3 Questions To Know Whether Or Not Something Is Worth Your Precious Time

3 Questions To Know Whether Or Not Something Is Worth Your Precious Time

Within the first 30 seconds of our video call, I knew saying yes had been a mistake.

She and I were clearly there for different reasons. I’d scheduled the call based on an assumption of what it would be about, and that assumption had been wrong (as they so often are!).

I felt like my time had been hijacked, and I was annoyed.

But I wasn’t annoyed at her. My assumption and my erroneous yes weren’t her fault; they were mine.

I was annoyed at myself for not having guarded my time better.

It was a classic case of letting someone else’s priorities dictate the way my time was being used, and as I closed the screen on the video chat at the end of the call, I vowed, “Never again.”

I realized that I needed filtering questions so that I wouldn’t become my own enemy. (I LOVE saying yes, and I do it by default unless I have a practice in place to stop me.)

I only spend about 20 hours a week working on our business, so that time better be optimally used.

(If you want to manage your time and energy as a female entrepreneur so that you can thrive in business without sacrificing the wellbeing of the people you love – including yourself – I have a membership called Origin™ for women entrepreneurs who want to learn and practice how. Doors are only open until tomorrow. Click here to join us.)

So how do I make sure that only the things that matter end up on my calendar during those 20 hours?

I have filtering questions, and I use them.

There will never be an end to people’s requests of your time. You are a highly sought-after, fabulous, talented person. Why wouldn’t folks want a piece of you?

Waiting for your schedule to open up when the requests stop coming in is therefore ridiculous.

Instead, write up some filtering questions and use them, so you know exactly what to say yes and no to – and you won’t have to waste your precious time noodling on decisions.

(I taught a free workshop yesterday and covered a simple process to come up with your filtering questions. Click here to get the replay before it comes down tomorrow!)

When a new opportunity comes across my plate, I ask the following filtering questions:

1. Will this allow me to tend to the wellbeing of my family and myself in a way that I’m proud of?

If the answer to this question is no, then my answer to the opportunity is no.

2. Will this help me grow or nurture Origin?

I’m clear that growing my Origin membership is my business priority right now. It’s work that I believe in, that feeds my soul, and that creates solid, recurring income for our company. It’s a triple win.

If the answer to this question is no, I move onto the next question.

3. Will this help me to advance women and girls in some other powerful way that I feel deeply aligned with?

If the answer to this question is no, then my answer to the opportunity is no.

These filtering questions are how I guard my time.

I can always make more money. But I can’t make anymore time so I guard it with my life. Because my time is my life. twitter-logo

3 Questions To Know Whether Or Not Something Is Worth Your Precious Time

If you feel overwhelmed by all of the opportunities and demands on your time, come up with your own filtering questions. (Remember – my workshop will help you!)

When you make time for what matters and get focused on it, getting the results you want is inevitable.

(If you want more support and strategies to make time for what matters, to get focused, and to get results, join us in Origin™ before the doors close tomorrow. You can also take the tour of them membership area here!)


Tell me your filtering questions in the comments! Or, if you’re having trouble with yours, ask me a question and I’ll be happy to help you. Talk to you in the comments!

P.S. Ready to finally have the time and energy to make progress on your goals…without feeling exhausted? You’ll learn how and more as part of Origin.

P.P.S. Want a behind-the-scenes peek at the Origin™ membership area? Take the tour today!


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