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Are you free tomorrow night? Laugh, drink and jam with Danielle LaPorte in NYC.

A little over a year ago I met Danielle LaPorte of www.whitehottruth.com and she lit an apparently very flammable creative spark within me that has been burning brightly ever since. My work with Danielle in a group Fire Starter Session, as well as two one-on-one sessions, was the catalyst for what has been the most personally and professionally transformational year of my life.

Having just been hosted by Danielle in her home town of Vancouver, I’m particularly psyched to be hosting her here in New York City this week!

Tweet Up with Danielle LaPorte (co-hosted by Bindu Wiles and yours truly)

Wednesday, November 10th

8pm – ?

Brass Monkey

55 Little W 12th St.

New York, NY

The world is invited to laugh, drink, and jam. No mic, no agenda. Just pure fun and inspiration mixed with amazing people. (If you’ve never been to a Tweet Up before, its just a bunch of cool people hanging out. You’ll like it. I promise.)

Danielle will be sharing her brilliance and giving what I think is going to be her most rockin’ talk ever at Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy, and Hot LIVE this weekend, November 12 – 14th, at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation in downtown NYC. I think there might still be a few seats left for what is going to be a legendary event and you can click below to make sure you get your butt in one of them:

If you’re not in NYC but you want a taste of Danielle’s particularly genius brand of lighting entrepreneurial fires, read on…

Here’s what I wrote about my Fire Starter Session with Danielle:

“The meat and sheer richness of content I got from our session, not to mention the inspiration and all around feel-goodness is priceless. Plus the session is going to make me waaaay more than what I spent on it. Thank you ever so kindly.” -Kate Northrup, Team Northrup, NYC

You can get your own copy of Danielle’s book, the Fire Starter Sessions, a digital experience for entrepreneurs by clicking below:

See you tomorrow!



*I'm a very proud affiliate of both Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo.*

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