjit was a profound ending! I belong to a future where I and we make decisions from love and not from fear or the desire to avoid pain. <3 <3 <3

  • Rock that denim Jacket! I’m thinking that Keisha hair = growing out bangs.

    Thank you Kate!

  • Danielle LaPorte is so kick-ass. Thanks for interviewing her!! This video resonated with me on so many levels!! The stuff you and Danielle were talking about is so in alignment with where I’m at and what I’ve been talking about on my blog and in my biz.
    My favorite quote- “I’m in integrity in what I’m doing- so piss off if you don’t agree. Lot’s of Love and lots of boundaries.”
    This is perfect with my ideas about flying your freak flag in your biz and something called Self-Centered marketing that I’ve been thinking about and talking about on my blog.
    I love the conversation about expansion and how to expand your intention. Cool stuff.
    OH…and identifying what success feels like to you. Juicy stuff!!
    So much juicy goodness here.

  • Kate: I declare you the next Oprah! You are the queen of the great interview!

  • Mmm…this was a deliciously juicy episode. 30mins seemed short! You were all beautiful, centered and full of white hot inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing! :)


  • Wow Kate! After watching that I feel like I’ve had a fire started under my backside too (thank you Danielle…love your work)

    As a mum of a 10 year old (who I home schooled until recently) …I so appreciate the future YOU belong to because I LOVE my work and I love building my business in a way that is in total alignment with the juice and truth of who I am as a woman, mother, lover (and so much more! ;) ) …and my future definitely includes financial drama elimination.

    Lisa Page

    PS Don’t ever stop giggling!! …Your joy, energy, authenticity, spontaneous expression of how you feel is what I coach women on every day..It naturally oozes from you, you’ve already got it baby! So don’t ever lose it for someones elses version of ‘maturity!’..It’s part of your gift to the world!

  • More, Kate, more! This was one of the most delicious videos I’ve ever seen :) You’ve rolled another tidal wave of RHHLive for me to ride again!

    Your Q for Danielle about marketing gospel v. its seeming absence in her approach was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. The artist’s gesture toward what I do is much more powerful than all I’m learning about avatars, etc… Her answer reflects back to me a deep resonance and is giving me permission to trust myself. Thank you both for that. xo

    What I love most about watching this is the beauty, truth, and dynamism of all 3 of you shine through! I love being witness to your spontaneity, laughter, and utter joy – and in fact, I believe this is just what the world needs more of!

    I’m also drawn to the miscellaneous (how can any one word define me?) however I’ve recently slipped into the dressing room to try on “Futurist.” It fits well, so far, with room to stretch. What future do I belong to? One where money is no longer necessary, where everyone’s needs are fulfilled to the point where we don’t need the middleman of cash anymore, and I am beginning to build a bridge to that future vision.

    So glad to be part of your community and thank you immensely for this awesome interview! All my best!

  • Kate, Danielle and Navjit, you are three women who are spearheading (yucky image but cannot think of another at the moment) a revolution in not only the ways it is possible to do business in this world but how we think about life in general. I got goose-bumps all over my body several times during this one half-hour, as many of your comments hit my heart and rocked me. I desire more of this in my days. I desire and intend to create you three as part of my community, my tribe. Thank you for inspiring me, rocking my morning and giving us all the juice to launch ourselves into the futures of our own creating!

    With so much love and gratitude,
    Kate (from Austin, Texas)

  • Great interview! Agree with everyone else that this may be the only 29-minute interview I’ve actually watched :)

    Kate, I didn’t know you used to be a feng shui practitioner. Me too. And a yoga instructor -yay! You really don’t think feng shui is scalable?

  • Colette

    Love, love, love this episode. When you talked about the future of being present for your children, I took a huge risk 18 years ago and did just that. Well worth every moment. Thank you.
    It was such a pleasure meeting you while you danced with us here in Austin. You are such an inspiration to many and a bright light to those that have yet to lighten up.

  • Loved this, so inspired-beautiful women with beautiful messages. Kate and I belong to the same future too-I agree completely with empowering mothers. Wow! You said it so well and with such darling dimples-I mean please you are ridiculously cute! And of course Danielle is divine as always! With or without bangs!

  • Incredible, uncut, well-spoken vid Kate! I love LaPorte. And now I’ve fallen in love with your message too. You are an excellent, natural interviewer. Fabu for sure!

  • lotus

    “fire starter sesstion’s is an aries” Aries is a fire sign, they are the initiatory fire sign, think of lighting a match, or pushing up through frozen ground….just thought the connection was interesting!

  • Thanks for sharing this! Great info… & love the giggles!! :)

  • Fantastic interview Kate! Your giggles are glorious and infectious. I believe that Danielle is spot on with her message; every cell in my body is smiling. The future I belong to is teaching other women to follow their heart’s desire and we must build a strong community to support this vision. I have pre-ordered Danielle’s book and will spread the word to my friends. xo

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