A crucial key to financial freedom that I haven’t shared yet

Marie, Josh, and me on the beach, Summer 2010

Two years ago I spent the summer living in Sag Harbor, NY to get out of the hot, smelly city.

One of the highlights of the summer was spending a ton of time at yoga, at the beach, and just plain hanging out with my friends Josh Pais and Marie Forleo.

Marie was in the middle of launching round two of a course I mentioned on Wednesday called B-School (stands for business school.) I got the blessed chance to absorb some of the mechanics behind the scenes of her seven-figure online business just by osmosis. It was awesome.

You see, Marie is a business genius. I don’t just say this because I love her and she’s my friend, though both of these things are true. I say this because every time I come to her with a business pickle she responds with golden nuggets, each of them worth thousands.

For example: The other day I had my panties in a wrinkle trying to fine tune a tagline for my new website (due to launch in a few weeks!) Her advice: a simple change in the order of the words that changed the impact of the copy immensely.

Lesson I learned: Make sure you put the words you want most emphasized first. Don’t put them last. Don’t put them in the middle. Put them right up front.

And this lessons is just one example from the treasure trove of Marie-Forleo-widom-land.

Elegance. Strategy. Heart. Proven business methods that work to make people tons of money while helping tons of people, too.

Why is this combination SO profoundly powerful when it comes to building a business that you love and that pays you well?

Because the times they are a changin’. The tactics that used to work to build businesses, on and offline, have to be updated to meet the demands of the savvy consumer who’s inundated with oodles of messages every day.

If we, as business women, are going to cut through the constant din of information overload that our customers are receiving, we have to be modern. We have to be smart. And most importantly, we have to care deeply about making our customers’ lives better.

This is where Marie shines the most. And this is why I’m telling you about her twice this week.

Not everyone will get the chance to learn from Marie by osmosis like I have. But, what’s great is that she’s packaged her best business wisdom into a free business video training series that just dropped this week.

Trust me, you’ll learn as much as I did that one summer in Sag Harbor from this series, if not more.

If you haven’t grabbed Marie’s new training series, go get it while it’s still up – it’s free.

Video #1 gives you a 6 pillar map that you can follow to start or grow your business online.

Video #2 gives you the inside scoop on a key to financial freedom that I haven’t talked with you much about yet, but that will make a HUGE difference in your bottom line and ability to move people once you get it.

Marie’s got one more training video for you to be released next week so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Once you watch the videos I’d love to know how you plan to incorporate the information that you learned into your business. Sharing the action you’re going to take is a public commitment that sets things in motion that wouldn’t have happened were you not to make that declaration. I’m excited to hear fro you and to cheer you on.

P.S. Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate of Marie’s course, B-School, because I’ve taken it and have received HUGE value from it. This course has helped me increase my reach by over 1,000% and go from being stuck at five-figures for years to popping right into the abundant land of six-figures. And the jump wasn’t even close to as hard as I thought it would be.

Marie taught me simple, time-tested strategies that worked like a charm to grow my business significantly. And I continue to learn from her curriculum every day. (You’ll see some what I’ve learned in action when I unveil my new website in a few weeks!)

I’m offering a bonus to anyone who enrolls in B-School through my affiliate link. The cart opens on Wednesday, February 20th. I can’t tell you all the details of the bonus yet, but it’s worth over $1,000 and it’s the PERFECT compliment to what you’re going to learn in B-School.

So, if you’re considering taking B-School this year, be sure you watch your inbox for the details of my bonus on Wednesday, February 20th. Use the link in the email I send that day to purchase the program. You’re going to LOVE B-School AND what I’ve been creating for you. This one has been brewing for 14 years. Seriously. It’s gonna be good.



  • Maggie

    Hey Kate-
    Just spent a snowy Saturday morning watching Marie’s videos. I am tingling! Thank you for passing along her message. I can’t wait to learn more. As you know, I’m still trying to identify what my business ‘is”. After viewing her first 2 videos, I’m already finding some clarity. Can’t wait to see the next 2 and to connect with you about the possibilities.

  • Jamie Leff

    I’m enrolled! Can’t wait to start!!!


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