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A Publicity Tool For Your “Do Less Strategy”

Publicity is something that all entrepreneurs should have in their business strategy, and it’s a lot more simple than you may think.

A lot of times, people think publicity is for you once you’ve hit the six or seven-figure mark in business or when you’re launching your book five years from now. I really believe that all entrepreneurs should pursue publicity early on to build buzz and reach more people. When you have a powerful message, story, or offer that can change people’s lives, more people need to know about you – and that’s where publicity comes in.  

Maybe you’re thinking…

  • How do I even get started landing publicity?
  • What should I talk about?!
  • Do I even have enough time to secure meaningful publicity wins?

If you’re part of the Origin community, I know you believe in doing less, but better. That’s why you’ll love my Publicity Calendar.

  1. You’ll finally understand what the media is looking for 

One big publicity mistake that people make is thinking the media will want to know about their unique group program or idea. The thing is, the media is looking for very specific ideas. They want helpful takeaways, emotionally charged topics, and timely ideas for their audience.

If you can be part of a conversation that is already happening in our culture in society, it will be a lot easier to be picked up. When you’re a part of the bigger conversation, you can easily attract new aligned leads into your business. 


The 2022 Publicity Calendar has 12 months of epic story ideas, dates, and hooks to help you become the media’s favorite go-to expert. Talk about making it simple for you; we took over 40+ hours putting this together so you can finally understand what the media wants!

  1. Get your pitch seen!

There are a few key differences between the pitches that get the media’s attention and those that instantly land in their trash folder. You have to understand not only smart ways to tackle sensitive and timely issues to make your biggest impact but also must-haves to get your pitch read and score major media coverage.

  1. Plan your pitches in advance

How would it feel to become a productivity powerhouse by planning your content and pitches in advance, earning you more time—and more success!

When you have the correct tools in your publicity toolkit, you can get ahead of the media and leverage your expert topics in unique ways. This will allow your publicity to create a snowball effect, from talking to the masses to finding its way right in front of your ideal client.

Publicity can springboard your business to a new level this year. Whether you dream of being profiled in Forbes or landing an interview on your favorite influencer’s podcast, I know you can make it happen! 

If you’re ready to understand what the media is looking for, to get your pitch seen (and selected), and have the right tools in your toolkit to get ahead of the game and plan your pitches in advance – make sure you grab a copy of the 2022 Publicity Calendar

It’s 40+ pages worth of story ideas, special dates, and hooks to help you get into the media. Download your copy (for free) right here and I can’t wait to celebrate your next publicity win!

Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to reach millions with their message. She’s helped clients and students get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc., and land interviews on popular podcasts and national TV. Many of Selena’s clients have become industry leaders with 6 and 7-figure businesses, raving fan bases, and hundreds of thousands of followers. Her signature approach comes down to building powerful and long-lasting relationships with influencers and the media in a thoughtful, authentic way. A former New Yorker, Selena now lives in beautiful Puerto Rico.


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