What The Trees Have To Tell Us About Desire & Letting Go



There are some people whose mere presence makes you feel more nourished and whole.

My friend Laura Thompson Brady is one of those people. She oozes compassion, nurturing, and wisdom.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, some of us may be starting to feel our shoulders creep up towards our ears and our breath become too quick and shallow.

Laura is here to take some of the stress out of this season so you can experience more joy and harmony.

She points out something about leaves and trees that not only have I never thought about, but also will help us all feel lighter and more free this holiday season and beyond.



Every autumn I gaze at the trees in my backyard as they let go of their leaves and make space for the work of winter. They don’t question the letting go of their radiant reds, oranges, and yellows. They quietly strengthen their roots in winter and make space for the great blossoming of the next spring.




When my first daughter was born, I had to let go of some old leaves so that I could set roots in my season of new motherhood and make space for the woman I desired to be. I needed to let go of some old patterns (“YES! I’ll do everything everyone asks of me always!”). I needed to let go of some old beliefs (“If I am busy, I am enough.”). Through this letting go, I found the freedom to mother on my own terms.

What season of life are you in right now? Perhaps it’s a new job, a new home, maybe a new commitment to yourself.

Look at what you’re ready to release so that you can strengthen your roots and make space for what you most desire this season.

The winter holiday is around the corner. This is a time to bring light to the darkest days, illuminating the space for peace, joy, and connection. But I have to ask, do you wear busyness as a badge of honor? And does life feel hectic and exhausting?

See “busyness” as one of your old leaves so you can make space for what you most desire this holiday. Try these three activities to get started:

1.     Live from the intersection of your deepest desires and core values. Know how you desire to feel. Know the values that you desire to nurture in yourself and others. Do you desire to feel spacious and relaxed as you nurture independence, a strong work ethic, and creative brilliance in your staff? Do you desire to feel energized and peaceful as you nurture joy, self-expression, and a passion for learning in your children?

The intersection of your desires and core values is where freedom and integrity align within you. {TWEET IT}



2.     Say no so you can be a YES to what is most sacred to you.
Do you say “YES” out of obligation, or do you say “YES” to what is most aligned with your desires and core values? Take stock of your commitments, your schedule, and all of the stuff you do in daily life. This holiday, play with saying “NO” to three things that aren’t aligned with what is most sacred to you.

3.     Expand your freedom by protecting your time. If you want to be free to live from the intersection of your desires and values, you must protect your precious time here on earth. How do you desire to spend your time this holiday? Do you desire to spend your time running around malls finding the “perfect” present or being joyfully present to your loved ones? Protect your precious time and find more freedom to be in the life you desire.  

My fourth annual FREE From Hectic to Harmonious Holiday Challenge begins on December 1st. Women from around the globe are joining me in making space for what they most desire to experience and nurture in themselves and their loved ones. I’d be honored to have you join us in banishing holiday overwhelm so you can create more joy, peace, and connection. You can join us at hectictoharmonious.com. I would love to connect with you and get to know you more.


Over to You:

Share with me in the comments below! What are you letting go of this season so you can make space for the good that grows within you?

Take your lead from the trees. It’s in their nature to let go of what no longer serves them so they can grow into something greater. You have the same potential as every other creation on earth. Let go and be great.

With warmth & light,

Laura Thompson Brady


Laura Thompson Brady Ph.D., founder of The Nourished Home and creator of the From Hectic to Harmonious Holiday Challenge. Laura believes that your life is meant to be a joyful, soul-stirring adventure. She’s on a mission to help you heal and make space for what you most desire so that you can align with who you are at the core. Laura serves as a mentor and guide, leading the Mama on a Mission Movement where women change-makers are positively impacting their families, vocations, and the larger world we call home. Laura lives with her husband and two girls in the beautiful state of Maine. You can learn more about Laura’s work at www.thenourishedhome.com.




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