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I’d like to give you B-School as a gift.


I have super exciting news to share with you today!

We’re giving away a seat in B-School
complete with our bonuses!

We love B-School. We love you. We want you to enhance your life and your business through taking B-School.

We know, though, that not everyone is in the financial position to buy B-School this year.

(If you’ve been saying “I can’t afford it” cut that out and replace that with, “I’m choosing not to buy that” Try it out. Most people report that this feels way more spacious and way less victimy.)

We want to offer one sparkly gem in our community the chance to take B-School on us, with our bonuses.

So, we’re running a contest!

What is the contest?

The broad strokes:

Make a video telling us about you and why you want to take B-School through us.

Jump in, get busy and get creative!

We will select the winner of this B-School seat based on creativity, enthusiasm, and promotional effectiveness.

What can you win?

The winner of this contest will receive a seat in B-School 2016 fully paid for by us, as well as receive our 2016 B-School Bonus.

Learn more about B-School and our bonus here.

How to Enter

1. Make a short video (under 2 minutes):

In the video:

– Tell us who you are
– Tell us what you do
– Tell us why you want to take B-School with us specifically and what gets you excited about our bonus offer.

Rap about it, write a haiku, break out in dance, or simply share from your heart – show us your personality and be creative.

What are we looking for?  Your initiative, bravery, great energy, willingness to put yourself out there and communicate clearly about how taking B-School with us will make a difference in your life.

2. Post your video on YouTube and enter the following in the description:

www.katenorthrup.com/bschool Marie Forleo’s online business training for modern entrepreneurs with the support of Kate Northrup and Mike Watts, experts in making a life, not just a living.

3. Post the link to your video in the comments on the blog below.

4. Share your video on social media with the link to our B-School page (www.katenorthrup.com/bschool) and the hashtags  #KateMikeBSchool and #MFBSchool. The more engagement you create on social media the better!

What are we looking for?  “Shares” and “likes” of your video with the hashtags#KateMikeBSchool and #MFBSchool.  Bonus points for big social engagement!

Submission Deadline

All video entries must be posted in the comments on this blog by Friday, February 26th at 11pm EST.

We will announce the B-School Seat Winner on Monday, February 29th.

We can’t WAIT to see your bold and original entries!

And don’t forget, while putting yourself out there can make you feel like you’re going to pee your pants, it’s worth it!

Opportunities can’t find you if you’re hiding. Put yourself out there! {Tweet It}


If you need a refresher on what our amazing bonuses valued at $1,991 are, head over to katenorthrup.com/bschool.

If you’ve already taken B-School, have already enrolled this year, or it’s not for you, please pass this message along to someone you know for whom this opportunity would be a game changer.


Once you’ve made your video, post the link in the comments below!

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