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7 Ways you NEED to use Astrology as an Entrepreneur

By Leslie Tagorda

We are traditionally taught to “do” business by working hard, hustling, and striving. These notions are built on oppressive systems where those in power aim to extract every ounce of profit at the expense of others and the environment. 

It’s time to break the system because you can work with ease and flow and still make the impact you desire. 

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you likely decided to work for yourself because you wanted freedom. Yet how often do you get caught up in the systemic trap of doing more, work hard, make more?

When you take a step back and get to the root of WHY you chose to work for yourself, did you say “so I can work hard” or “so I can burn out?” 

Why work hard when you can work with ease?

How? By aligning with your stars. 

Here are seven ways to use astrology as a practical tool to create ease in your leadership and business.

1. Use Astrology as a Tool for Strength Finding


Astrology is a superpowered strengths-finding tool, more accurate than any personality test for which you can skew the results. When you look at your astrology, you see a treasure map that shows your one-of-a-kind potentials and strengths.

Imagine working almost solely within your strengths? How easy would it be to create opportunities that match your zone of genius? How impactful could you be if you focused on the work that fit your strengths? 

Your natal chart shows you your unique strengths and how to use them at their highest potential by zodiac signs, elements, and modalities. Imagine validating that you’re great at starting things (but not finishing them) so you can delegate completion tasks to others without the guilt of not finishing them. Or affirming that your intuition and emotional gifts are invaluable assets instead of dismissing them as worthless.

Everything in your natal chart is a gift. To honor those gifts is to be able to recognize them and use them with respect. 

You came into the world with this gift as wisdom to offer through your business. It is your duty to recognize the value of your gift and share it with the world. 

2. Use Astrology for No-Copy Brand Positioning 


All brand experts can agree that branding comes down to psychological archetyping – creating a feeling or impression.  Most of us think of branding as our logo, colors, and visual identity. But your brand is way more than that. Your brand is the experience that someone has with your business at every single touchpoint. 

It starts with brand positioning: the method of defining a space in your industry that differentiates you from your competitors AND distinguishes you as a leading luminary expert. 

Astrology is the perfect branding tool because no two people have the exact same natal chart. And in the natal chart, all the different planets represent specific aspects of you and your business. When you use your natal chart to position your brand’s What (sun), Why (moon), How (rising), and Who (descendant) – you can easily position your business. You never drain your energy guessing, copying, or comparing. 

(I taught a bonus training, Star Powered Brand, in The Origin Membership, and should you choose to join us, you can access it for more information on how to put your unique brand position together using your Astrology.)

3. Use Astrology for Aligned Leadership 


As an entrepreneur, you’re a leader, and you’re being looked up to for guidance. Your astrology can give you insight as to how others naturally see and depend on you. Meeting them at this point enables you to lead and guide them in your unique way. 

Your rising sign easily leads the way and shows you the energy with which you are born to lead. 

To become the leader that your ideal customers are drawn to, you must step into that leadership role as symbolized by your rising sign, step into that guiding style, tap into and initiate from this first step. Sometimes it’s a stretch, and when you move past any resistance, your unique leadership style will become so aligned and natural for you—no faking necessary.

4. Use Astrology to Call in Your Ideal Customers Easily


Astrology identifies exactly the archetypal energy of your ideal soul customer that goes beyond ideal customer avatars.  You are uniquely designed to serve a specific type of soul customer to solve a unique problem. And your astrology holds the key to this specific energy.  (Astronerd speak: Your Descendant sign and planets in the 7H give you the insight.)

Your customers have specific hopes and dreams, frustrations and fears, and your astrology points to those problems you are uniquely designed to serve.

Imagine how easy it would be to identify and call in your ideal customers and communities if you knew their exact archetype and their specific hopes and dreams. And imagine how effortless it would be to make your offers to your soul customers. 

(I also taught a bonus workshop in The Origin Membership on how to identify your soul customers based on your chart that’s available when you join.)

5. Use Astrology to Effortlessly Communicate Brand Messaging


Communications in business can be challenging. What do I write about? What do I say? What is the personality I need to have? What do I tell my copywriter?

Most of us spend so much energy copying others’ methods and styles as we seek our own. But you can stop the suffering of copying and critiquing when you tap into your aligned communication style that is represented in your natal astrology. (Astronerd speak: Your mercury and 3H sign gives you the insight.)

Astrology can give you a specific communication style for communicating the words and personality that most resonates with your customers. When you use your astrology to understand your unique communication style, you can easily create engaging marketing and promotional messaging that is completely aligned with your energy.

6. Use Astrology for No-fret Decision Making


As a business owner, you are faced with thousands of decisions a day, from simple things like which task to tackle first to big things such as deciding on a new direction, new client, or new opportunity. Not only do you have decision fatigue, but you may also fear making the wrong decision, which puts you in a place of stuckness.

How much time and energy has been spent on making decisions in your business? 

When you understand your “why” as represented in part by your moon, your purpose is represented by a few things like your north node, midheaven, and 9th house; you know which way you’re going. You’ll understand what you need to feel secure, to be visible, and the reasons behind the stories that trigger and hold you back. 

Knowing your deep why’s and unique purpose will ease your decision-making without the need to second guess yourself. 

7. Use Astrology to Create Sustainable Business Cycles


Astrology is a gigantic cosmic clock. It’s a system that repeats itself. There are collective cycles and seasons that affect us all and personal cycles that are unique to you. 

Tuning into these cycles allows you to work with the cosmic weather instead of against it. How much ease and sustainability could you bring into your operations and launch schedules if you knew the optimal times for you to initiate, sustain, pause or recuperate? 

The collective cycle of the Moon is easy to use. Following the eight phases of the moon allows you to work in a beautiful cycle of creating intentions at the new moon through harvesting and giving thanks at the full moon. Then there are all of the phases in between that tell you when you need to push through, or you need to relax.  We all go through these collective cycles at the same time. 

Your unique Moon cycle based on the phase of the moon at the time of your birth also gives you specific monthly cycles that you can lean on to make day-to-day decisions. And the way the Sun moves through your chart on an annual basis shows you your annual cycle. 

Other collective cycles are retrograde cycles. Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year.  Most people live in fear during Mercury Retrogrades. But you don’t have to if you know how to harness this reset energy. Instead of fighting against it and creating friction, you can understand what needs to be reassessed and inflow during these retrograde cycles.

There are many different ways to harness the cosmic clock of astrology to work with more flow in your business. 

Imagine cultivating restoration, and harnessing these energies on your behalf, so you can rest with more ease, less guilt, and build trust to work with nature’s cosmic cycles.

Everyone can use astrology in their business in practical, specific, and insightful ways. It’s not just a tool for “woo-woo” or spiritual people.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, try things out to see how you feel more aligned energetically. 

I’ve seen astrology in the real world and how it lights up businesses and brands. I’ve seen how astrology has impacted our collective at large.

Astrology is a tool meant to be co-created with. It doesn’t hold a fixed meaning. We are humans, and we have free will, and I believe that Astrology can be used in an empowering way that shows us the energies we are gifted.

Will you hear the call, use Astrology and bring ease into your business while showing up as the luminary you are born to be? 

Leslie Tagorda (she/her) is a multiracial, brand astrologer, designer, podcast host, author, and founder of New Moon Creative. As the Resident Astrologer for The Origin Membership, Leslie shares the profound and transformative monthly Cosmic Weather forecast and astrological content for the “Empresses” in the membership.

Want to allow the stars to help you create more ease and flow in your business? Get on the waitlist for The Origin Membership so you can receive her guidance every month via the Cosmic Weather report and bonus workshops.


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