5 Tips to Get Things Done the Do Less Way

The way we’ve been taught to get things done isn’t actually the most effective way.

The way you set up your weekly plan makes a huge difference in your ability to get things done, especially the things that matter.

There are 6 elements of an effective, soulful weekly plan that will make you a ‘getting things done’ master. The good news? None of them have to do with pushing yourself to work more hours.

I used to use my inbox and my text messages as my to do list. Someone would message me about something and I would get going on it…but then someone would message me about something else and I would get going on that, too.

By the end of the week I would have started 25 things and wouldn’t have completed any of them. Sound familiar?

When I started doing my Weekly Planning Ritual every week, everything changed.

Now, I often have everything that needs to get done checked off by Thursday afternoon and I usually work 20-30 hours a week.

Here are the 6 elements of the Weekly Planning Ritual that make all the difference when it comes to being able to get things done and not burn yourself out:

1. Cyclical Awareness

When you sit down to do your weekly planning, first ask where you are in your menstrual cycle if you have one, and what’s going on with the moon. Knowing where you are energetically in your body and where we are energetically collectively (in a waning cycle or a waxing cycle) helps to work with the energy that’s present during the week instead of against it.

Trying to ramp things up when your body or the moon are in a wind-down cycle can add friction unnecessarily and make it harder to get things done.

Instead, aligning your workflow with what your body and the cosmos are doing creates flow and momentum.

Read more about aligning your productivity to your menstrual cycle.

Read more about aligning your productivity with the lunar cycle.

2. Boundaries

Before you make a list of things you need to do this week, ask yourself what boundaries you need to set and what you’re saying no to this week.

Knowing what you’re not gonna do matters way more than knowing what you are gonna do.

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3. Self Care

One of our main tenets here at The Origin Company is: Body First, Business Second.

Why? Because when you pour into your body, you have more energy, creativity, focus, and power to get things done. 

When you plan your week, plan how you’re going to care for yourself. Perhaps it’s a nap, a walk in the woods, a stretch break, a yoga class, or lying on the grass. Whatever it is, put it in the calendar before the things everyone else wants from you. When you do, you’ll have enough time and energy for what matters. It works every time.

4. Universe’s To Do List

Every week, before I write my To Do List, I write a To Do List for the Universe. I got this idea from the book Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks. I put things on there like “attract ideal graphic designer,” “release resentment I’ve been holding about my husband,” and “call in unicorn media opportunities.”

Making a list for The Universe before you make your own list breaks that habit of thinking you have to do everything yourself. Do it every week and prepare for miracles.

5. Your To-Do List

The last part of the Weekly Planning Ritual is your to-do list. Why? Because how you set your week up to get things done matters way more than the list of things you need to do itself.

I make a weekly to-do list instead of a daily to-do list. Life is unpredictable and at any given time I might have a sick kiddo home or just need to take the day in a different direction than originally planned. Having a weekly to-do list allows for freedom and flexibility while also ensuring that you get the things done that matter by the end of the week.

Sitting down and spending 15-20 minutes planning your week is an absolute game changer when it comes to your ability to get things done.

Use these 5 tips to increase your energy, ability to focus, productivity, and joy as you do your work!

Want a guide for your Weekly Planning Ritual? The Do Less Planner has 52 weekly spreads that walk you through the 5 tips shared here and more. Plus, it includes the Daily Energy Tracker, Moon Pages, Seasonal Review and Planning, and more! Order yours today.

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P.S. Trying to cram more and more into your days to get results is only one of the toxic work habits many of us need to let go of. I’m teaching a free training called How to Stop Toxic Work Habits where you’ll get 3 mind-blowing techniques to work in a way that’s healing instead of harmful (to yourself and others.) Reserve your spot in the free training now.

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